September 7, 1885
7:55 AM PST

As Seamus was driving to the saloon, his heart was beating heavily. He didn't wish for Clint Eastwood to meet the same fate as his younger brother nearly did. He wished to be there to save Clint's life, if it did come to that. He couldn't quite let that young man he had grown so fond of actually meet the fate this his brother had almost met.

When Seamus entered the saloon, he saw that Clint and Chester were both slapping Mr. Brown's face to wake him up. This reminded him of the time that a similar incident occurred around the Fourth of July. He wondered what happened this time.

"C'mon, Doc," Clint was insisting, with panic in his voice. "C'mon... wake up, buddy. C'mon, wake up, Doc. C'mon. C'mon." Seamus wondered why Clint quite seemed to act like he was in a hurry. He was maybe quite worried that Buford would still shoot the blacksmith. After all, Mad Doc Tannen was never the person to give up.

"Seamus," Chester called out, with surprise. After all, Seamus usually milked the cows until around nine in the morning. His hired hands quite had to do the work without him this morning, though. "Wouldn't expect to see you here this morning."

"Aye," Seamus replied. "But something inside me told me I should be 'ere. I think my future had something to do with it." At least, that was the best way to explain it. Is the young man actually going to heed to Seamus' advice his morning.

Clint glanced at Seamus, as Chester told him, "He'll come around in a minute." Seamus began to pray that Clint Eastwood and Emmett Brown would both make it through the day alive. For some reason, this event was certainly like great deja vu to him.

"C'mon, Doc," Clint moaned, as he turned his attention back to his blacksmith friend. "C'mon... wake up, now, buddy. C'mon." Seamus began to have an uneasy feeling.

"Are you in there, Eastwood?" called out an all-too-familiar gruff voice. Seamus swallowed hard, as he sure knew that fateful moment finally arrived. "It's eight o'clock, and I'm calling you out." Seamus glanced rather nervously at Clint.

Clint just yelled out, "It's not 8 o'clock, yet!" Seamus was unsure of whether to take that as a good sign or a bad sign. Buford Tannen sure never was one to play fair.

"It is by my watch!" Buford growled. "Let's settle this once and for all, runt - or ain't you got the guts?" Seamus took in a deep breath, as this was the defining moment.

"Listen," Clint called out, after he glanced at something he had in his hand. "I'm not really feeling up to this today. So I'm gonna have to forfeit!"

Seamus could barely believe his ears. It was obvious that Clint Eastwood had taken the conversation that had at the festival to heart. He had a real strong feeling that Clint wasn't going to be let off quite so easy, yet. He suddenly felt very tense.


Seamus felt real jubilant, as Buford and his thugs were finally brought to justice. Also, both Clint Eastwood and Emmett Brown were still alive. He was quite sad though, that both Clint Eastwood and his blacksmith friend would actually be leaving town.

"The train!" the blacksmith called out, as the the train whistle was heard. Where were the two of them headed off to, exactly. Would Seamus ever see them again?

"Can we make it?" Clint asked, with a note of urgency in his voice. Seamus wish they could at least stay until Wednesday, when the train would next be coming by.

"We'll have to cut it off at Coyote Pass!" the blacksmith explained, just as he and his young friend stepped onto their horses. Seamus couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about. Just then, a young boy walked up and stopped Clint.

"Hey, mister," a little boy called out, as he held something in his hand. "Mr. Eastwood. Here's your gun, mister." Seamus began to blink back tears, just as he figured that he might never see the young boy again. The little boy then handed the gun to Clint.

"Thanks, kid," Clint called out, gratefully. He then spotted Seamus, who just grinned at him and faked a punch. "Seamus!" Clint cheerfully called out, just as he threw the gun toward Seamus. "Worth twelve dollars - never been used."

"Maybe I'll trade it for a new hat," Seamus called back, as he found a hat on sale the other day that he wished to purchase for himself. He would sure miss the young lad.

"Right," Clint called back, "and take care of that baby!" Seamus watched, as Clint and the blacksmith rode off. Seamus couldn't help but find it to be a strange thing for Clint Eastwood. Then Clint always was rather strange - in a very endearing sort of way.

