81. Prompt #6: Past

Once upon a time, they had hated each other with all the passion that their young hearts could conjure; they grew up, they changed, and decided to leave the past behind them.

82. Prompt #7: Present

She crosses pale, slim arms over a pale, thin chest as she quickens her step and pretends not to see her husband and the girl of his dreams making love in the shadows of her garden. With the present as painful as it is, Mai cannot bear to think about the future.

83. Prompt #8: Future

She clings to him under the cover of darkness, and he whispers to her of a future that is far too beautiful to ever be.

84. Prompt #3: Poverty

For two months, he had traveled with the gang and had lived like a pauper- barely scraping enough coin together for a decent meal, living by the sweat of his brow, and subsisting largely on camaraderie. And yet, he had never felt more rich.

85. Prompt #15: Fear

"I'm scared," she whispers softly, and slowly, timidly, he reaches out and takes her hand. The fire crackles, and her chin trembles as she tries to keep herself from falling to pieces. Zuko squeezes her hand and scoots closer to her, so close that she can feel the heat of his body, and his thigh against her own. Suddenly, she is no longer quite so afraid.

86. Prompt #18: Truth

There is one truth in this life: it never goes as expected.

87. Prompt #95: Found

He had hidden his bruised and beaten heart away from the world, but somehow, a blue eyed child looked into his eyes, reached into his soul, saw into his heart, and breathed life back into the organ she found.

88. Prompt #91: Open

Her face had once read like an open book and she'd worn her heart on her sleeve. But life and lost love had toughened her, and her once bright, expression filled face became cold and closed.

89. Prompt #34: Attack

When Azula turned to launch her attack on the innocent girl, all Zuko had been able to think was "Not her, not her…" Not the girl who was full of ridiculous, childish, idealistic dreams. Not the girl who sacrificed half of her share of food to keep the younger members of the group full when they were running low on supplies. Not the girl who'd been able to forgive a murderer and chose not to wield the power of blood bending. He couldn't picture his life without her, so he willingly jumped in front of a lightening bolt and took the attack that had been meant to end her life.

90. Prompt #21: Dirty

Katara groaned as she stared at the massive pile of dirty dishes that needed washing. But then Zuko rolled his sleeves up to his elbows, gave her a shy little grin, and began to scrub. Suddenly, the thought of washing dishes was incredibly appealing.