Part 1

Chapter one

Goodbye my Last

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I didn't cry the day you moved away didn't think that I would feel this pain until I saw the stranger that was you what ever happened to our innocence and that something that you said about being friends tell me how you said the words aloud could it be that nothings gonna change cuz time has gone away of taking back Everything you thought you had Can you see The .. you used to be The one I lost when I let go of you Oh whatever happened to…

"Sakura." Two fingers motioned for the kunoichi to come over. A wind blew softly through the air, sending a chill sown the students back. "Can I talk to you for a minute."

She looked awkwardly over her shoulder as she stopped over the bridge and began to walk contently back to the jounin. "What do you need?"

Kakashi racked his fingers through his hair, a sigh exiting his throat, slowly he lowered his gaze to her, his eyes cold.

"You're weak. Too weak to catch up with your comrades. I am having you replaced and you will either have to convince someone else to train you or you will have to retire your position as a ninja. That is that." Kakashi turned his back to her.

"B-but K-Kakashi S-sensei…" Sakura trembled, her eyes sealed shut, determined to not shed a tear.

"No Sakura. You were never meant to be a kunoichi. You have no skills. You have no potential, you are not fit emotionally or physically for this kind of life. I suggest you go."

The hurting girl grabbed the cloth of her shirt above her heart as her eyes blinked open not a salty tear letting loose from their cages. Her forehead wrinkled in anger as her voice spoke out with the intensity of a snow blizzard.

"Yes Kakashi. I'll go… but I am meant for this life." Her hands created signs and seals in a blur before she disappeared in a swirl of cherry blossoms and tears.

The man turned around to the sudden gust of wet that misted his jacket. His hands were fisted at his side, his body was stiff and an obvious grimace was covering his masked lips.

"Sakura…there is no hope for you. Perhaps if you didn't focus on Sasuke… or perhaps if you were a boy…" The words were lost against the breeze and his voice was left hanging, a silent whisper only meant for the trees to hear.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Tsunade." It was nothing but a hoarse whisper, the soft feminine voice was.

"Ah… my favorite kunoichi! Sake?"

"No no no. I want to leave… I have to leave." Sakura placed her pale hands on the desk, staring into the brown eyes of the Hokage. "Give me five years to train." Determination laced in her cold voice.

The blonde looked up swallowing a shot of her drink. "Why?"

"I'm not worthy of the name kunoichi… and when I come back… I want to be. I will be worthy of that name."

"Sakura… who told you you weren't worthy." Tsunade locked her sake bottle away in her desk drawer fumbling with her keys.

"It doesn't matter." The pink haired kunoichi took a step back, letting her features be drowned in the shadows, "When I come back I'll be more worthy than they are."

Tsunade stared into the depth that was Sakura's soul.

"Five years. Five years on this day I expect you back. If not I will have hunter nins out for you with the instructions of retrieval dead or alive, am I clear."


"Then goodbye, Haruno Sakura."

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