Nine tailed mutant legend

By Kristoffer Michael Garrett

A boy walks through the forest alone, he comes across a lake and stops. He picks up a few stones and throws them into the lake.

he watches as the stones skip across the lake and sink eventually. The boy wear's the leaf village headband. He looks at his reflection in the lake to see his spiky blond hair and blue eyes, staring back at him. Naruto looks up at the moon with a slight smile.

"Man I wonder what is taking Sakura so long, she was supposed to meet me here." Naruto says to himself.

Naruto just lays on his back and looks up at the dark sky. a few seconds pass and something begins to form in the sky in front of Naruto. He jumps up a little startled.

"What the heck is that." Naruto thinks to himself.

More energy builds up and it forms a portal. Naruto stands his ground as he sees soldiers in gold jump from inside the portal. Naruto looks at them and guesses there must at least be 30 of them.

The portal closes shortly after.

"Well well you must be Uzumaki right!" The leading knight asks.

"What how do you know who I am, and what do you want?" Naruto asks sounding nervous.

"I am Azun the commander of the D.R.K army, we come from another world to obtain the nine tailed fox inside of you." Azun says with a smile.

"I'm sorry but I can't let that happen, how do you know so much about me?" Naruto asks.

"All will be explained when needed, but for now you are coming with us." Azun yells in demand.

Azun pulls out his blade and points it at Naruto.

"Well are you coming or am I going to half to do this the hard way?" Azun asks.

"I don't know why your here, but I'm not going anywhere." Naruto yells.

"The king of our world wants your incredible power, so you leave me no choice." Azun tells.

Azun charges toward Naruto and knocks him down. Naruto is out of breath after being hit, he tries to get up but the commander picks him up by the throwt and slams him to the ground. He then picks him up by his neck and throws him into a tree.

"How pathetic, I expected more of a match from what I heard." Azun laughs.

Naruto's eyes open, as he tries to get on his feet but falls down from the pain.

"How do you have such incredible strength?" Naruto struggles to say as blood falls from his mouth.

"What do you think, the king of our world has me and my men travel around the galaxy, in search for the most powerful fighters. After defeating them, he has the ability to drain there amazing power away and use it to his advantage." Azun explains.

"That didn't answer my question, were did you get your strength?" Naruto asks loudly.

"our master keeps most of the energy for himself, but he donates to us to create a stronger army." Azun explains.

"So your telling me you go around taking the power of great fighters, so tell me why." Naruto asks.

"Our plan is to take over a few planets including this one, the people will be our slaves. With the heroes who can stop us out of the way, it will be a walk in the park." Azun explains.

"I will not let you get away with this!" Naruto says as he slowly gets on his feet.

He wipes the blood from his mouth, he tries hard to keep himself up.

"Oh but you will... you really aren't a threat, and there is only one more source of power we need besides yours." Azun says with a laugh.

Naruto thinks to himself in horror as he knows all of his chokra was knocked out of him, after the small beating he took.

"Ah sir commander, what about the mutant D.N.A. that we need to collect?" One of his men asks.

"You can head to that planet alone, that should be an easy task for you." Azun says to one of his knights.

"Alright yes sir." He responds.

Naruto begins glowing red as he yells, everyone's attention turns to him.

"Oh yes, it must be the power of the nine tailed fox!" Azun says looking amazed.

"Shadow clown jutsu." Naruto yells.

there are now ten Naruto standing before them. Azun opens a portal and directs one of his soldiers to enter.

"This portal leads to the creatures city, remember when you get there they will be located in the sewer's." Azun tells the one knight.

The knight jumps into the air to enter the portal.

"Oh no you don't." The real Naruto yells.

He jumps up to try and grab the knight, but instead he is to sucked into the vortex. The portal shuts behind them as the nine clones turn to dust.

"Noooo, he got away and I don't have enough energy to create another portal for another few hours damn!!!!" Azun yells in anger.

"Hey Naruto is that you." a female voice calls out.

Azun and his minions hide in nearby trees.

"I'm sorry I'm so late Naruto." Sakura says as she walks up to the lake.

She is holding a basket with food inside of it. she looks around but see's know one.

"Naruto I know your here, so stop hiding I heard your voice." Sakura yells.

Sakura pulls out a blanket and spreads it out over the grass and sits down. Azun looks down from the tree he hides in.

"Hmm she must be Uzumaki's girl friend, I have to give it to him the kids got taste." Azun says to himself.

Minuets pass and at this point Sakura has had enough.

