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Chapter 4: Bridge of Swords

            "Is that who I think it is?" Ash asked, as he and Misty hid behind a tree.

            "I think so." Misty said in shock. Lorelei, yes, Lorelei, her idol, was currently walking down the street without a care in the world, carrying a beach bag and obviously going to the beach about half a mile away.

            "Is she being followed?" Misty asked Togetic. The little pokemon shook her head as no.

            "So alone?"

            Charizard flew down and gave the five-mile confirmation. With that settled, Misty and Ash set off on their new mission. To somehow persuade the Elite four back to their side.

            They mounted Charizard and flew off, to lie in wait.

            Lance closed the lid on the large black mirror that sat on his desk. Lorelei… He crooned, using his psychic powers to find her. I have something new to tell you…

            Lorelei jumped at the voice in her head. * What? *

            They're going to attack you.

            She looked indignant. * Then what am I supposed to do?! *

            Defend yourself, of course. Then, when they want to negotiate, use the darts. It will be quick.

            Lorelei frowned slightly, but this was her mission, and she couldn't screw up. After all, Giovanni had already knocked off Surge, who had been loyal, and if her own allegiance was questioned, it was her head on the block next.

            When the trainer reached the beach, she found her way blocked by a Charizard.

            Ash and Misty jumped down. "Okay, Charizard, Fire Spin!"

            The area ringed with fire, trapping the three inside. Lorelei jumped, looking around nervously.

            "Don't worry, we won't-." Ash was cut off as Lorelei released Dewgong and Lapras to attack his Charizard. "Pikachu, Thunder!"

            Two poor pokes crumpled under the devastating move.

            Lorelei backed away. "Are you going to kill me now?" She asked, fearfully.

            "No, no!" Misty said, waving her hands. "We just want to talk!"


            "Look, I know you don't believe us." Ash said. "But we really just want to talk to you."

            "You're not convincing me." Lorelei said. "Considering that your Charizard has a grip on my neck and is not letting go…"

            Ash cleared his throat, and Charizard obligingly released the ice Elite.

            "Now." Misty said. "It'll only take a few minutes."

            Lorelei threw up her hands in exasperation. "What have I got to lose?" Her two pokemon had fainted, or so it seemed, so she followed them into a beach house nearby.

            "Nice place. You own it?"

            "Actually, renting for the weekend." Misty said sheepishly.

            Lorelei smiled. "Honeymoon, huh?"

            "Ack!" Ash said, flaming up. Misty coughed.

            "So shy." The ice trainer commented. "Now, what did you want to talk about?" She pulled a bottle of lemonade out of her backpack, popped the top off, and took a drink.

            "We want you to quit Team Rocket."

            Lorelei spit out a mouthful of soda. "It's my life on the line!"

            "It's ours too." Ash said truthfully. "But we haven't been caught yet."

            Lorelei sneezed. "Sorry. Allergies." * Of course they haven't been caught! Lance is in charge of that, and he has his own reasons. *

            "Giovanni isn't that interested in you. You're not much of a threat." She said truthfully.

            "Oh?" Misty looked surprised.

            "He just hates all rebellion. He wants to know why you alone, out of all the gym leaders, did not stay. It would have been a clean sweep if you had. That's his motive for killing you."

            "Why are you telling us this?" Ash broke in.

            "Well, I don't want to be killed by you either. So what other information do you want?" Lorelei said casually.

            Ash frowned. "Well… why did you join?"

            "I told you already. I didn't want to die. And Agatha is like my mother. I couldn't leave her either."

            Ash shut up after that.

            While the two discussed among themselves, Lorelei calmly took out the tranquilizers, took careful aim, and sent the two flying. Ash and Misty only felt little pricks in their arms before they fell asleep. The drug was extremely potent and fast acting.

            When Ash woke up, her and Misty were in a comfortable looking room, although locked. Lorelei was nowhere to be seen. Ash was also tied to a chair.

            "A trap?" Ash asked, stunned at his stupidity. "But I thought-."

            "You were very good." A voice said. "Very good. However…"

            Lance walked into the room, black cape fluttering after him. "You only checked from the air."

            "What does that mean?!"

            "It means." Lance said calmly. "That you didn't catch my dragon pokemon underwater or underground."

            Dragonite, Dragonair, another Dragonair, Aerodactyl and Gyarados… Ash winced as he remembered that they could travel through water as if through air, and some could tunnel.

            It was a bit too late for that though.

            "Working for Giovanni now?" Misty spat. "Are you going to kill us too?"
            Lance shook his head. "Now why would I do that?"

            "No? Then let us go!"

            "Oh, I couldn't do that. If I let both of you escape, it would be deliberate. And I don't like risking my neck, thank you. However, I can let one of you go.' Lance said. "Now, which one?"

            "Let her go." Ash said immediately.

            "No! Ash!" Misty shouted. "They'll just kill me as soon as I'm out the door!"

            "By no means." Lance purred smoothly. "I'm not that dishonorable." He pulled a dark blue compact mirror out of his cape, and tossed it to Ash casually. Ash immediately caught it.

            Inside, was a mirror, but the mirror did not show his face. Instead, he saw the room, as if looking from through a wall.

            "Magic? That would explain a lot…"

            "I'm not lying to you now… I'll let her go, and you can watch her in that mirror. It doesn't lie. I just want one little thing from you…"

            Ash frowned, not liking the situation, but he waited patiently for Lance to finish.

End Chapter!
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