"I will!" Seamus called out, as two of his dear friends took off - presumably to return to where they came from, wherever that might be. He wondered what happened to the romance between the blacksmith and the schoolteacher. He just tried to put the thought, as he knew he really shouldn't pry into the affairs of other people.


A couple hours later, Seamus and Maggie were sitting inside the saloon, as they were drinking raspberry cordial. William was peacefully asleep next to them. He sure hoped the two of them made it back home safely. He would miss the two of them plenty.

To his sudden surprise, he saw the schoolteacher step into the saloon - along with the blacksmith! He was suddenly confused about what actually happened. He thought Mr. Brown was planning to go back home with Clint Eastwood, who just seemed a little too young to be travelling alone. Everyone else seemed to be very confused, as well.

"What happened, Emmett?" Chester asked, as he greeted the blacksmith. "I'm very happy that you managed to pach things up with Clara and all - but what about Clint Eastwood? The young fellow sure seemed to be mighty concerned about you."

"I have bad news," Mr. Brown said, with great sadness in his voice. "Clint Eastwood and I were really trying to stop some hijackers from taking the train. Unfortunately, the cab fell into the ravine - and Clint Eastwood went over the ravine with it."

Everyone in the saloon gasped with shock. Seamus' eyes then filled up with tears, as he was sure deeply saddened by what he heard. He quickly glanced over at his wife, who really had tears in her eyes. The two quietly stood up, as they began walking to the side of the saloon. Why did that endearing young fellow have to die tragically?

"Yeah, he's gone," Miss Clayton added, as she began to cry. "I never know him that well, but he just cared deeply about Emmett. My Emmett may not even still be alive, had it not been for him. I feel as though I'm partially responsible for his death."

Seamus certainly had no idea what actually happened between the blacksmith and the schoolteacher, but he felt that Miss Clayton was being too hard on herself. He started to wonder who those hijackers were. This was such a great tragic event, though.

Seamus glanced over at his wife, who was crying. It sure was devastating irony that, only a few days ago, his wife was just worried that young Clint Eastwood would bring a curse on the house. Tears finally started to roll down Seamus' eyes, as well.

"This just isn't fair," Maggie sobbed. "He may have been rather eccentric, but he was a very ingratiating young man. I couldn't help but become very fond of him. After all, we nearly lost your dear brother just over five years ago - and now we end up losing young Clint Eastwood. Now I regret how I treated him, the day he first showed up."

"Honey, honey," Seamus murmured, with his own lips quivering. "His loss is of great tragedy to us, but at least he died a hero - instead of a casualty in a bar brawl. We truly will miss him - but his soul is in heaven, now. May God bless Clint Eastwood."

"I just thought for sure this would be a day to celebrate," Maggie lamented. "Mad Dog Tannen has finally been brought to justice, and Mr. Eastwood was very brave enough to defend his friend. He was way too young. I can't believe that he's actually gone!"

"He's at home, now, dear," Seamus choked out, as he put his arm around his wife. "I will greatly miss him, too - but he's with the Lord, now. I am sure he'll be looking over us. I certainly can imagine that Mr. Brown must be taking this very hard, as well."

"It's so ironic," Maggie continued, weeping, "that he was worried about the blacksmith leaving him - but, instead, he ended up leaving the blacksmith... and all of us. It's real good that he died as a hero, but I wish he could still be alive - and still be with us."

Seamus turned towards the front door, as his vision was blurry fom the tears. He saw Mayor Hubert standing - with a very sad expression on his face, too. It just appeared as though he wanted to make a statement. Seamus swallowed very hard, as the lump in his throat was thick. He then bowed his head, as he let the tears flow freely.

"I never got to meet Clint Eastwood," Mayor Hubert was saying, "but I've heard that he was really a fine and remarkable young man. It sure is only fitting that we change the name of the ravine he fell into from Shonash Ravine to... Eastwood Ravine!"

Everyone in the saloon began to applaud. The blacksmith and the schoolteacher then approached Maggie and Seamus, as they both were crying. Today was a day of very great tragedy of the young man who managed to make a major impression in the few days that he was in town. He'd had to pay his respects at the ravine a little later.

Seamus could clearly visualize the face of young Clint Eastwood, as he quickly flashed his rather charming lopsided smile. Then he sure saw it as the face of his also chaming younger brother, Martin Douglas McFly. Clint Eastwood sure would become a legend.