"Princess, they are on the move again"said the soldier. The soldier in iron armor bowed and looked up at 'her'. She was truly her mothers legacy. A bounty hunter living, and breathing blood. The scent of death would let you know when she was around. She despised all but the 'true' fire nation royalties. You could even call Azula one of her role models. But Azula did one thing she would never think of doing. Failing. That was not an option for Mia. She, the daughter of Admiral Zhon and Mizu, her mother. Her father was a high ranking admiral in the firenation navy. Until he got sick and died, from a unavoidable, unstoppable disease Clutch disease ws what it was called. You lose your senses, one at a time, starting with your sight. Then, you go crazy, cause you don't have any awareness what so ever.

Mia was the last of her family, having them all dies from this terrible disease. The cause of the disease is unknown, but everyone in her family so far was known to have it. Even her master, her mother, Mizu, died from Clutch. She aslo came from a high line of warriors. All exceled in whatever they sought out. A family of murderers and geniuses.

"Good, I want you to follow them...and when they make it to the city, that is where we will strike." The soldier remianed with his head low."Understood?"

"Yes, my lord"

"You are dismissed" She said passively. Then she stood up. Her guards became cautious, not hoping to be one of her 'sparring partners'. "Fools, I am standing only to go for a walk!" She turned to face them, their heartbeats rising, at her mere gaze. "Next time I see any fear out of you, ANY of you" Mia took on of the guards and blew fire at him. Only using that much of a simple breath, burning his whole face. "I will not hesistate to put you 'in line.'" Her followers stood their watching her leave, trying to hide their fear.

"Katara!" Aang looked down at Katara sleeping on his chest, holding tightly onto him. He gently shook her, trying not to fully put her out of her peace.

"Hmmm?" She moaned grogily.

"You have to see this!" Katara yawned, rubbed her eyes, and looked up at Aang. She smiled, then stood up. Katara gasped at the newly rebuilt Omashu.

"It sure grew a lot since we last couple of times came here" He said. That reminded them of such a special moment they shared in a certain 'cave'.

"Yea, like when we got out of 'the cave of the two lovers'?" Katara asked.

"You seem...awake...hehe" Aang said looking at Katara. She smiled and curled right back up into his arms.

"No, I'm still sleepy" She warapped her arms around Aang, then inhaled. "Your so comfortable and warm.

"Your not so bad yourself, like a big soft pillow." Katara blushed a little then kissed Aang. Aang kissed her back, but then they didnt stop. That is until, they noticed Appa stopped. Aang stood up, and saw they were surrounded by people.

"Oh...Hi" He blushed. A couple of people started laughing. Aang looked at Katara, who was also red as a tomato. He helped her up and took both of her hands. He led her down Appa's tail, where Bumi was in a chair hoisted up by four men.

"Hi Aang, it's good to see you...and your friend, is that Katara?" She nodded smiling.

"Well, you surely have grown, well the both of you have." Bumi laughed his famous snorting laugh.

"So why are you two all alone? Wouldnt it be more company to travel with a couple more friends?" Bumi raised an eyebrow, he couldve sworn they were traveling with some else. Who was it though?

"Well..." They both started. Then Bumi was laughing uncontrollably.

"I see, so Aang finally popped the question?" Katara was laughing too while Aang sat there all embarassed.

"What do you mean finally? How did you know abou-" Katara started.

"Well, when you and Aang came to visit little old me, oh so long ago-"

"You mean at your birthday?" Katara asked.

"No, No...years before that" Aang was standing there, rubbing his eyebrows. Katara was really interested in how long Aang was 'interested'. "Right after I agve him those tests, I saw the look in his eye when he gazed at you. So I asked Aang here did he fancy you, Katara, this nice young lady an-"

"What did he say?" Katara said laughing almost hysteriacally

"He said he thought he loved you!" Bumi started cracking up again, along with Katara. Then Katara stopped and looked at Aang.

"So I guess youve been eyeing me for a while now, huh?" She said in a low voice. Aang just leaned on his staff, trying to hide his embarassment..