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Ash and Misty Romance

Ash sat down near a lake on a beautiful day, wondering why he was so sad. He had already done well in the all the league he has competed in, including the Indigo, Johto, and the Orange Islands. So why is he so sad in the beginning of the Hoenn League? He wondered what has been different in all his other leagues that would make him feel this way. Maybe it was his pokemon? No, he felt joy with each and every pokemon he has ever caught. It couldn't be Brock, who was a Pokemon Breeder and had stuck by his side through all his adventures. This left only 1 person: Misty, a redhead who has a bad temper, but was still beautiful as far as he was concerned. His stomach always did butterflies whenever he thought of her, spoke of her, or even heard from her. He wondered why this happened. Maybe it was because he thought of her as more than a best friend. In fact, in the years they have spent together, he had felt closer and closer towards Misty. He felt so close that he was sure that he, Ash Ketchum, was in love with Misty Waterflower. But he knew that he could never tell her that because if he did, he knew their friendship would be destroyed. He sighs: there was nothing he could do about that because Misty has gone back to Cerulean Gym because her sisters won a free trip around the world. He remembers how he was so sad about Misty leaving the group. But she was at least a couple of hundreds miles away, so with a heavy heart, he walked back to the Pokemon Center to get some sleep for his next match is in 2 days and he has a full day of training tomorrow.

Somewhere far away, a certain redhead was thinking about Ash and his entry into the Hoenn league. 'Why did my sisters have to leave and make me leave Ash?!?!' Misty thought as she was taking care of the water pokemon in the gym. She was really sad when she had heard the news and was crushed when her sisters didn't come back for a full year. Still, there was nothing she could do right now and hoped that one day, she would have the time to visit her best friend, Ash Ketchum. She wondered why she has stuck with him all these years. She claims it was because it was the bike, but deep down, she knows the real reason. She was in love with Ash since the moment she saw him. His compassion for his pokemon is beyond anybody she ever met and that was one of the reasons why she fell in love with him. Her thoughts were interrupted by the bell and she walked over to see who it was. She opened the door and saw her sisters, Lily, Violet, and Daisy.

"Like, oh my gosh, like, we're back!" all the sister yelled at the same time.

Misty was standing there with her mouth wide open as her sisters hugged her and talked about how great the world trip was. "so wait, you mean I don't have to look after the gym anymore?" asked Misty as her insides fluttered with the thought about going back to Ash.

"That's, like, right, Misty. You could, like, go back to your, like, boyfriend!" teased Daisy as she gives Misty a wink.

"HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" yelled Misty, but secretly, she did want to be his girlfriend.

"Oh, then I guess you don't mind, like, staying at the gym to, like, help us, now do you?" asked Lily, even though she knew what the answer was.

"Oh hell no! There is no way that I am going to be stuck here with you three!" yelled Misty (A/N: she seems to yell a lot, huh)

"Then, like, here you go, Misty." Said Violet as she handed Misty a plane ticket. (A/N: are there planes?)

"What's this?" asked Misty as she grabbed the ticket.

"It's a, like, a plane ticket to Hoenn so, you can, like, go back to Ash" explained Lily.

Misty felt tears coming in her eyes that her sisters could do something so nice for her and was so happy, she gave all her sisters a big hug.

"Thank you. This is the nicest thing you have ever done for me" choked Misty as she felt her tears going down her face.

"Like, you're welcome, Misty. Now, like, hurry up and get your stuff so you can go back to Ash." Said Lily.

Misty said thank you one more time before she ran up to her room to get her pokemon and her clothes. She wore a tight pair of jeans that fit her figure completely and a blue tank top.

'Hmmmmm, what Pokemon should I bring?' Misty thought as she was packing.

"I know! I will bring Starmie, my Psyduck because my sisters won't let me left it here, Tentacool, Goldeen, and my Azurill, which I will carry with me!" said Misty as she ran down the stairs to catch her plane. She yelled goodbye and caught a cab to the airport. Finally, her day is looking up.