1. Prompt #100: Thunder

Their love flashed through the darkness of the world, bright and heady and absolutely exhilarating. For the briefest of moments, they were able to outshine the bleakness of their situation, but that was not to last. They had their moment, but the consequences of their actions boomed as loud and terrifying as thunder.

2.Prompt #5: Two of a Kind

He betrayed his family to save the world from his father and she betrayed hers to save him from himself.

3. Prompt #36: Kiss

The first time he'd tried to kiss her, she had turned her head in embarrassment. He got a mouthful of her hair. The second time, she'd smiled as he leaned in. He kissed her teeth. The third time, he gripped her face between his hands tightly to make sure that his lips would actually make contact with hers.

4. Prompt #80: Weapon

She had never thought that love could be used as a weapon, but he taught her that lesson well.

5. Prompt: #76: Innocence

When fate was kind, she had believed that good lay in everyone and that love could conquer all.With one act of betrayal, he shattered her image of the world and stripped her of her innocence.

6. Prompt #45: Letters

A young woman searched through her grandmother's personal effects and found a tragic story of love and loss.

7. Prompt: #42: Blanket

He didn't realize it until much later on, but she had been his security blanket in his darkest times. When his world was at its coldest, she had brought him warmth.

8. Prompt: #30: Spirits

Agni knew the desires of his heart, but this was one prayer that the spirits refused to answer.

9. Prompt #66: Touch

Her lips brushed against his, but it was his heart that she touched.

10. Prompt #84: Flower

He had always likened her to a flower: delicate, fragile, and beautiful. It was only after the final battle, when she had lost her brother at the hands of his sister and still had the strength to smile, that Zuko realized that she was made of something much stronger.

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