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It was around nine o'clock at night. I was trying to spend one of my last few nights before school started wisely, but so far, all I was doing was reading Pirates fanfics and listening to Magical Trevor.

"What did he see, In the parallel dimension? He saw beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, lots of beans lots of beans, oh beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, lots of beans lots of beans yeah yeah." I sung suddenly. It was totally random, especially because I hadn't been singing at all for a while. It wasn't random, of course, if you were listening to Magical Trevor at exactly the same time that I was, but since you weren't, it is.

"Why did he see beans in the parallel dimension?" I wondered aloud. "I mean, if I went to a parallel dimension, I would see pirates, of course. Cause I mean you totally choose what you see in a parallel dimension. Right?" I said to that person who's never actually there, but living in my head. As usual, that person didn't answer.

"Damn you, person who's not answering." I sighed. I wished I had a Rose, like Amy of Amy's Adventure and Amy's Adventure 2. I wished, also, that that Amy would start Amy's Adventure 3. But PotC 3 probably wasn't out on DVD yet. I wouldn't know. I was too lazy to find out, and plus, my favorite was the first movie. The second was really stupid, but the third wasn't as bad as the second but it was definately much worse that the first. Well, not worse, cause that makes it sound bad, but not as good.

Anyway, like I was trying to say, I was sitting and staring at the screen of my computer and trying to think straight. It wasn't working too well. I was quite tired. I wished I could do something nice and exciting before school started.

"I wish my name was Amy," I said. Just another one of my random thoughts, voiced as soon as it came into my head. Amy was my favorite name to use for my characters in my Pirates stories. It had started a long time ago and I couldn't really remember where it had come from, or why I was so obssessed with the name Amy (when in Pirates, anyway).

"Is that really what you wish?" a voice said, sounding fed up with something. Slowly, a figure appeared in front of my. It was the spitting image of Rose from Titanic. I tried to remember what that Rose's last name was. I knew that Rose had given it to the man who was taking the names as Dawson, but I couldn't remember what it had been before that. Maybe I was just stupid.

"Actually," I said, "There's a lot of things I want to do." The Rose-who-maybe-wasn't rolled my eyes.

"Can't you just pick one? I've got lots of other people's wishes to grant."

"Um, why did you come?" I asked. I wondered if I could have more than twenty seconds to think over whatever wish I was going to get, so I didn't pick the wrong one.

"Don't you know? You were listening to Magical Trevor and perfectly stated what you would see in the parallel dimension, rather than beans, which, I must admit, are quite boring."

"Oh," said I. It didn't make a lot of sense, but that didn't mean it was true. "I guess that makes sense." The maybe-Rose person angel thing laughed.

"You are too gullible. I'm your gaurdian angel, stupid."

"Well where were you when I hit the back of my head of the stupid ceramic knob of the shower-thingie on the other side of my head from where I got a concussion?" I wasn't sure that my gaurdian angel would understand, but that didn't stop my in the slightest. "And where were you when I got said concussion?"

"I do have a lfe, you know."

"Really? I don't. So how can you?" There was a minute of silence.

"So... can I go to Pirate's land now?"

"I dunno, can you?"

"Ha ha, very funny. By the way, what's your name?"

"Me? I'm Selene." Wierd name for an angel, I thought. I knew it mean moon from one of my stories, but I couldn't remember which one.

"Um, Selene?" The angel looked up.


"Can I take something with me?"

"It depends, what?"

"My necklace? And my glasses, I'm assuming they come with me."

"Of course. And actually, I can update your glasses so they aren't scratched anymore."

"Can you make me not need them anymore?" I asked hopefully.

"Nope, sorry, no can do." I sighed. I hadn't really thought that I'd've been able to fix my eyes completely, that was just too good. But it was worth a try.

"So anyway," I said. "I can go into Pirates, right now?" Selene nodded. Hmm... "One more thing. If I go into Pirates now, what time will I get out?"

"Well, there will be a 'copy' of you, sitting where ever you would be, watching Pirates. When you've finished the plot-line of Pirates, without too many complications, you'll come back to the 'copy' of you here, and you'll be just finished the movie."

"Alright, I guess. And also, for future reference, can I go into books as well?"

"It depends. Which books?"

"Well, Harry Potter of course. And maybe Abarat. I think that would be a fun place to go into. Maybe the Wicked Quartet, but I could do without that. Oh and definately the Books of Pellinor. Nothing else I can think of off the top of my head."

"Harry Potter will be easy. Abarat will be doable. The Books of Pellinor will need to be apporved, but they're gaining in popularity so it should work. I can't guarantee the Wicked Quartet will work, though."

"That's ok, I'm not fussed about going in it. What about... the Sims?"

"One or two?"

"Two, preffereably."

"Should work. I'm not gauranteeing it, and you might be stuck as a Sim forever."

"Eep. But anyway, this Pirate's trip that I'm planning. I take it I can't disrupt the story?"

"Unless you want to try and fix it yourself, and end up at the same point at the end of the third movie, after going through the time span of all of them, no, I wouldn't recomend messing up the story."

"So basically, if I mess it up, it's up to me to fix it?" Selene nodded. I sighed. "Great."

"You ready to go now, Lucy?" Selene asked. I nodded. "Close your eyes, and be ready, this might hurt a bit." Sure enough, the next second, it felt to I like Selene had dropped a huge bag of bricks on my head. I struggled to remain conscience, but then - "And don't be afraid to go to sleep, Lucy. That's part of the charm."

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