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September 2, 1885
8:10 AM PST

Seamus George McFly was whistling to himself, as he was going about his morning routine. Margaret Anne, who was usually called Maggie, was churning butter for the pancakes that he would soon prepare. Their baby son, William Sean, seemed to be feeling a lot better this morning. He had been very collicky the night before

Their good friends, Mark and Jamie Parker, were planning to stop over for breakfast that morning. They had a little girl named Jessica and a baby boy named Steven. He smiled to himself, as he thought of how Steven and William would likely become real good friends. He loved living right outside of the wonderful town called Hill Valley.

Seamus looked up, as heard a sudden commotion. It appeared that the cavalry was chasing away more members of the Pohatchee tribe. He was not a believer in being prejudiced against any group of people, but that tribe did have a bad reputation.

Suddenly, he saw a very familiar-looking young man crashing into the fence. As he headed towards the fence, he thought that young man looked so much like his little brother - except he was dressed very oddly. Then he figured it couldn't be.

With overwhelming concern, Seamus began to slap the young man's face - to see if he was awake. To his dismay, it seemed that the young man was actually rendered unconscious. He began to feel great sorrow - as if he may pass away or something.

"Maggie!" Seamus called out to his wife, as he swallowed deeply. "Fetch some water! We got a hurt man here!" He couldn't get over how much that young man resembled his younger brother, Martin. He figured it was his responsibility to tend to him. Would he sound just like his younger brother, too? He was blinking back tears.

"What is it, Seamus?" Maggie asked, as she was carrying a bucket of water. "Good merciful heavens! Sure'n it looks like he needs to be tended to. He is dressed very strangly. I have never seen attire like that on a man before in my life, have you?"

"I can't say I have," Seamus said, sighing. "I'm quite sure Martin would never wear anything like this. He does bear quite an uncanny resemblance, though. I guess we might as well carry him inside and let him rest in our bed. I'm sure he'll be fine."

"I suppose this would be the good Catholic thing to do," Maggie replied, as he helped Seamus pick up the young man. "I sure don't understand why he would just show up on our farm, though - and why he so much resembles Martin. It's mighty odd."

While Seamus and Maggie were carrying the young man into the house, he couldn't help but notice how Maggie seemed a little uneasy around him. His wife was always the more cynical of the two, but she did still have a very deep heart for others.


"Thank you for the pancakes, Mr. McFly," said seven-year-old Jessica Parker, as the Parker family were eating pancakes with Seamus and Maggie McFly. "They're nice!"

"You're very welcome, Jessica," Seamus replied, as he just smiled fondly at the little girl. "I gather you'd like more pancakes. I hope to one day have a little girl. It really looks like William and Steven are so friendly. I'm sure the two will be good friends."

"My Jessica sure has a hearty appetite," Jamie commented, indulgently. "Even if she tends to eat too much candy. She really has become addicted to those lemon drops, Mark and I have to limit her intake. Otherwise, she's a very well-behaved girl."

"So you said that a visitor has shown up on your farm?" Mark asked. "It really looks like he hit his head badly. He does look like a dead ringer for your brother, Martin. I am pretty certain it's not him, though. Martin would've never dressed that way."

"Sure'n he's a strange young man," Maggie replied. "I be not one to judge a book by the cover, but I've never seen attire like that on a young man. I wonder if he maybe came from a circus, or something. It's very strange how he came here with a hat, or boots, or a horse. I'll be asking him a lot of questions, as soon as he comes to."

"He does strike me as a queer fellow," Jamie agreed. "I hate to seem so brash, but are you sure you did the right thing, taking him in like that. He rather doesn't seem to me like a dangerous man, but he makes me feel uneasy. I'm not sure why."

Seamus couldn't believe how judgemental the women were being. That poor young man had yet to say a word, and he was already being judged. He didn't see that as being a very good Catholic attitude. They were supposed to love unconditionally.

"Uh, Mama," Jessica said, quietly, "don't you always say to me: 'if you have nothing nice to say, than don't say anything at all'? And what about 'do unto others as you'd have them do unto you'? Don't you think that applies to the young visitor, too?"

Jamie just had an expression of uncertainty on her face, as if she was actually torn between really scolding her daughter for being impertinent - and admitting that her daughter actually was right. Seamus know how both Maggie and Jamie were rather proud to admit that she was wrong. He did feel that Jessica was completely right.

