Chapter 1-The Story of My Life

I never grew up alone in Las Vegas. I had a twin sister always there to protect me, but I was definitely wrong about her. Ever since we were little, Elena would always get things her way and she would resort to her charm and maybe even some violence if she did not get it. Mother always thought Elena was an angel and never got her in trouble. But when I tried telling on Elena, Mother wouldn't believe me so I stopped doing it over the years, knowing that I would never get the satisfaction of my sister being in trouble.

Now I am seventeen, a junior in high school and she has only gotten worse. El is hell, as I call her in my mind, is always where I am so that she does not miss out on anything fun while she isn't there. Because of her I ended up with no real friends so I had no one to talk to.

Elena grew up a lot prettier then me. To me, I thought I was average but if you compared us both El would be god-like compared to me; she was stunning. Because of this, she got many boyfriends and I got zero. Not like I found anybody I liked but whenever I did start flirting with somebody, she would come straight over and take him from me. It was very frustrating.

I tried doing other things away from El like joining my worst nightmare, track, or even worse, gymnastics but she always found me and made sure that my life was miserable. She was born to make my life miserable.

I still have not had a single boyfriend and it was really starting to bug me. I wanted someone to care about me, that didn't care what I looked like, and would love me no matter what. It was even more depressing to see the odds the way they were. Either I needed to get away from El or I would have to live without a boyfriend.

I decided the best thing was going to live with my dad in Forks, Washington. My mom and dad divorced when I was very little and I had not seen much of him in a while. In fact I was starting to miss him immensely, thought I didn't speak for Elena or Renee; they hated him.

Forks was small and I knew that Elena would never follow me because she would complain that it was too small and it wouldn't be any fun for her. I have to agree with her it wouldn't be any fun but at least this was my chance to get away from her.

I decided I would drive up to Forks. It would be a good trip for me. I took my car, a 1969 mustang, there. It was pretty beat up but it still ran well and I loved it with all my heart. It was my own baby.

I started early in the morning at four a.m. so I would not have to say good-bye to Elena. She would want to know but I thought I would make her suffer a little trying to figure out where I was going. I did not have the heart to tell Mom. I would tell her once I was settled in or when Charlie called.

I decided it would take me two days to get there seeing that I would need a rest. It would probably take about twenty hours if I went the speed limit and if there was no traffic. Luck was on my side, there was absolutely no traffic on the way and I pushed the speed limit from seventy to eighty-five per hour the whole way there. Okay, I couldn't go that fast, Charlie would kill me if he knew. Anyway if I did stop, I got food, gas or a hotel but that was it pretty much.

I got to Charlie's house a couple hours early exhausted and ready to go to the room that I had not seen in what seemed like an eternity. As I got out of the car, I nearly collapsed; I was so stiff. I got up, leaning most of my weight on my car and tested out to see if I was ready to stand yet. I was good to go.

I got most of my things out of the truck going up to the walkway and to his house. I knocked on the door quickly, it took Charlie a while to open the door but he came all the same. I guessed Charlie never got visitors so this was going to be a first in a very long time except for Billy and his family. When I was younger, Charlie, Billy, Jacob and I went fishing almost every weekend. Those were the good days.

When Charlie opened the door and looked at me, he was shocked. "Bella! What are you doing here?" he asked surprise and excitement in his voice as well as his features. I focused my eyes more on his face, seeing more wrinkles, a beer belly as usual and loneliness in his eyes. I felt a pang of guilt as I thought that I was part of the haunting Charlie had to endure. He also love Mom and Elena very much.

I dropped my box of things on the ground lightly and hugged Charlie tightly. "What? I can't see my own father? I want to live with you. I've been living with Renee and Elena so much and I rarely get to see you if I ever see you. I decided that I would come and visit you awhile. What do you think? A couple years I was hoping, if that's okay with you of course."

I looked at Charlie so could see his reaction. Charlie just got more excited. I could see that he had missed me very much, more than I had anticipated. I did too. I never saw him anymore and he deserved it. Renee couldn't keep the kids all the time. Maybe if I went they could both have their own kid for a while.

"Of course that's okay with me," Charlie said. Then he asked the one question he had been pondering, "Does your mother know you're here?" I blushed as I shook my head guiltily, looking up at him to see if he was angry but he merely laughed. "She must be so worried. I'll give her a call to say that you're here and you just want to be here and spend some time with me." I nodded again and Charlie walked back into the house, my box of things in his arms.

I went back to my car and got two more boxes of my stuff. I had brought all the things I had with me even my clothes and it still ended up to be only three boxes. Goes to show how much I have. That and I hated shopping, I thought with an involuntary shudder.

By the time I got everything in my room, I threw myself on my old bed and stretched out on the mattress. I breathed in the pillow and smiled, it still smelled of me. I looked at the boxes of things in my box and eyed it carefully, I was too exhausted to do it but I would have to do it sometime and now was better than later.

I jumped off the bed quickly, losing my balance and making a thud as I hit the floor. I rubbed my palms and knees as I felt the burn from the carpet. In Las Vegas all we had were hard floors. I guess I had to get used to the carpets again I thought with a sigh.

I got up again, being careful not to kill myself on the way to the boxes and started taking things out of their places and putting them where they belonged.

I was done within the hour and I noticed it was already five o'clock. My stomach voiced its opinions to me and I grumbled, walking downstairs quickly. "Hey Charlie what do you want to eat? I think I'm going to cook dinner today," I said poking my head in the living room to see him con concentrated on the game.

"Anything's good if you make it Bells," said Charlie, tearing his gaze away from the TV to give me a smile. I smiled back and nodded, proceeding to the kitchen and getting out the things I would need to make lasagna since those were the only things Charlie had left in his whole entire kitchen beside frozen dinners.

As I got bored in Las Vegas, I took up the cooking and household chores since Elena wouldn't leave me alone. Mom told me I didn't have to do it but I just said I would, saying I had the free time and that I might want to be a chef when I grew older.

I cooked dinner quickly, my stomach going ballistic from the mouth-watering fragrance. Finally it was done and I popped the lasagna out of the oven and onto the oven. I cut a huge piece for Charlie and put it on his plate while I took a medium-sized morsel for myself and went into the living room to watch the game.

"I'm really glad you came," said Charlie when one of the commercials started.

"You're only glad because I can cook," I joked with a smile and Charlie laughed.

"I guess that could be a plus," Charlie admitted with a nod, also joking.

The game ended too quickly after that and I could feel my eyes start to droop as I was sitting on the couch. I was wiped out, I thought mentally trying to open my eyes up again. I succeeded and I got up, swaying, said goodnight and went to bed, not even bothering to take my clothes off.

I dreamed. I did not dream often and this was one of the rare times that this actually happened. I saw someone, a male, but mostly everything else was too dark to see, and I saw him crouched over an animals body, his lips pressed to the beast's neck. I gasped, shocked, when I noticed that he was drinking its blood.

A vampire. There was no such thing as a vampire though. How could this man be a vampire? The vampire looked at me and stood. His eyes were a very pale brown-yellow color, but now they were a coal black. He growled at me and crouched, like a cat getting ready to pounce on its prey. He lunged and then everything turned black.