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Chapter 7

"I don't understand why I like you." Ash said honestly. Lance shrugged as he flicked his fingers and Dragonite returned to his poke ball, leaving them in front of Indigo Plateau.

"So you still haven't remembered? That's a pity, but I suppose I cannot explain why I like you either."

Ash's jaw dropped, having not expected such an honest answer.

"I mean, you are very adorable, but at the same time, you keep messing up my investigations…" Lance grinned, tapping Ash on the nose.

Ash paled. "Ah…"

"Perhaps we should continue this discussion inside." Lance said, and turned, cape swirling behind him. Ash stared, mesmerized, until he noticed that Lance was walking down a long hallway and ran to keep up. Moments later, they stopped in front of a door with dragons carved into it. Lance smiled as he whispered several worlds in a language Ash didn't understand, though the door swung open right afterwards.

Inside, everything was done in dark colors, but Ash found that he rather liked it. It was soothing. Lance flicked his fingers again and the furniture shifted – Ash decided it was very sophisticated technology – and they sat down at opposite sides of a table, while a girl in the black and white uniform of a maid came in with tea and biscuits.

Lance had servants?

"So," Lance said, smiling, "Why don't you try those? They're not poisoned."

Ash flushed and reached for a chocolate-coated one. It was very good, filled inside with some sort of hazelnut paste, and he took another one as he tried to clear his mind and focus on what Lance was talking about. His vision seemed to be wavering in and out though, and all of a sudden, something clicked.

The physical changes were evident at once, of course, as his eyes glittered crimson. He finished the biscuit and then grinned across the table.



"Hi Charlotte!" He waved. The maid grinned back, before her outfit faded into a black and white schoolgirl's uniform.

"So you remember!"

"Of course I do! What did you put in those cookies, Lance?"

"Me? Why I never. I didn't doctor anything. Did you, Charlotte?"

"Only a little!"

"Well, whatever it was it worked." Red leaned backwards, before he frowned. "What am I wearing?"

"What Ash wears, I gather."

"Ugh. Sometimes I hate being him, I really do." For a moment, his form shimmered, and then the wings appeared, gold and black, trailing down to golden-black armor for Destiny. Destiny hugged Lance, before the clothing shifted yet again, leaving a placid boy with long white hair in a white robe and sea-green eyes standing there.

"I see you are awake as well, Hope."

"We all are. Red is often close to our final form."

"Yes, I rather gathered that…"

"No danger this life, either? Serebii is being quite generous."

"Perhaps she has realized her mistakes."

"But you absorbed the Blue Orb, Lance. Are you sure you're all right? It's not one of your Guardian elements."

Lance smirked. "I'm fine now. Apparently Groudon was close enough to Dragon for the influence to drain out over time."

"Thank Lugia for that…"

"I know." Charlotte shrugged. "It's nice not having to die for once."

The three of them sat there around the table, having tea and cookies, and the universe was at peace.

For now…


Completed 8/22/06

Yes, quick ending! I figure that once they get together I can wind the fic down…

Red: You're so lazy!
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