After a few years hiatus struggling with an original story between switching jobs, a new fanfic has burned its way into my brain; this time a Black Dagger Brotherhood story (JR Ward's creation). Like The Furyan Returned, it wrote itself. Hopefully, that means I have the time to get it out of my head. Here's a brief summary… Hope you like. Look for it soon in the Misc. Books section. Tentative title is Lover Redeemed. ~Starnyx 12/18/13

A love story of addiction and redemption set after Lover At Last – Dhurge is a soldier for Xcor who seeks to overthrow the rightful king of the vampires, Wrath. Wrath has the proof he needs finally to execute Xcor and destroy his Band of Bastards. As one of the Bastards, Dhurge will probably be put to death, after a brutal interrogation, if the Black Dagger Brotherhood ever get their hands on him. But, he does just that when he finds a pretrans female at a bus station, overdosed and clearly hallucinating.

Darla is a 24-year-old junkie hanging on to the underbelly of Caldwell, New York. Having grown up on the streets, she's seen things that would make the hardest Caldie cop queasy. It's New Year's Eve when Darla finds herself on the Caldie bus station restroom floor shooting up her next fix. As she sinks into what she thinks is her last sunset haze, a hulking angel appears and, suddenly, she doesn't want to die. For better or worse, she makes a decision that could save her life and condemn another's.

After posting the original summary, I was flooded story and author favorites. Thanks!

Also, after coming up with the outline for the story, I found out that JR Ward doesn't like fanfiction of her series. With apologies to Ms. Ward, I am still going to write it. It's my way of dealing with personal crisis.