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Chapter 4

Ash almost – almost purred, but he was strangely reluctant to break the kiss. Finally though, Lance drew back and Ash stared at him, eyes slightly glazed.

"Did you enjoy that?" Lance asked.

Ash nodded, the haze finally lifting from his mind as he realized what they had just done. He colored brightly, and looked down. Without a word, they flew onwards, and a few minutes later, touched down in front of the Mossdeep Pokemon Center.

"I will see you again some other time, Ash." Lance told him. "I have to head back to Indigo Plateau now."

"All right. Thanks a lot for the ride, Lance!" Ash chirped. Brock and the others waved as Lance flew off, before they walked into the Pokemon Center.

"Ash, did anything happen? You look a bit red."

Ash shook his head. "Nothing!" He blurted out quickly. Brock narrowed his eyes, deciding to pry later. Surely…

No, surely not. He was jumping at shadows now, wasn't he? The two Orbs were gone, and everything would be fine.

Lance swept into Indigo Plateau, slanting a sideways glance at Bruno, before he noticed Agatha and Lorelei waiting in his office, their expressions tight.

"No need for the subterfuge now, Kanna, Kikuko." He smirked. "Though I must say, I much prefer you like this."

"Thank goodness. I was getting quite tired of it." Lorelei said, as she slid the silicone falsies off. "Now I need to go rinse this ugly hair dye out."

Agatha laughed. "So how did you remember?"

"The Blue Orb."

"… You absorbed it? Are you all right now?" Lorelei checked her cousin up and down, before she laughed. "Silly question. Obviously from your hair and eyes, I can draw the conclusion."

"Mm." Lance grinned. "So now we are free…"

"Not quite free, but certainly more suited to this place." Agatha's voice was slightly sharper, and her hair was paler, but only one who knew her well would grasp those details.

Ash did not sleep well that night. He got the full eight hours, but his dreams were full of conflicting emotion, and he woke up gasping for breath.

Are you all right? Pikachu asked curiously.

"I think so." Ash blushed.

Pikachu shocked him lightly. Then what's wrong?

"I think I miss Lance. But it hasn't even been a day since I last saw him!"

Pikachu burst out into shrill laughter. You like him?

"He did kiss me." Ash murmured.

Aww… Pikachu flipped his ears with a grin. Then why don't you mate him?

Ash blinked. "Mate him?"

Isn't that what you want to do?

For a few moments, Ash was silent. Pikachu was wondering if he'd offended his trainer, when Ash whispered "But I don't know what to do."

Pikachu stared at Ash. Ash might be young for a human, but he had been growing steadily older, and if he were a pokemon, he would be quite old already. What?

"Um… I don't know what to do."

Pikachu's cheeks sparked. No one ever taught you? What about your mother?

Ash shrugged. "I'm never at home, Pikachu."

Well, the electric mouse had no course to argue that point. But I thought… you and Misty never…

"No! No!" Ash waved his hands frantically in denial. "Of course not! Besides, she didn't like me that way…"

Pikachu decided Ash's education could wait another night while they focused on the topic at hand. Well…

"Can you tell me what it's about? I asked Brock, but he just gave me this magazine of pictures with pretty girls."

Pikachu frowned. I'm not sure if humans mate the same way Pikachus do, but I guess I can help…

After about half an hour, Ash was bright red in the face as Pikachu helpfully enlightened him on the wonders of sex. He was starting to wish that he had never asked.

So! Pikachu winked. Now you know!

Ash nodded mutely. Yes, he did, and more than he had ever wanted to know! Still, it did sound intriguing, though it would probably hurt.

Of course it doesn't hurt, silly Ash! Well, only a little bit at the beginning. Pikachu said wisely. Now I'm going to go get a snack.

He hopped off the bed and went downstairs to find Nurse Joy while Ash went to take a long, cold shower.

That might help.

When he returned downstairs, he found that Brock was off talking to a pretty girl who, for once, was not turning him down, and May and Max were grooming her pokemon, Beautifly and Skitty respectively.

Ash told them that he was going to check out the Space Center, and they nodded. After the exciting day, May did not feel up to more adventuring, but Ash could obviously recover quickly from exhaustion and injuries. He and Pikachu set off for the Space Center, whistling cheerfully.

The exhibits were all very interesting, and he enjoyed looking at the pretty moonstones. There was even a model of the latest rocket, and he was feeling quite cheerful when he heard two voices he had hoped not to hear for a while.

"Prepare for Trouble!"

"And make it Double!"

"Team Rocket, I really don't have time for this." Ash murmured, but of course, they were not quite in the mood to listen to reason. Before he knew what was going on, he was encased in some fast-drying glue and Team Rocket had run off with Pikachu.

By the time the police were notified, he was not the only trainer gummed up and missing his pokemon. Not just Pikachu, but the whole lot of them! Needless to say, Lance's return to the Plateau was abruptly cut short, and he was back in Mossdeep not an hour later, looking not quite awake.

Ash flushed, and wondered, as he stared at Lance, who was talking to Officer Jenny in hushed tones, if Pikachu was right.

End Chapter

Completed 8/22/06

Yeah, this fic is kind of more Lance-centric, but since Red got the spotlight in all my recent drabbles, it's time for Lance to shine some more.

Isn't it fun when pokemon try to help?

I finally came up with a somewhat satisfactory answer to why Lance is in Houen and not Steven. Perhaps it's so that evil teams don't recognize him? Of course, then Steven should probably be off working in Kanto or something…

The idea of Pikachu teaching sex education just cracks me up!