"It seems ye were right about those two, Tia." Barbossa noted with an arched eyebrow as the ship slid out of the fog and all of the trials were done and over with finally.

"I tol' ye, Barbossa." Tia said. "De liddle boy an' 'is woman ar' too differen' in personality ta be a true couple. She seems ta like a lo' o' differen' men an' 'e is too busy talkin' dey ears off!"

"Just like his father." Barbossa clarified, watching as Pintel raced down below to check on Ragetti.

"Precisely." Tia nodded as Elizabeth came out of the cabin.

The young woman was pale looking, hugging herself tightly as she walked over to the side to try and gather her thoughts and try to figure out everything that had happened to her while in the fog.

Would I have really sacrificed Will like that?

Then she thought about what she had done to Jack and she realized that the answer was a definite yes.

Will in the meanwhile sat up from lying on the ground and when he found that everything was perfectly normal, he blushed and went down into the bunks, preferring to be alone with his own miserable thoughts.

Do I really value my tongue over my own fiancé?

The answer of course was also yes.

Pintel found Ragetti sitting at the foot of the stairs, sobbing into his hands with his knees curled up against his chest.

"Rags?" he asked softly and the young man instantly got up and stumbled over to him, hugging him tightly as he buried his face into his chest, starting to cry anew now that his lover was with him.


"Rags, wot 'appened?" Pintel asked gently, hugging him tightly and rubbing his back in comfort.

"Tia…Tia wanted ta take yer eyes!" Ragetti wept. "She…She said tha' if'n I ga' 'er permission tha' she would take yer eyes an' then le' me 'ave me own back ta take care o' yer!"

"Aye?" Pintel asked gently, brushing his tears away with his neckerchief. "An' wot did ye tell 'er? Aye?"

"O' course no'!" Ragetti said with a slight frown standing up straight. "I tol' 'er tha' I loved yer ta much ta le' ye suffer fer me an' then she stabbed down an' then I opened me eye an' foun' tha' nuffin' 'appened!

"Was tha' from the fog?" he asked worriedly.

"I don' know." Pintel admitted. "Bu' I saw tha' all the people on this ship were cursed agin loik afore an' Barbossa said tha' the only cure was ta clit yer throat."


"Because I only pricked the tip o' yer finger rememba?" Pintel reminded him gently. "'e 'ad yer ready an' all!"

"Did ye do et?" Ragetti asked.

"Wot do ye fink?"


"AYE?! Wot the 'ell would make ye fink I would kill yer jus' ta 'elp meself?!" Pintel demanded.

"Because I would tell yer ta, Pintel." Ragetti explained softly. "I wouldn' wan' ye ta stay cursed jus' cause o' me!"

"Aye? Well I would gi' me eyes if'n ye go' back yer righ' 'un, Ragetti." Pintel swore.

"Truly?" Ragetti asked.

"Really an'…aw shite…"

Ragetti hugged Pintel tightly, giggling excitedly as he did so.

"Rags…Rags, pirates don' 'ug!" Pintel protested, but he did not need to for long as Ragetti let go and ran up onto the deck of the ship.

"Oy! Guess wot me mate jus' tol' me?!" he shouted out for everyone to hear. "Pinters said tha' 'e would…"

Pintel groaned and rolled his eyes, but he couldn't help but smile anyway as he went up afterwards, promptly declaring what Ragetti had offered to him as well.