Hit the Right Notes

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Chapter 1: Intro

Hinata glanced both ways as she dashed across the street. She didn't have much time before her lesson at Julliard. It was going to be her first. She couldn't be late. She was extremely lucky that they had agreed to let her take lessons from one of their professors. It was expensive and she had already paid. No, she couldn't be late.

Hinata dashed onto the campus and into the music department. Glancing at the piece of paper in her hand, she looked for room numbers. 'There it is! Room 228!' She shoved the piece of paper into her jeans pocket and opened the door.

The room was devoid of life. There was just a large grand piano in the center of the room and several smaller, upright pianos against the wall. Posters of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart were placed on the walls. A clock on the wall read 3:58 P.M. 'Guess I'm early. My lesson doesn't start until four.'

She sat down at the grand piano and pulled out some sheet music. Closing her eyes, Hinata placed her hands over the keys. She didn't need the sheet music for this particular song. She knew it by heart. The sounds of Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' filled the room.

So absorbed was she in her music that she didn't hear someone enter the room. Her whole soul was in the song. Hinata breathed in time of the music. She was the music. As she played the last notes, someone started clapping. Hinata jumped and turned around to face the person.

It was a young man, probably in his early twenties. He had raven black hair that stuck up in the back and heavy bangs framing his face. His inky eyes watched her with interest. He was dressed casually in a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt. On the left breast of the shirt was a red and white fan symbol. He looked oddly familiar. Like she had seen his picture somewhere.

The young man took in the piano player's appearance. Indigo-black hair that fell to her waist. Bangs fell into white-lavender eyes that were oddly pupil-less. She wore a pair of blue jeans and a purple sweatshirt. Both looked slightly too large for her, so it obscured her shape. The man had a feeling that was on purpose.

"That was very good," the man said casually. "How old are you?"

"T-Thank you," Hinata said. She paused before adding, "I'm twenty-two."

"I thought so. Same age as me. Are you a student?"

"Sort of. I-I'm taking lessons here. W-What about you?"

"I'm not a student. You could call me more of their poster child."

Before either could say another word, a man with grey-white hair tied into a pony-tail and glasses entered the room. He seemed very angry.

"Girl, you're here for piano lessons, right?" He didn't wait for an answer. "I'm going to be your teacher. You can call me Kabuto-sensei."

"Kabuto, I'll be teaching the girl," the young man said. "Inform Orochimaru of the change."

"Y-yes, Uchiha-sama," Kabuto said, jumping in surprise. "I'll leave right now."

Kabuto backed out of the room and closed the door. They listened to his footsteps. Finally, they faced each other.

"Y-You're S-Sasuke U-Uchiha," Hinata stammered out. "T-The piano prodigy." Hinata had been listening to his music for the past three years, when he had risen to his current fame. His playing was legendary.

"Yes, that's me." Sasuke did not seem particularly pleased about that fact. "What's your name?"

"H-Hinata Hyuga."

"Well, now that we know each other's names, let's begin."


Hinata left Julliard an hour later, her head spinning with notes. Sasuke did not waste time, but jumped right in. She had a ton of work that had to be done by tomorrow. That was in addition to her job and the class she was taking. How was she supposed to get it all done?

Hinata opened the door to her apartment and nearly crashed into Kankuro.

"Sorry, Kankuro."

"It's fine. The girls are looking for you. We all have to work tonight."

"Ok. Who's room?"

"Yours and Temari's."

"Thanks!" Hinata ran to one of the three bedrooms.

Hinata, Temari, Ino, and Tenten had been friends since high school. When they were in college, they met Sakura. The five had become inseparable friends. Once they had all finished college, they decided to get an apartment together in New York City, where Sakura could go to medical school, Ino could go into modeling, Tenten could become a glassmaker, Temari could become a designer, and Hinata could become a concert pianist. Temari would not go unless her brothers could come, so their number became seven. They rented a three bedroom apartment with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Kankuro was an apprentice woodworker, something he enjoyed. Gaara was teaching others how to play the guitar. This was until his band, the Bloody Leaf, became more popular. So far, the members were Shikamaru, on drums, Lee, on back up guitar, and Naruto, playing bass. Naruto and Gaara were lead vocalists. They were slowly getting more popular. They had a meeting with a record dealer later in the week.

