Love Gone Wrong

Chapter One:

"Today in Potions class we will be learning how to make a love potion. Potter, can you tell me the ingredients on how to make one?" Snape cockily asked Harry, and then smirked. Malfoy laughed and punched Crab playfully.

"Potter doesn't even know the difference between left right!" Malfoy's high pitched laugh entered the air.

"Oh shut up Malfoy!" Hermione yelled and threw her vile of love potion at Malfoy in exasperation.

"Thirty points from Gryffindor Ms. Granger. I should have you sent down to the Headmasters office for such obnoxious behavior, but if you continue you'll just lose three hundred points." Snape said monotonously to Hermione. Malfoy was sopping wet from head to toe, from Hermione's love potion. Suddenly, a smile emerged on his face directly towards Hermione.

"You smell nice." Malfoy said.

"Why I ought to….I ought to….WHAT? YOU GAVE ME A COMPLIMENT?" Hermione looked aghast.

"I think Malfoy intoxicated your love potion." Ron said jealously. Harry chuckled. This should be interesting, a nice Malfoy, Harry thought. He'll probably be so obsessed with Hermione, he will just ignore me. This could be fun.

"Hermione, did you know you look extraordinarily beautiful this evening!" Malfoy said dreamily, his eyes wide. Gryffindor burst into laughter.

"SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU!" Snape roared at the class ferociously. " One hundred points from Gryffindor. This isn't funny. Unfortunately, Mr. Malfoy will be in love with Ms. Granger for only seventy two hours. I mean, he wouldn't want to be in love with her really, I mean she looks like a rat ball!" Slytherin burst into laughter, while Hermione turned a ghastly bright red color. The alarm signaled, signaling the end of class and Harry, Ron and Hermione left the classroom with Malfoy close on their tail.

"Why does he keep following me?" Hermione said under her breath.

"Because he's in love with you…ooooo!" Harry said jokingly.

"If that little twerp lays one hand on Her…." Ron started to get fired up, but Harry chilled him out. The threesome then walked to their next class to discuss what to do.