A sharp pain impacted her side snapping her from the darkness that was bliss. She groaned and rolled over on the soft grass. Her thoughts were spinning. Had everything been a dream. Perhaps she pass out while training. The sharp pain returned and the breath quickly retreated from her lungs. "Get up you foolish girl" a voice said. It was a cold harsh voice.

Hinata snapped her eyes open and scrambled away from the figure looming over her. She backed herself into a tree. A dark chuckle escaped another form that was located to her right. "Do you think we can use her to lure him out?" Hinata clenched her eyes shut and pulled her knees into her chest. Hopefully everything would disappear. Those eyes. She knew who that was. There was no mistaking it. He was Uchiha Itachi. The man who was after Naruto…

"It's possible" He said, Hinata looked up only to see his crimson eyes boring into her form. Normally one would be scared, but it wasn't fear that washed over... no… it was… excitement. She buried her head back in her knees to keep the strange men from seeing the smirk plastered on her lips. She knew for a fact that what ever was to happen next, would be far from boring.

"Girl. What's your name?" Itachi asked. Hinata removed the smirk and replaced it with a look of fear before looking up at him. Hinata would have made a good actor, if Itachi hadn't possessed the sharingan.

"I'm…. uh… Hinata Hyuuga…" She said quietly. Her eyes locked onto his. That was mistake number one. There's no escaping the sharingan. Her face turned emotionless, trying to hide herself from him. "W-what are you... going to do to me…" She practically whispered.

"That's not your concern at the moment" he answered. Hinata shot a glare that disappeared as quickly as it came. That was mistake number two. The sharingan doesn't miss small details that disappear quickly. The elder Uchiha glared down at the girl. It took less than a second before he had her by the neck pinned up against the tree.

Instinctively the young girls hands shot up to the wrist gripping her neck. She struggled for a moment to free herself until she felt the feeling again, the feeling of being under water, her lungs about to burst… it was… bliss. She closed her eyes as a slight smile crossed her face. Everything was interrupted as she hit the ground with a 'thud'.

Her eyes snapped over to Itachi's form as air refilled her lungs, she massaged her neck with one hand and pulled herself from the ground with the other. A curious nature filled her eyes as she stared at him. "W-why did… you… stop…" she asked shyly. Kisame gave her an odd look before glancing at Itachi.

Itachi stared blankly down at the Hyuuga. "You were… enjoying it." he said after a brief moment of thinking. Hinata blinked, before averting her gaze to the ground. Was she really enjoying the thought of her own death? Or perhaps it was merely the feeling over everything slipping way?

Hinata looked back up at Itachi before gazing to her surrounding. They were back in the fire county… had they really carried her all the way back here. She moved her foot slightly and heard it collide with something. Her gaze met the ground where there sat a bottle of what her presumed to be water. She looked back up at the Uchiha; he merely nodded in response, watching her closely.

She bent down and picked up the slender bottle before guzzling its contents with out a second thought. "What if that was poison?" Kisame asked her after she finished drinking. She glanced down at the empty bottle in her hand. Surprisingly she hadn't thought of the fact that it could be tainted with something. She licked a drop of water from her lips. Before looking up at the blue man.

"W-well… I suppose I'd be… dead…" She said softly before dropping the bottle to the ground. The more she thought about it, the more she knew it wouldn't be tainted with something. Earlier they had mentioned about using her.

"Do you not fear death?" Kisame asked after a few moments had passed. Hinata had never really thought about it. She'd come close to death before, during the Chuunin exams. Hinata thought about it momentarily to fear death would be the smart thing to do. It would keep one from taking risks… but to embrace it… that… is something all on it's own.

Hinata nodded slightly "Although the path I chose… was that of the… s-shinobi… to not fear death… t-t-that would be… s-s-suicide." Itachi stood still for a moment, thinking about what the girl had just said. He blinked before turning to walk away, Kisame followed.

She stood there just for a second while she thought more on the subject. She did something she never would have thought to do as she darted in front of the murderer and bowed at his feet. Her voice was not wavering or filled with any discourage. "Teach me your way of the ninja" She said proudly keeping her head down low.