Hinata entered the room to see it in utter disarray. Temari and Tenten were almost completely in the closet. Temari and Hinata had the largest closet of all the rooms, so the girls stored most of their clothes there. Sakura was laying spread eagle on Hinata's bed, her eyes closed. Ino was practicing poses in the mirror. Hinata sat down at the electric piano's bench and watched the mess.

Hinata coughed, grabbing everyone's attention.

"Hina-chan!" Tenten squealed. "Guess who's coming over tonight?"


"Neji!" all the girl except for Hinata said. Temari, Ino, Sakura, and Tenten had all agreed that Neji was hot upon meeting him. But, Sakura was dating a mysterious man and Temari and Ino were fighting over Shikamaru. Tenten ended up dating him.

"Nii-san is coming over? When?"

"In fifteen minutes. And in forty-five minutes, we have to go to Konoha's Shining Secret. Hinata, it's your turn to dance," Temari said, tossing a shirt onto the bed.

"It's electronic week," Ino said, flipping her blond hair over her shoulder.

"No….." Hinata said, closing her eyes.

"Yes. You have to wear the black lace outfit," Temari said. "Jiraiya said."

"I wish Tsunade would stop him from being so perverted!" Tenten cried.

Sakura sighed and sat up. "Looks like you're going to be doing 'Poison', Hina-chan. That outfit was chosen just for that song."

"Don't tell nii-san!" Hinata cried as she put her bag down.

"Wouldn't dream of it," the other girls said in unison.

The girls all had to work at a nightclub/restaurant run by Tsunade and Jiraiya. Kankuro, Gaara, Shikamaru, Shino, Kiba, Lee, and Naruto all worked there. It was not the best place to work, but it got the bills and rent paid. Tsunade was a very fair boss, even if she was drunk half the time. Jiraiya was the one who posed the problems. He was a major pervert and insisted on having the girls entertain wearing just about nothing. It was very lucky Tsunade had more power than him or else the business would have been a strip club.

Gaara called, "Neji's here!"

The girls ran from the room, closing the door. Neji hugged Hinata and kissed Tenten passionately. The rest of the girls received handshakes. Neji was very professional. After Hinata had informed her family of her plan to become a pianist, she ceased to be the heiress. Hanabi had flat out refused to inherit the family business, so Neji became the heir. He was very good. Revenue had increased immensely. He was always trying to give the girls, Kankuro, and Gaara money to help pay for the rent. They always refused.

"How are you doing, Hinata-sama?" Neji asked formally, as they all sat down on the couches and chairs in the living room. Tenten was sitting in Neji's lap, playing with his long, black hair. He was absentmindedly stroking her cheek.

"F-Fine, nii-san. P-Please, don't use the honorific. Y-You're higher in r-rank than me n-now." Neji had never been able to just call her Hinata.

"Sorry, Hinata-sama, but I feel you deserve the honorific."

"Please don't fight!" Temari said, smiling faintly. Sakura and Ino said, "Remember last time?"

"It took them an hour to cool down," Gaara said, as he tightened a string on his guitar.

"Yeah," Kankuro added, whittling a piece of wood. "We had to throw water over them in the end."

They all laughed remembering the event. None of them, besides Ino and Sakura, came from proper families. This was their family and it was perfect.

They chatted for a while, before Neji had to leave the rest had to get ready for work. Neji told them he'd stop by for dinner later in the week, he wasn't sure when. He'd phone them beforehand.


Sasuke left the school, planning to go to his apartment and fall asleep. He did not expect to run into Kakashi and his brother talking.

"What are you doing here, Itachi?" Sasuke asked curtly.

"Little brother, I came here to assure myself that you were alive. We, that is to say your family, have heard strange rumors." Itachi smiled, not at all unkindly, but still Sasuke didn't trust him.

"Now that you've seen that, can you leave?"

"Sasuke, there's no need to be rude," Kakashi said. "Itachi-san has invited us to come with him to Konoha's Shining Secret. It's a very nice restaurant."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow skeptically. He followed his brother and his bodyguard/teacher/guardian. Somehow, Sasuke felt it was going to be a long night.

