Title: Just another gym

Notes: Yes, another rewrite. I am trying to improve my skills… sequel shall be written into this.

Disclaimer: Nintendo owns pokemon. I own what I make up.

Timeline: During Indigo League, pre-league battles, post- Sabrina's badge

Pairings: AAMRN, later there may be some unrequited Championshipping. Just to warn you. AAMRN starts next chapter.

Chapter 1: Heart's way

            A gloomy sky greeted three weary travelers as they walked through the limits of the small town of Chartreuse. Gray fogbanks in the sky threatened the sun with the possibility of destruction, while other bars of misty shadow obscured the moon.

            Pikachu was fast asleep in Ash's backpack.

            Ash smiled at the little pokemon. "You okay, girl?
            Pikachu nodded drowsily, before going back to sleep.

            "Hot showers tonight." Misty said. "After all of those freezing streams, it'll be wonderful…"

            Brock nodded. 'And not having to prepare food on the go for once."

            "I wonder if there's a pokemon center here?" Ash asked, when they were a few blocks in.

            There were a few apartment complexes, but about thirteen towering mansions dominated the rest of the town.

            "Wow…" Ash breathed.

            "Some people live high on the hog and no mistake." Misty muttered, partly in contempt.

            Brock was wondering if there were any beautiful maidens his age there. Oh, he really needed a girlfriend…

            Soon though, they stumbled upon a small pokemon center, so they healed their pokemon, availed themselves to the facilities, and slept well that night. The next day, Ash inquired if there was a gym there.

            Nurse Joy frowned slightly. "Well…there is the gym run by Hannah, but… Indigo doesn't recognize it usually."

            "'Usually'?" Misty questioned. "Is it like AJ in Viridian?"

            "Oh, no." Joy said. "The badges only count when her father bribes the Indigo Council enough."

            She clapped a hand over her mouth. "I shouldn't have said that.'

            "Hmm…" Ash said, frowning. "But…"

            Joy shook her head. "You can't fight her. She has to challenge you. And she has almost a hundred pokemon, all on high levels. Her father buys them from private trainers who spend years training each pokemon individually."
            "So she's no trainer?"

            "She goes by the book." Joy said, an expression, which meant one was like a textbook and did not expect surprises.

            "Hey, I'll fight her." Misty said. "Gym leader to Gym leader."

            "Are you sure?" Ash asked in some surprise.

            "Hey, if I can beat her, I hope you can too!" Misty taunted, pulling down her lower eyelid on the left side.

            Ash nodded. "Okay then! If you beat her."

            "Is she cute?" Brock asked hopefully.

            Joy sweatdropped, he had just kissed her hand and declared her the most beautiful woman on earth, and now he was switching?

            "She's only eight."

            A boulder landed on Brock's head as he cried waterfall tears.

            The group now split up. Brock went girl chasing, Misty to find Hannah, and Ash to an empty area to train his pokemon. Soon, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, and Pidgeotto, were all exercising, along with Ash himself, who was running laps to build up his endurance.

            "Now where would she be?" Misty asked, as she looked for a little girl. She noticed that the streets were quite empty.

            "Strange… reminds me of Dark City."

            A passing man looked at her suspiciously. "You a trainer from outside?"

            "Yes, why?"

            "You'd better watch out! If you lose to Hannah, she takes two of your pokemon as forfeit! That's why nobody fights her!"

            Togepi shivered in misty's arms.

            "Don't worry, nobody will hurt my little baby." Misty said confidently.

            "Just be careful, kid." The man warned.

            Brock bumped into a girl with blonde hair and purple eyes.

            "Hi!" She squealed. "I'm Stephanie! Look, I need your help!"

            "You do?" Brock asked in surprise.

            "Aren't you Brock Slate, the Pewter City gym leader?"

            "Why yes I am!" Brock said proudly, glad at the recognition.

            "Well, see…" She twiddled her fingers. "I've been trying to train this Graveler, but it doesn't like me and won't listen. Maybe you could give me some tips?"

            "Wow, I'd love to." Brock said wholeheartedly.

            "Great! Follow me to my house."

            Stephanie lived in one of the smaller mansions. She led Brock to the garden out back, where a Graveler sat forlornly on a stump.

            "K-chan, say hi to him for me." She begged.

            The Graveler did not turn around. Brock frowned.

            "What have you been feeding him?"

            "Oh! Well, I got him two weeks ago as a birthday present. The instructions said to give him water and fresh poke food, so that's what I've been doing."

            "Can I see?"

            Stephanie nodded and led Brock towards the small shed where she kept her pokemon supplies.

            "Aha!" Brock exclaimed. "No wonder! This is ground type poke food. Graveler's get tired of it quickly. Here, I'll mix something up."

            In a few moments, Brock was done, and Graveler was eating and in a much better mood, even smiling timidly at Stephanie.

            "Oh thank you!" Stephanie cried as she hugged Brock tightly.

            Brock blushed purple.

End Chapter!

Now, what about Ash and Misty now?

I finally gave Brock a girlfriend. I figured the poor guy already suffered through a lot in my fanfics… hehehe….

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