Disclaimer: I do not own Justice League or any of the character involved. They are all products of DC Comics owned by Time Warner.

Title: Last Laugh
Summary: Who said Bruce and Diana couldn't have fun?
Pairing: Bruce/Diana
Rating: PG

"I'm pregnant, Bruce."

For a brief moment, an expression of sheer panic crossed the face of the unusually stoic Dark Knight. His pallor seemed to grow increasingly pale as well, causing Diana to laugh quietly inside. Sometimes he surprised her like that.

"How—" he asked, his voice more of a croak.

"Surely Alfred taught you the birds and the bees." Diana replied with a grin. "Of course, the baby isn't yours, so you don't have to worry."

He crossed his arm. "Oh?"

"It's Clark's. Or Wally's. Or Ralph's…"

"I'm sure Lois, Linda, and Sue would appreciate that," he replied in a deadpanned voice. "But then again, why should I worry? Surely you know the reason why Selina gave up being Catwoman…"

"Of course, you're proposing to me to keep up the pretenses of a happy relationship…"

"While you sleep with Superman on the side? I'm not too sure I'm happy with that idea."

"Well, what else am I going to do while you are out whoring in Gotham? It's not as if I have something else, like saving the world to do…"

"You mean when you're not planning on attacking the president of misogyny?"

"We've been dating for a nearly a year Bruce, you should by now that's my mother's plan."

"Just like the fact that the League is taking heroes and wiping their minds and trying to create upstanding citizens out of them?"

"I thought that was Max Lord using his mind controlling powers on them. Oh, and by the way, he's another candidate for who 'my baby's daddy' is…"

For a moment, a rare smile crossed Bruce's face. "We knew this would happen, Diana."

"How was I supposed to know when you said your enemies would exploit our relationship, you meant this." She motioned towards a magazine that lay forgotten on the table.

"Well it could be worse."

"Worse than my eight pregnancy in a year?" Diana raised an eyebrow.

Bruce shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, look at Lantern. Apparently, he's been taken over by a yellow space cockroach."

Diana rested her arms on Bruce's shoulder. "How do they come up with these things?"

"No idea."

Diana laughed. "Well, that's a first. The Batman doesn't know something."

Bruce mock-sighed in disbelief, "Some things in this world cannot be explained."

Diana smiled. "Of course, the tabloids aren't always wrong…"

It was Bruce's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Diana lowered her eyes to her stomach, and after seeing Bruce's panicked expression, kissed him tenderly. "Maybe these things aren't so bad after all…"