Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 49: Battle for the Leaf

Azun walked down one of the many halls throughout the facility entering into one of the training facilities. His blood flow was moving a lot faster than normal, and his shoulders felt a good deal stiffer than usual. The room was dark so he had to feel around eventually locating and flipping on the switch. He then punched in a specific code on the panel located on the wall. The steel door then closed. Azun looked to a rack located in a corner of the room removing the cape from his shoulders.

He placed the cape over the rack, looming toward the middle of the room afterward. It wasn't just his shoulders that felt rigid, but other parts of his body as well. He spent the next couple minutes stretching out. He stepped in front of the computers positioned in a corner of the room, "I think a level seven would work wonder. That outta loosen me up."

After setting everything to what he wanted, Azun advanced toward the middle of the room watching as several cyborgs rose from the ground beneath him, "Level seven initiated." A computerized voice spoke through the intercom. Azun quickly created a blade out of ice using the water particles in the air, "I never did thank Subzero for this ability. He's most likely dead, but if we do somehow meet again I'll have to thank him."

His blade was quickly smashed into pieces as he got in close. With a lot of speed and strength he dodged their attacks punching through one of them. He quickly destroyed the remainder of them, cracking his knuckles, "I probably should have taken it up a few levels! I barely broke a sweat."

"Maybe you should have," Someone spoke entering through the entrance door.

Mila entered through with the door closing automatically behind her. She met with Azun in the middle of the room. He gazed at her for a few seconds before a sinister grin formed on his face. He looked past her making his way over to the computers. He typed a series of keys, shutting down all surveillance cameras and recording devices in the room. A metal clicking sound locked the entrance door. Mila raised an eyebrow wondering what he was up to.

"I heard Quila was taking both Sonya and Zatanna on a tour. Do you know if they have yet left the premises?"

"Yes…they just left a little over a minute ago. Why, is something wrong?"

Grabbing hold of his shirt he lifted it over his head throwing it to the ground, "Since we have a little alone time, I thought we might have some fun. But we'll have to do our best to keep it down; we can't have Klenk or anyone else knowing."

She slowly walked toward him removing some of her clothing displaying a seductive grin, "I guess great minds think alike."

Mila stopped in front of him, and from there they joined in a passionate kiss removing the remainder of their clothes, "I say we skip the foreplay," She whispered into his ear.

"That's fine by me."

They removed the remainder of their clothing, and that is when Mila signaled for him to lie out on his back. She then lowered herself onto him and the two groaned out in pleasure. She bounced and rolled her hips against his. Wanting to drive him into her harder she pushed down on his chest. They went at it for a little over a minute until Azun walked them over to a mat next to the computers. Once there he lowered them both to the mat and proceeded to thrust into her.

He was now on top. Mila scratched and bit at his left shoulder and neck. The pain increased Azun's already overloaded system; causing him to grunt louder as he increased his pace. Mila latched onto his bottom lip and sucked on it as she came with a loud scream. She tasted his blood from his lip and felt his flesh under her nails as she cried in pleasure. Lifting her legs around him he maneuvered her so that she was now on her hands and knees.

Still joined, Azun picked up the pace of his hips and wrapped his hands around her long raven hair. He pulled on her hair causing her head to rise up. He released her hair and ran his hands along her back until he had a hold of her hips. Once he had a hold of them he started thrusting inside her.

Worlds Away

Before she went off Leonardo and Batman had a few last words with her. They wanted to be sure she was sure about her decision. With confidence Kayla threw her hair back entering through the front gates of the Leaf village. Several of the on duty guards approached taking a knee and bowing. They recognized her as one of Azun's best warriors and because of that she was well respected among the lower ranks, "What brings you to a place like this? I thought for sure Azun would have you out on an important mission. It's a shame you got stuck with the reporting duty, I'll tell you whatever you'd like to know."

"Sounds good…you can start off by giving me the status of things. For instance how have things been going with the prisoners; have they been behaving themselves?"

She could see the question stunned the armored individual leaving him at loss for words, "I won't lie to you. Honestly…things haven't been perfect; recently several prisoners escaped the village. You need not worry though; we'll have them back in their cages ASAP."

"You should know our king doesn't tolerate failure of any sort. You and the rest of your men will have to suffer the consequences for failing to keep things under control." She said with crossed arms. Part of him believed she was joking around, but her expression didn't seem to suggest that. He became a bit nervous taking a couple steps back putting some space between them, "You're joking right? Our master would never do such a thing. Not when we've got the situation under control."

