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Tidus couldn't believe it, oh how his Yuna changed had so much. Too many thoughts were racing through his head as he watched her help Lulu with their new born baby girl. She looked back at him, perhaps making sure this all wasn't a dream; to make sure he didn't fade away from her grasp again. Their eyes caught and Tidus flashed her his award winning smile. Yuna's face flushed every time he looked at her like.

"This has to be a dream!" Yuna thought to herself as she handed Lulu a warm baby blanket. She wanted to go spend as much time with Tidus but didn't want to turn Lulu down when she asked for help. After all, Tidus has been here for three days. Her eyes caught him again.. that smile.. Yuna flashed him back a smile, but this one was different. It wasn't like the ones she flashed him whilst he was her guardian; it was more devious. She sighed with relief inwardly as Lulu gave her permission to leave. A smile creeping upon her lips. ⌠ I think I'll go for a walk. ⌠ She said to Lulu as she turned slowly and began to walk out of the small hut Lulu and Wakka called him.

"With Tidus I presume?" Lulu asked her as she watched the girl. Yuna stopped and looked back at Lulu. She smiled and her eyes brightened. She nodded.

"We have so much catching up to do! I want to fill him in on everything! From the Gullwings to Bevelle to-- " Yuna was cut off by Lulu as she chuckled.

" You don't have to tell me what you want to talk about, please try to be safe and be back before dark. " Yuna smiled at her former guardian's concern. She always felt as if Lulu was like a mother to her; Lulu played the role accordingly. Yuna continued walking out of the hut and made her way over to Tidus. She passed Rikku who was arguing in Al Bhed with Brother, she giggled as she picked up a few words. She assumed the argument was over who had to sleep in the ship and who got to sleep in the small village of Besaid Island. She finally stopped when she was in front of Tidus. She looked up at the blond boy and smiled. " Would you like to go for a walk with me? There's so much I want to tell you... and ask you as well." She said as she began to walk towards the exit of the village. She wasn't really giving him a choice on whether or not to go with her.

Tidus watched her and chuckled, a boyish grin appearing over his face. He nodded his head. " I love to hear about everything that has happened while I was gone. " He said as he caught up with her and walked beside her. Yuna's face cringed at the words "while I was gone" she hated even thinking about it. She allowed her thoughts to trail off and a few tears stung her eyes. She shook her head subtly and ignored her horrid feelings. She looked over at him and smiled.

" Well" She began as she reached her arms up and put her hands behind her head. " I'm not a Summoner anymore." She said as she giggled, clearly stating the obvious. Tidus looked at her with amusement. He did notice her new set of clothing and honestly, he couldn't complain.

"I noticed that, you're a Gunner now. I didn't think my little Yuna could even hold up a gun." He said jokingly and added a little laughter after that. Yuna looked at him half pouting half smiling. She punched him in the arm softly.

"I've changed a lot...I have you to thank for that." She said as she looked up at the sky and over to him.
"You do?" His sky blue eyes looked down at her in confusion. "But I wasn't really here to influence you.. " His voice trailed off as he saw a sort of hurt in Yuna's face. He hated bringing up that he was gone.. away from her. He wanted to bring Yuna every emotion.. except sadness, and that's what he caused her to feel the longest. Yuna took a deep breath and shook her head.

" That's why.. you see I wanted to be strong.. and keep on looking for you.. and through that time.. it really made me mature." She wouldn't really say mature.. more bolder. Tidus nodded his head as he understood her.

"So this is a new Yuna I've been spending my days with?" He said as he chuckled. Yuna looked up at him beaming.

"New and improved!" She said as she held up a fist. Tidus chuckled and grabbed her hand bringing it down to her side and holding it.

" You didn't change on the inside too much did you?" He said as he looked at her with concern. She looked down at their hands and back to him. Did I change on the inside? .. No I couldn't have.. I still have the same ambitions.. goals.. and feelings for Tidus. She shook her head.

" Just maybe on the outside." She stated as she intertwined her fingers with his. No words had to be said about their relationship. Everyone knew they were madly in love and everyone accepted it, even Khimari.