The Vacation From Hell

By Aeris

Part Four


Do You Have a Reservation?

(scene: airplane. Cid's preparing for landing, everyone is strapped into their seats. Yuffie is conscious, but only seems to remember certain details of her… 'encounter.')

Yuffie: (blinks) "Why do I have a sudden urge to get TP?"

Sephiroth: (snickers)

Cid (intercom): "Yeah, $^&@!*, we're about to %^$#@ land, so hold onto your drawers…"

Aeris: (relaxes and holds Seph's arm) "Finally, we can start our vacation.."

Seph: (thinks) "Hmm."

Aeris: (looks up) "Huh? What's wrong?"

Seph: (snaps out of it) "Eh? Oh, nothing. Nothing's wrong. What could be wrong?"

Aeris: (furrows her brow) "I dunno. You just looked like something was bothering you."

Seph: (kisses her) "Nothing could possibly be wrong, I'm on a vacation with my flower girl. I was just thinking about what the hell that stupid Furby was doing on the plane."

Aeris: (smiles and kisses back) "Is that all? The little fuzzy thing is gone. Now we can focus on having a good time." (winks at him)

Seph: "Heheh." (grabs her and pulls her toward him) "You're right. This is going to be the best vacation we've ever had."

Yuffie: (clears her throat) "Can you hold off on the PDA?"

Seph and Aeris: (glare) "No."

Yuffie: (sweatdrop)

(the plane lands into Costa del Sol Intercontinental Airport. I'm going to skip the boring airport crap…Seph and Aeris get their bags, catch a cab, and go to the hotel. Now, we can go from there.)

Seph: (stands at the counter) "I'd like the keys to my room, please."

Person: "Do you have a reservation?"

Seph: "What? I don't need a reservation! I'm the Great Sephiroth!"

Person: "The Great who?"

Seph: "Sephiroth! General of SOLDIER! Most powerful man on the Planet!"

Person: "Doesn't ring a bell."

Seph: (pounds the desk) "Summoner of Meteor! Tried to destroy the Planet!!"

Person: (shakes head) "Nope, never heard of you."

Aeris: (steps up) "Have you been living under some really dense rock for the past 20 years??"

Person: "Actually, 30."

Seph: (growls) "Look, just give me the goddamn room!"

Person: "Do you have a reservation?"

Seph and Aeris: "NO!!"

Person: "All right then. That's all you had to say." (hands them the keycards to a suite)

Seph: "Hmph. Rock-dweller…"

Aeris: (holds his arm) "Let's go relax."

Seph: (grabs the suitcases) "Yeah."

(they go upstairs and into their room. FINALLY alone..)

AGH… this chapter was a bit short for even my tastes… ^^; Thanks to all who have read this fic in its short-lived time, and to all that continue to read it! Gokurousan!!

Coming up: Well, Sephy and Aeris are finally alone, in their hotel room…what do you think's gonna happen?

HAHA, you guessed wrong… chikans…. =P