Kakashi stopped and said, "Oh, Sasuke, you might want to put in the contacts and do something with your hair, if you expect to be treated like an actual person."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but took the proffered contacts and hair gel. Itachi watched on, amused, as his brother's black eyes became red and his spiky hair was smoothed down. Sasuke threw on a leather jacket and said, "Let's go."

Itachi said not a word, but looked like he was laughing on the inside. Sasuke ignored his brother, like he always used to do. He knew that he looked a lot like his brother and that was what was funny. He'd stopped trying to copy his brother years ago.


"Hina-chan!" Ino cried in the dressing room at Konoha's Shining Secret. "I've found the contacts!"

Hinata looked up gratefully up from the messy drawer. She took them and put them on, transforming her eyes to a deep, sapphire blue. Having already putting a colored rinse into her hair, black, she didn't look like Hinata at all. Which was perfect.

Hinata sighed and picked up her outfit. Jiraiya was not the ideal boss when you were a girl. The boys protected the girls as much as they could, but most of them were cooking. Still, it was it was the thought that counted.

"Show time, Hina!" Gaara said, sticking his head into the dressing room.

Hinata sighed. Time to go entertain perverted men.


Sasuke was busy glaring at Kakashi. What in the world had possessed Kakashi to think that a nightclub would be a good idea? Itachi and Kakashi were actually enjoying themselves, looking at the waitresses who were running around.

Their waitress was fairly good looking. She had choppy, sand colored hair that hung down to her shoulder blades. She wore the outfit that all the other waitresses were wearing: an extremely short, electric green miniskirt and a matching top that looked more like a sports bra than anything else. She was teetering on five inch high-heeled, white boots. She hadn't tripped yet.

"You ready to order?" she asked, raising a notepad and pencil.

"Hn," Sasuke and Itachi answered simultaneously.

The woman stared at them. "That's not my expertise. If you want to talk like that, I'll get Tenten. She understands the silent, emo guys."

"They're not emo, miss...?" Kakashi said, looking for a nametag.

"Temari," the woman said quickly.

"We're not, miss Temari. And, these boys apologize. They will now talk in more than one syllable, correct?" He turned to stare at Itachi and Sasuke, who nodded meekly.

"Are they twins?" Temari asked, smiling slightly.

Sasuke and Itachi stared in utter disbelief. Together they said, "We're not twins!"

"Sorry. So, what do you guys want?"

After their food had arrived and Kakashi and Itachi were in the middle of a lengthy conversation, a woman walked onto stage and a female voice sounded over the loudspeakers. "We would like to welcome the beautiful and brilliant, Black Butterfly!"

Sasuke watched her idly. She was fairly good with a decent sense of rhythm. She also had a stunning face, pale skin, black hair, bright blue eyes, red lips. The only turnoff was that her outfit screamed 'slut!'.

Her outfit consisted of a black bustier, a black lace mini, black fishnets, and knee-high, high-heeled red boots that looked impossible to dance in. Lots of men were staring at her hungrily.

As the last echoing notes of the song ended, the female voice came over the speakers. "Our lovely dancer needs a partner for her final song, 'Poison'. Any volunteers?"

Every single man in the vicinity raised his hand, except for Sasuke. The voice came over the speakers again. "Will the young man not raising his hand please stand? Yes, you in the black."

Itachi and Kakashi smiled evilly and pushed Sasuke out of his chair. He caught himself before he fell and glared at everyone as he approached the stage. The dancer looked out of breath once he got closer.

"We don't have much time," she said in a rush. "Just follow my lead. Or listen to the lyrics. Do you know the song?"


She pursed her lips. "I-It'll work. Just follow my lead."

The voice on the speakers said, "And now, 'Poison'!"

Sasuke watched the girl as she struck an opening pose. He stood there awkwardly, watching her for a sign.

Your cruel device (She slowly started to move. Sasuke followed her lead shakily.)

your blood, like ice (They walked toward each other.)

One look, could kill (She started to walk upstage, her face fixed on his. He did the same, just downstage.)

