"Ohhhh, no you don't! Wait one minute" Barb exclaims, as Scott finally finds the ring deep within his pocket.

"Sarah, don't do this! You're too young!" Barb continues.

Scott and Sarah both ignore Barb's words. It's as if they are the only ones in the room... perhaps the only ones on the planet. He begins… "Sarah, I'm not asking you this because you're going to be the mother of my child; I'm asking you this because I love you." He pauses for a moment to clear a small drop of sweat from his forehead, then continues, "Sarah, will you marry me."

"Sarah, you can't do this! Please don't!" Barb says.

Sarah smiles from ear to ear, with a million tears streaming down her face, and eyes as red as cherries and shouts "Yes!" She gets down on
her knees with Scott and hugs him as tight as she humanly can.

"Bill???" Barb says, frantically. "Aren't you going to do ANYTHING?"

Bill gets up from his chair, and slowly walks towards Sarah. His face is expressionless, and Sarah isn't sure what to think. Part of her is scared to death, while the other part wonders what he's thinking. "Dad..." she begins.

Bill finally reaches Sarah, and stops right in front of her. He stares deep into her blue eyes, and wonders what the future has in store for his baby girl. He doesn't understand, or agree with her decisions, but for some crazy reason, he trusts the young woman he's raised. Bill reaches out his hand to touch Sarah's belly, then he hugs her tightly. Finally, he extends his arm to shake Scott's hand. Infuriated, Barb exclaims "Bill, how can you be okay with this?!"
"I'm not okay with this, but this IS what's happening whether we want it to or not. "
Barb looks at both Sarah and Scott. "This isn't over!", then storms off.

Barb walks into Nikki's family room to find her family sprawled on the floor and sofa. She plops down right in between her concerned sister-wives, but doesn't say a word.

"Barb, are you okay?" Margene asks.

She turns to Margene and calmly says, "Sarah's pregnant."

Nikki and Margene glance at one another.

To be continued.