"Alright since you want to be a jerk and not show yourself, I'm just going to leave." Sakura yells out.

She picks up the basket and blanket and leaves.

"Hey sir besides Naruto who is the last hero we must encounter?" A knight asks nearby.

"He carries the power of the triforce of courage, his name is Link." Azun says quietly.

"After your power builds up, we are going after Naruto first right." The knight asks.

"Yes of course." Azun replies.

New York city

A portal opens over the huge city and out falls Naruto and a knight. They fall into the water of the docks. Naruto quickly forms a few of himself using his clone jutsu. His clones surround the knight and pull him under water to try and drown him.

His clones hold him under for over three minutes. he is not dead but unconious. His clones then disappear. Naruto gets out of the ocean and pulls the knight out of the water. He leaves his body on the docks as he walks off to explore.

"I'm such an idiot now how the heck am I supposed to get home, this place looks different then back at home." Naruto says to himself.

As Naruto walks down a street he see's a guy hand another guy some money, and after receiving the money, that man hands him something that looks like sugar in a plastic bag. Naruto just ignores them and continues walking.

"This is insane I'm in a place were I know no one, the best thing to do at this point would be to go find those creatures that Azun guy was talking about." Naruto suggest to himself.

"Please no I wasn't giving away the purple dragons secrets, you have the wrong guy." A man yells as he is being beat viciously.

Naruto watches from a far with anger in his eyes. Without much thinking Naruto wants to help the man, so he runs in that direction. The man is now bleeding from his nose and head from the injuries. Members of the purple dragons continue to beat on him.

"Hey that aint very nice." A voice says aloud.

"Yeah you dudes need to be taught a lesson." Another voice says.

The purple dragons stop beating on the man to see were the voices are coming from.

From behind a dumpster out jumps Michelangelo and Raphael.

"Oh darn it's the turtles." One of the men yells.

Naruto stops running and just looks at the two turtles. Raph and Mikey quickly take out the gang in under two minutes. The purples dragons retreat afterwards. Michelangelo helps the man to his feet.

"You will be ok now dude, just stay off of the streets for ah while." Mikey says.

"Stay away from me you freak." The man yells as he runs away.

"Why can't humans just not freak out for once." Raphael says cracking his Knuckles.

Naruto begins clapping, Mikey and Raph quickly pull out there weapons. Raphael looks over to see a fifteen year old boy. He puts his Sais away.

"Ah hey kid I don't know why you are out on the streets this time of night, you should be home with your folks." Raphael says to Naruto.

"I'm impressed by your ninja skills, you must be the creatures Azun spoke of." Naruto tells.

"What the shell are you talking about?" Raphael asks looking very confused.

Michelangelo walks up next to Raphael.

"I am Naruto I come from another planet, Azun sent one of his minions to destroy and get DNA of four creatures who live in the sewer of this world!!" Naruto explains.

"Nice try dude but your human which means you are from this world." Michelangelo says.

"But wait a second Mikey, he wasn't afraid when he saw us and the thing about four creatures, we fit that profile." Raphael explains.

"Ok then Naruto, tell us what you know." Mikey says.

Naruto tells them everything thing from the begining from when they tried to attack him at the leaf village.

"And that is when I ended up here." Naruto says.

"How do we know that any of that is true, I mean can you show us proof of this demon inside of you?" Raphael asks.

Naruto focuses and a red energy field glows around him. Raphael and Michelangelo's eyes widen.

"Hey I'll even show you two the clone Jutsu I told you about... Shadow clone jutsu!!" Naruto yells.

He forms twenty of himself.

"Amazing your one cool dude!!" Mikey says amazed.

"That's enough kid, I think I speak for myself and Mikey when I say we believe what you have told us." Raphael says.

Naruto goes back to normal.

"Now what happens?" Naruto asks.

"Well obviously you don't have a place to stay, so you can just come back to the lair with us." Michelangelo suggest.

"Good idea, in the morning we need to discuss a plan for stopping those guy's!" Raphael says.

"Oh yeah by the way I'm Michelangelo, but you can call me Mikey." Michelangelo says to Naruto.

The two shake hands. Raphael to properly introduces himself to Naruto. Mikey tells Naruto the story how they are mutated turtles.

"I can't wait to meet your sensei and brothers, even though you guys don't use energy attacks you fight well, you took those dragon guys out quick!" Naruto says.

Mikey pulls the sewer lid off and jumps in, Naruto and Raph follow afterwards.