My pain, your thrill...

I wanna love you but I better not touch (She placed his hands on her hips)

I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop (She walked away from him.)

I wanna kiss you but I want it too much (They moved close again.)

I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison (She touched his lips with a finger.)

Your poison running through my veins (He walked toward her and she walked backwards.)

Your poison

I don't wanna break these chains.

Your mouth, so hot (She ran a hand across his mouth.)

Your web, I'm caught

Your skin, so wet (She moved in close to him, running hand across his chest.)

Black lace, on sweat (She spun away from him.)

I hear you calling and it's needles and pins (She walked away.)

I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name (She walked up behind him and placed her hands loosely around his neck.)

Don't wanna touch you but you're under my skin (She rubbed her arms, as if she were cold.)

I wanna kiss you but your lips are venomous poison (He placed his hands on her waist and she rested her hands on his shoulders as they swayed.)

Your poison running through my veins

Your poison

I don't wanna break these chains.

Running deep inside my veins (They slowed down.)

Posion burning deep inside my veins (She pulled away from him.)

One look, could kill (They walked around each other in a circle, eyes fixed on the other's)

My pain, your thrill... (She spun away from him.)

I wanna love you but I better not touch (She walked backwards, away from him as he advanced.)

I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop (She stopped and spun.)

I wanna kiss you but I want it too much (He moved closer.)

I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison (He grabbed her arm and spun her so her back was to him.)

Your poison running through my veins (She placed his hands on her hips)

Your poison

I don't wanna break these chains.


I wanna love you but I better not touch (He advanced and she retreated.)

I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop

I wanna kiss you but I want it too much

I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison

You're poison running through my veins

You're poison (She started to move away.)

I don't wanna break these chains. (He grabbed her hand and spun her in.)

Poison. (He held her around her hips while she had her arms thrown around his neck.)

"KISS, KISS!" Everyone in the audience screamed. "KISS!"

"Well, it's not like there's another choice," Sasuke muttered and brought his lips to hers.

Gently, he pulled away and slouched off stage to the loud cheers and applause. Hinata stared in surprise at where he had been standing only moments ago. Slowly, she forced her legs to lead her off stage. Once inside the dressing room, she slid down the wall. Tentatively, she placed a hand gently to her mouth. That was the best kiss she had ever had. She did have very limited experience, having Neji follow her on all and any dates she went on. He was very protective, to say the least. All trying to make up for something that had happened a long time ago………

"Hina-chan?" Temari stuck her head in.

"H-Hai?" For everyone in the apartment and Neji, English was their second language.

"You all right? I mean…..he….." Temari trailed off.

"I-I'm fine. Y-You had better g-get back t-to work."

"'Kay," Temari said, managing to catch herself before she fell and twisted an ankle.


Despite that Sasuke's thoughts were consumed with the dancer, he did not miss the flash of pink hair walk by him outside of the restaurant. Knowing instantly who it belonged to, he followed the young woman. After a few feet, and they were well away from Itachi and Kakashi, Sasuke grabbed her from behind, burying his face into her pink hair. She smelled of cherry blossoms. Just like he remembered.

Sakura gasped. "W-Who? L-Let me go!"

"Last time I checked, you were more clingy than I am."

"S-Sasuke? Is that really you?" She struggled against his grip to turn and see his face.

"I'm in disguise."

"I'd recognize you anywhere!" Sakura cried, kissing him passionately. Breaking the kiss, she asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm giving some concerts and teaching some students at Julliard. How are your classes going?"

"Fine. Another few years and I'll be a doctor!"

"That's great." He studied her face. "You look tired."

Sakura laughed. "I've been taking classes and working. Plus, living with six other people is very chaotic."

"I'll bet. I could barely stand Uzamaki when we were roommates."

"Naruto-kun's working with me and my roommates. You really have to come over sometime and meet everyone." Sakura glanced at her watch. "I have to go. Come visit tomorrow. Here's the address." She pulled a piece of paper and a pen out of her purse and scrawled down the information. "Come around five fifteen?"

"Sure. I've got a student, but I'll make it." He took the paper and leaned down to kiss her again.

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