"Yeah, you're right, sweetheart," Jamie finally said, as she smiled at her daughter. "I guess I must practice what I preach, shouldn't I?" As Jessica nodded, Jamie said, "In fact, I guess I owe you an apology for being so down on your decision, Seamus. You did the right thing. I guess it's to the confessional booth with me this Saturday."

Everyone laughed, as Seamus was pleased at how well Jamie took being corrected by her own daughter. He sure never fully believe in the saying, "children should be seen but not heard." After all, children were human beings, too - weren't they?


Maggie was sitting by the bed, as she was waiting for the young man to wake up. As soon as he woke up, she would be able to get some answers from him. She felt real uneasy around him, and she actually hated the feeling. She just wasn't sure if it was the strange clothes that he was wearing, or the fact that he sure looked like Martin.

"Mom," the young man said, just as he began to stir. Maggie was taken aback by the voice. He sounded a little like Martin, but he really had an American accent. "Mom, is that you?" Maggie reached out to wet the cloth that she was using on Marty's head.

"There, there now," Maggie said, as she sure tried her best to not frighten the young man. It's possible that he was maybe a member of a travelling circus, or something. That would best explain his attire. "You've been asleep for nearly 6 hours now."

"I had this horrible nightmare," the young man added, in a very sleepy voice. "It was terrible. I dreamed I was in a western... I was being chased by Indians. And a bear."

"Well, you're safe and sound," Maggie said, as she began to really feel bad for that young man. She had absolutely no idea what he meant about being in a "western", though. He sure used some strange terminology. "Here now at the McFly farm."

"McFly farm!" the young man exclaimed, as he was suddenly fully awake. "Argh!" As he sat up in bed, he added, "Well, you're my... you're my... my... Who are you?"

Maggie now felt perturbed. Why did the young man think she was related to him? He did look a lot like Martin, but Martin was the only other McFly to move to America. In fact, the rest of Seamus' family was adamently opposed to leaving Ireland.

"Name's McFly," Maggie replied, in a very matter-of-fact tone. "Maggie McFly."

"McFly," the young man muttered. Then he suddenly exclaimed, "Maggie."

"That's Mrs. McFly," Maggie said, in a stern voice. It almost seemed like this young man was staring at him adoringly, but her loyalty belonged to Seamus alone. "And don't you be forgetting the Mrs! And what might your name be sir?"

"Well, it's Mc..." the young man began to say. Then he quickly said, "Eastwood... uh... Clint... Clint Eastwood?" Maggie felt suspicious that he might not have been completely honest with her, but she knew better than to pry any further.

"You hit your head, Mr. Eastwood," Maggie said, in a no-nonsense tone. "Not too serious - but, lucky for you, Seamus found you when he did."

"Seamus," Clint said, in a near whisper - as though the name seemed familiar to him. Maggie couldn't figure out why the very mysterious Clint Eastwood acted as though he knew who they were. There was no way he could be Martin McFly.

"Me husband," Maggie clarified, as little William began to cry. She got up to leave, as she added, "You'll be excuse me, Mr. Eastwood - while I tend to William."

"William," Clint commented, as though the name also sounded familiar.

Maggie went into the main room to comfort William. It was nearly time for him to be fed. She decided that Clint Eastwood seemed harmless enough, even if he did seem a little strange. She knew that it was wrong to prejudge other people beforehand.

"That's William?" Clint suddenly asked, just as he stepped into the room.

"Aye!" Maggie replied. "William Sean McFly, the first male of our family to be born in America!" Turning to William, she gently added, "Ahh, it's okay, Will! Here's Mr. Clint Eastwood... this is him." She hoped that Clint would not frighten young William.

Maggie was real astonished, as she saw Clint take William - and William immediately stopped crying! Maybe she had misjudged young Clint Eastwood, after all.

"He already likes you, Mr. Eastwood," Maggie commented, as she was still stunned.

The front door suddenly opened, as Seamus came in and announced, "Maggie, I got supper." He put the dead deer on the table, as he added, "So our young visitor is up now!" He turned to Clint and added, "Me name's Seamus. What's yours?"

"I'm, uh, Clint Eastwood," Clint said, nervously. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I came here to find the, uh, blacksmith, and I wonder if you might know where his shop is."

"Aye," Seamus replied, as he smiled warmly at Clint. "The blacksmith and I are very close. He told me he was going to be busy fixing on a wagon for Farmer Ira Peabody - so we should wait for tomorrow. In the meantime, you can spend the night here."