Authors Note: The fog and it's power to destroy lovers is based on Orwell's book 1984 and the dreaded Room 101; where the torturers would finally break someone by forcing them to face their worst nightmare and be saved only be backstabbing someone else.

The fog was too thick for any of them to see through and many of the pirates called for Barbossa to stop the ship so that they could avoid any sharp rocks that could send the Pearl done to the depths of this cursed sea.

Barbossa obeyed them this time and the anchor was dropped and the Pearl was stopped just at the boundary of the fog.

"Barbossa! We need to find a way around this fog!" Will said, walking up to the man and acting as if he knew exactly what he was talking about. "It's too thick for us to properly see through it!"

"And what would ye have us do, Turner?" Barbossa asked, crossing his arms over his chest. "Do ye want me to turn this ship around and go back without dear old Jackie boy? Because that's the only way we can avoid this fog ye know! There aint no going around it!"

Frowning, Will gritted his teeth and fought the urge to yell at the once dead pirate captain.

"Well…What are we going to do then?" he demanded.

"We 'ave ta go through de fog, Turner." Tia said suddenly from behind him. "Go through an' pray dat ye an' de girl really love each otha like ye say ye do."

"What do you mean by that?" Will asked, thoroughly confused now as the crew soon crowded around to see what was going on.

"De fog…et challenges de 'earts o' lovas…."

"La Niebla de Cien Uno." Barbossa said with a nod.

"The Fog of One Hundred and One!" Gibbs gasped, all eyes turning to him now. "It's a fog what likes to destroy lovers! It makes each partner face their greatest fear with the option of either being destroyed by it, or let their lover be destroyed by it! From what I've heard…"

"No 'un 'as been able ta make et! They always betray their lovas an' they aint neva the same agin!" Pintel finished, earning a glare from Gibbs for telling the best part of his story.

"That's the second time you've done that!" he growled.


"Nonsense!" Elizabeth huffed, tossing her hair back a bit over her shoulder. "Will and I can make it through this fog without betraying each other easily!"

"Kin ye naow?" Tia asked, arching one eyebrow a bit as she gave Elizabeth an oily black smile. "Den I suppose we kin raise de anchor an' keep goin', aye?"

"But what about...?"

"The only hazard here is to any lovers on this ship, Turner." Barbossa said. "Other than that, the ship be safe from any rocks.

"Now may I please take back control of my ship and raise the anchor?" he added in faint annoyance.

Will nodded and Barbossa smiled and shouted out an order for the anchor to be raised once more.

"I don't see why we should worry." Elizabeth said, wrapping her arms around his middle tightly. "I love you and I highly doubt some bloody fog is going to change that!" she laughed.

Will gave her a weak smile and a nod.

"You're right." He agreed.

"I aint goin' ta betray yer, lad." Pintel promised softly, taking a firm hold of Ragetti's hand and giving it a tight squeeze. "Ye kin coun' on et!"

A weak smile came to Ragetti's lips as he nodded. He then hugged Pintel tightly, burying his face in his neck a bit as a shudder ran down his spine.

"I don' wan' ta betray yer either, Pint!" he said, doubt creeping at the back of his mind.

The Pearl was soon swallowed by the thick fog and soon the four trials would begin.