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A silence washed over Kohona. This was something that didn't normally happen. Tsunade was just informed at Hinata Hyuuga had gone missing. The truth was she'd been missing for three days already. Right there is one of the reasons she left. She was never noticed. Even when she missed training on all three days not one of her teammates thought it strange that she wasn't around. By now she was long gone.

"SHE'S BEEN GONE FOR THREE DAYS AND NO ONE FOUND THIS ODD!" Tsunade shouted angrily at her team and a few others. Everyone remained quite and kept their eyes on the floor.

"It's not like she made her presence known! Half the time when I was around her I wasn't even aware she was there!" Naruto shouted. Tsunade growled quietly. This was another reason the Hyuuga girl left. Even the love of her life didn't notice her.

"You idiots! Go find her! Hopefully she's doubting her choice and is still with in fire country borders!" Tsunade slumped into her chair as team 8 and others darted out the door to begin their newly assigned mission. Though Tsunade was wrong. Hinata was out of the Fire Country, she had no destination in mind, she merely needed to get away. She was… bored… with Kohona. She needed a fresh start.

The water moved her hair in odd ways. She had been submerged for what felt like hours when in truth it had to have been only about two minutes. Her lungs felt like they were going to burst. She stayed under and looked up at the bright surface. She was mere inches from oxygen yet she willed herself to stay submerged. Another minute and she gave in and burst through the surface gasping for air. She pulled herself onto a rock and lay there breathing heavily.

Her body was cold. Her clothes now drenched. She felt relief. She stared up at the bright blue sky, and for once in her life, she felt…. Free. She no longer had boundaries, she no longer had anyone to listen to, it was just her, out on her own. She was in the wind country by now. She sat up and pulled her knees into her chest. A large sigh escaped her lungs. She got to her feet and walked to the bank.

Her feet made light squishing sounds as she stepped. She made a mental note to remove her sandals before jumping off a waterfall to relieve stress. Her clothes had begun to dry, thanks to the heat of the sun. She wasn't moving quickly because she wasn't in a hurry. She didn't care if anyone caught her. She simply didn't care anymore. She continued walking till the desert sands whipped through her hair.

Dehydration came quickly. The desert sun evaporating all water from her system. Her steps were heavy, her eyes were drooped, she dragged her feet along as she took step after step wishing she was back submerged under water. Mirages, she knew better than to fall for those natural genjutsus. She blinked tiredly as she watched two forms appear in the distance. They were coming towards her. Her mouth dry and doted with particles of sand. She was too exhausted to care. She collapsed. Finally giving into the darkness that was always there.