The menacing smirk that formed over her face didn't make him or the three off to the side of him feel any better. She moved in closer and as she did so reached into her pocket. She stopped a few inches of him. Without even realizing the three held their breaths. In a sudden burst of laughter Kayla put a hand to her chest. That resulted in them laughing along with her, "Man I gotta say you had us for a moment. I really thought you were being serious haha."

With a quick strike she sliced through his neck! The two off to the side couldn't believe what they saw, immediately gripping their swords. Both wondered if she was somehow an imposter. They knew King Klenk to be brutal, but never to such extreme levels against his own soldiers, "What the hell do you think you're doing Kayla?! We're all on the same team; certainly our master didn't order you to do something so ridiculous. Show us proof that you are who you say you are!"

The two drew their weapons ready to attack if need be. Kayla snickered at their action finding it to be more than comical, "Have you fools forgotten about what I'm capable of. Ending your lives will be child's play."

She moved in close dodging the blades they so desperately swung back and forth. Effortlessly leaping upward she landed on one of the knights shoulders snapping his neck with her legs wrapped around his throat. She then threw her small dagger into the chest of the other taking him down. She knew the strengths and weaknesses of their armor.

From that point she was surrounded by even more of them, "I think this is the part where we jump in!" Michelangelo grabbed hold of his nun chucks jumping out from his hidden position. Kayla tightened her fists at the sound of him approaching; previously hoping she could handle the entire thing a little longer on her own.

"Let's get this party started! I'm so ready to take these dudes down." Mikey shouted spinning his chucks.

He came to a complete stop after reaching Kayla. Naruto took a peek from his spot, assuming it was time for him to join as well. But he was hesitant to move forward remaining still. He was under the impression Kayla would signal for them to come in when she needed their assist, "I don't recall asking for backup, but since you're here there'd be no point in you leaving." She said having her eyes on the turtle.

"Madam Kayla…what is the meaning to this?!" One of the surrounding knights demanded, "King Klenk would never instruct such a thing! Have you COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MIND?! And why are you working alongside one of the enemies."

His frustration did nothing but make her laugh, "I'm of higher rank and don't have to answer your questions nor explain myself." She said giggling.

None of the knights were sure what was going on. Some even contemplated whether or not it was the real Kayla standing before them, "Well if you have no plans of explaining yourself, and think you're going to kill us off without us putting up a fight you have another thing coming!"

The speaker was the first of them to charge forward ready to attack. From out of nowhere a metal object whacked him across the head knocking him to the ground. He took a quick look at the object realizing it greatly resembled a bat. Batman glided downward from the treetops joining Michelangelo and Kayla. As he pushed himself up the knight grabbed hold of the batarang crushing it in his hands, "You may be one of Azun's best warrior's but you can't really think you can defeat all of us with just those two."

"You should count again!" Naruto shouted revealing himself from the bushes.

Donatello and Raphael also made themselves visible, joining everyone in the group, "I say we skip the talking and totally kick these dude's shells!" Mikey said.

Naruto looked over in his direction raising an eye brow, "These guys don't have shells Mikey. How's that analogy of yours supposed to make sense?"

"It's just a figure of speech my brothers and I use."

"Silence you MORONS! I don't want to hear another peep from any of you! Kill them All! Leave no survivors!" One of them gave the orders.

All of them surrounded the group pulling out their weapons. The turtles did the same, while Batman pulled out two batarangs. The knights immediately attacked holding nothing back. Leonardo sliced one of their blades in half catching it at precisely the right angle. He then kicked the enemy to the ground slicing at his throat. Though Batman was against killing, in the particular moment/circumstance he had no plans of stopping his team from doing so. He made a vow never to kill, and was going to stick to that.

"Why don't you gentlemen have a seat!" Donatello yelled.

He spun his staff around, taking them down by aiming for their lower legs and ankles. Another of them off to his left nicked Don's shell with the tip of his blade. Donatello quickly spun around Whacking him across the head KOing him. Naruto put two fingers together creating several clones, beginning his attack.

Batman threw out his cape twirling it around and stunning several of the enemies that approached. He leg dropped one of them that got in close throwing out a batarang and connecting with the head of another. Kayla opened her mouth spitting out a large portion of flames putting some of the knights on fire!

"Wow that is an awesome move. Is that like one of those Jutsus Naruto uses?" Michelangelo asked dodging the blade of an enemy.

"I'm not jutsu based. My moves and techniques are of a different energy source; but that conversation can be saved for another time." She replied.

Raphael blocked the attempts of the enemies wondering when Sakura, Tsunade and the others would be ready to join them. He hoped that whatever Kayla gave them would work fast; Raph had his doubts they'd be able to defeat all the knights without the help of their entire group.

To Be Continued