Hit the Right Notes

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Chapter 10: Harmony

After a few months, Sasuke's hand healed. The muscles healed. His hand bounced back. He had to work hard, but eventually he got back all his original dexterity. He had to step out of the performing and teaching industry for a while. Still, he had plenty to content himself with.

Hinata spent the rest of that night at his apartment, but woke up early in the morning. Sasuke had still been pretty knocked out with the pain killers, so he hadn't heard her leave. Nor had Kakashi, who had fallen asleep on the couch, an unplugged phone lying on the carpet besides him.

Hinata had walked into her shared apartment. Tenten, nearly crying, had been in the kitchen and saw her first.

"Hinata! You're all right! We heard the news and—"

"Are you all right?" Ino asked, running over and hugging Hinata tightly.

"I'm fine, it was—"

"Sasuke, is he all right?" Sakura asked, squeezing Ino out of the way.

"He'll be fine."

Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara entered, looking conflicted but happy to see her.

After much hugging and tears, everyone calmed down. They had all had a lot of explaining to do.

Sakura had gotten a call after Hinata had stormed out twenty four hours earlier from Sasuke, saying that he was in love with someone else and he wanted to break up. She had agreed.

Ino told Tenten that she hadn't meant to, but she had manipulated Neji. Tenten forgave her.

Gaara explained to everyone that he was fine with Hinata turning him down and told Hinata to stop apologizing. He understood.

Hinata moved out that day.

Someone was knocking on the door. Sleepily, only wearing pants, Sasuke went to the door.

"What do you—Hinata! When did you go out?"

"Earlier this morning, sleepy head. Can I move in?"

"Moving a little fast, aren't we?" Kakashi commented as he walked by. He winked and said, "Of course you can. This place needs a woman's touch."

"How can I help?" Sasuke asked.

"You can go lie down," Hinata answered, smiling brightly. "I've got all the help I'll need."


Sakura finished her internship. She ended up dating Sai. She moved in with him within six months.

Tenten arranged a meeting with Neji and they got back together. He wasted no time and proposed to her immediately. After some surprise, she accepted. Tenten's glass designs with birds became very popular around the city. When asked where she got her inspiration, she just smiled and whispered something about caged birds finally gaining their freedom.

Shikamaru finally worked up the nerve to move his relationship with Temari to the next level. Temari moved out of the apartment and into his. Temari's designs quickly got to be very in style.

Ino worked through her issues and learned some self defense. She became well known in the modeling industry. After some awkward starts, she and Kankuro started up a relationship that worked for both of them. Kankuro's wood workings were very much in demand.

Bloody Leaf's first CD was a big hit. Gaara kept teaching and eventually fell for one of his students, a quiet girl with light brown hair, who was quick to laugh and smile.

They all remained friends, though they no longer lived together. They all eventually left Konoha's, but Bloody Leaf still played there on some nights. And the girls would sometimes make appearances.


Tenten and Neji had their wedding in early spring. They asked for Sasuke to play a song.

"So, remind me," Sasuke whispered into Hinata's ear, "why are we here again?"

"We're here because Tenten is a very good friend and Neji is like my brother. You're playing a song, remember?"

"Hn." He kissed her gently. "Why don't we just go hide in the coat closet? Be much more private."

"Because you're supposed to play now. Which song are you playing?"

"I'm going to need your hands."

"You've got them already."

"I'm going to be playing that new song I've been working on."

"That one?"

"And now, after ten months of silence (not that any of us have been counting), Sasuke Uchiha is going to play a song for us!" Tenten said joyfully. "Come on up Sasuke! You can bring Hina!"

The dashing black haired man in a proper suit led the indigo haired woman up, her pale dress floating about. He sat down at the piano bench and tugged her down next to him. He nuzzled the crook of her neck as they situated their hands.

Kakashi watched the scene, looking up from his book. He couldn't help but smile. Sometimes, things just worked out. After a phone call with Itachi, he'd assured that Itachi would not be coming back anytime soon. And if he did, Sasuke would be able to handle it, because Sasuke had Hinata.

"You ready?" Sasuke asked, checking her fingers. "You should be using your fourth, not your third."

"It doesn't matter which I use. I think you just want to make sure everyone sees my fourth finger."


"I'm ready."

They started playing, the duet soaring with a strong melody. They played on, making sure to hit the right notes.

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Definitions: Intro (opening of a song or a movement), Impromtu (short piano piece, often improvisational), virtuoso (person with notable technical skills in performance), classicism (period of music history from mid 1800s for about 60 years that had a strong focus on order and balance), cantabile (style of singing characterized by an easy and flowing nature), rubato (style where strict tempo is disregarded in favor of more emotional tones), a cappella (one or more vocalists performing without accompaniment), cadenza (improvised cadence or aria/concerto which features skills of vocalist or instrumentalist), and harmony (combination of tones played in the background of the melody).