this wasinspired by alot of stories actually,all from and kataang forever.
Okay,I dont own Atla ch.1 the reunion It has been three years since the defeat of Firelord Ozai. The Gaang,are no longer a gang anymore. Toph went back to her home town and opened an earthbending academy of her own. Right after the war, Sokka proposed to Suki,and they got married. Sokka was now on Kyoshi island, with Suki,and their twins, "Terrah", and "Fayth". Zuko became Firelord immediately after his fathers death. He was constantly busy with treaties and revolutionaries.

Katara went back to the southern water tribe. She found out it was now a kingdom, with a palace, buildings, homes and all. She had also opened up her own school for waterbending. You could say that she had a pretty happy life, except, she was missing something, the thrill she used to have before. For some reason it seemed she wished Aang had not mastered waterbending. She loved when he always used to make her smile.

"Was I just thinking about love and Aang in the same sentence?" Katara thought to herself. "I couldn't have been" Katara had been siting on her windowsill looking out at the ocean. Today, it glistened from the light of the moon."Do I love Aang? I do miss him. But I miss Toph and Sokka too. Or maybe it was just him. Or maybe I was too stubborn to notice." She decided to go to the shore for some alone time. She prayed to the moon spirit that she would have that joy one day.

When she arrived at shore,she saw and odd shaped cloud heading toward her. "It looks just like aapa" Katara giggled to herself. "Wait a second, clouds do not move that fast. In fact is was appa. Katara had also sighted Aang holding appa's reigns smiling. Appa flew over Katara then swerved around to land right behing her. Her hair blew in the wind from the landing.

"Katara, is that you?"Aang recognized her barely, but only because of her face. Katara did not recognize the voice at all. It definately had some bass, but also a subtle sound. It gave her butterflies."Aang?" Katara answered. Aang suddenly jumped off of Appa using his airbending. He turned around and saw her. Katara had finally seen Aang face to face. They sat there for a few moments staring at eachother. "It really is you!"They both said as they ran to eachother to hug.

"-Katara,there is so much I want to catch up on."Aang said."I have missed you so much." said Katara as she tightened her grip on him."I have missed you more."he answered."I have somthing for you"he held out what seemed to be a bracelet. It was made out of silver. It had diamonds, and saphires engraved all the way around it. Aang clipped the bracelet onto her wrist as he took her hand in his."Is it okay for me to come back to the tribe?I was kind of banished."Katara giggled with her free hand over her mouth. "Now that everyone knows your the avatar, they will surely let stay"Katara answered.

"I guess my duty does come in handy at times" said Aang. He picked her up and jumped atop of appa and slowly released her. Katara sat on the back of the saddle taking the time to think over what had just happened. For the second half of flight deep into the tribe(because it is like humungous now!) Katara was staring at Aang. He had surely grown since the last time they saw eachother. His outfit had also changed. His pants wre much more loose than before. His torso had the usual monk attire as well. But it was longet than bfore and had a hood. Around his neck he had a necklace which seemed to be made of wood with the air nomad symbol marked upon it.

"how long are you staying?"katara asked him."Til tomorrow" said Aang. "You only came to see me for one night?"Katara asked. "well, this was technically the most amount of time i could pssibly see you,I have to deliver this treaty to the earth king very soon.Plus i had to fly allnight long to get here beforw you fell asleep."Aang told her in a sad voice."But, to see you,it was worth it"For the whole evening katara couldnt srop blushing from all the compliments and times aang touched her,or even looked at her. Aang felt just about the same way, even though he took a little charge on getting close to her,he was nervous.

Soon they found themselves in Katara's house talking,catching up,and joking. Katara felt like she was fourteen again. It got late, so aang decided to suggest sleep."Aangyawnthe night is still young"said katara."No,you need some sleep,besides,dont you have students?"Aang told her."But youre my yawn best student and need special attention"said katara. She was drifting into sleep when Aang picked her up took her to the biggest bed in the house and tucked her into it.

Ch.1 pt. 2 together forever

The next day was bright and sunny. The sunlight creeped throught katara's curtains and came upon her skin. Katara yawned and got out of her bed still half asleep. There was alot of comotion going on outside-alot of peoplewere crowding towards something.

"AANG" Katara thought. She realized then and there what she wanted to do.

Aang made sure he got up way before Katara was awake. He decicded he wouldnt be too good at saying goodbye. But he was held back from alot of his admirers.

"Do you think I could grow up and be a stong waterbender like you?"a little boy asked

"Of course, all you have to do is trust your master,yourself, and do your best."Aang couldnt help but answer a young prodigy filled with hope.He loved putting smiles on peoples faces.

"will you come back and visit?"a little girl asked.

"if I find the time"Aang answered with a smile on his face.

"Will these be of any assistance"a young woman about katara's age gave Aang some traveling supplies. Aang found her very attractive.

"Thank you,and please don't bow, think of me as an equal"Aang bowed to her. The girl was flushed with all kinds and shades of red.

"It is my honor to assist the avatar"she smiled at him and backed into the crowd.

"Ill come back as soon as I can, and thank you for all of the gifts"Aang said as he mounted appa. Just then he couldnt believe hes ears.

"WAIT,AANG,TAKE ME WITH YOU!"katara screamed as she was running towards him and appa carrying a large deal of luggage.

"Katara?"Aang said in suprise."You want to come with me?"

"Yes, I miss being around you,you give me a feeling I can't explain"Katara was right in front of Appa now."I cannot go on not living the rest of my life withiut you.

"Well, it's not my decision,But if you want to I'd be glad to have the company"Aang said.He jumped off appa scooped up katara and once again was up on appa.Aang said "ypiyip" and they were off. Aang hugged her as he cried in her arms.

"Aang?"she said.

"The truth is, I wanted you to come along with me, but I thought that would be selfish of me, for you to choose between your family and me.

"Aang, you are my family"katara said.Aang told katara of all the errands he had been running for the earth king and Zuko. He ws so caught up in his explanation,he noticed about 5 minutes while she was sleep that Katara fell asleep in his arms. Then he sat there quietly,flying with katara around the world,once again.