The Aftermath

In the moments following Sarah's deflowering, you could hear a needle drop. She wanted Scott to say something to her...anything, but of course, he didn't. All he did was roll over, and drift off to a deep sleep. "How can he simply fall asleep after THAT just happened?" she wondered to herself as she slowly sat up on the edge of the bed, and began putting on her clothes. Her body was very sore, and she didn't find her first sexual experience very enjoyable at all (not that most people do, anyway). She just couldn't understand why she didn't feel, more...more passion, more pleasure, more love, just more something. To top things off, he didn't wear a condom, and Sarah was too caught up in the moment to to tell him to put one on.

She stood up as she fastened the final few buttons on her shirt, and then walked to the bathroom. She carefully shuts, then locks the door. Once alone, she bursts into tears. "What have I done?" Sarah asked herself while attempting to look at her reflection in the mirror. No matter how hard she tried, it was useless. There's no way she could look at herself NOW: shes just too ashamed. She sits on top of the toilet seat, and tries to pull herself together. As soon as the tears stop gushing from her eyes, she quickly and quietly leaves to go home.

Ben is waiting for Sarah outside. "Sarah, where were you? You missed the party." Sarah looks up at her little brother, and thinks about all the lectures shes given him about having premarital sex with Brynn. Her eyes fill with tears yet again.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" Ben asks, completely stunned by his sister's sudden display of emotions. "What happened, Sarah?"

"Benny, I'm so sorry for being so judgmental. I tried to make myself out to be so perfect, but I'm screwed up, and I've made a huge mistake." She sits down on the porch.

"Sarah, what are you saying." He sits down next to his older sister. Hes amazed to see her crying. He could probably count the number of times hes seen her cry on one hand...could probably even count the number of tears.

She hesitated at first, but realized that her brother was going to continue asking what was wrong until he got an answer.

Sarah blurts out "I had sex with Scott, Ben."

Ben sits there silently for a few seconds, then places his hand on her shoulder. "Sarah, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Yes it is. He didn't even wear protection. I'm an idiot."

"Sarah, it was a mistake. People make mistakes everyday." He tries to reassure his sister, but there's clearly no use. Sarah is very stubborn.

"Benny, I think I need to be alone right now, ok?" She gets up and walks into the house, leaving her flabbergasted younger brother stunned.

To be continued...