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Yuna woke up about an hour later, worried that she was having another dream. She found herself resting in a sleeping Tidus's arms. She sighed with relief and watching him sleep. She watched as his chest rose up and down with every single breath he took. She reached a hand up and removed a single blond silky strand from his perfect face. She admired everything about him, and she was even more excited about the fact they actually told each other they loved each other! She was a little disappointed at how nonchalantly it was said. She knew though, that they both knew they loved each other far too long ago. She reached a soft pale hand up and caressed his cheek softly. She loved the way his skin felt, she loved everything about him.

"Why are you still awake? " He said as his eyes opened up, looking at her groggily. Yuna jumped slightly and removed her hand.

" I just woke up… " She said as she frowned a bit. " Sorry if I woke you? " He smiled a bit and shook his head.

" I haven't really slept, I've been watching you. " He leaned up. " What was your dream about? " He said as he stared into her eyes; he was really worried about her. She shook her head, not want to remember it.

" You just… left me." She held back tears… she told him she was a stronger woman, and all he had seen was her crying and terrified of a dream. He nodded his head and leaned down and kissed her cheek.

" Well stop having dreams like that, okay? I'm not going anywhere, not again, not ever. That's a promise. " Yuna looked up at him, "what if" kept popping into her head but she shook them off. She smiled a bit and nodded in agreement.

" Did we really say it? "

" Say what? " He said as he looked confused.

" … You know… it. "

" Oh, love? " He smiled and nodded. He wrapped his arms around her. " Yuna, I love you and always have. Ever since I laid my eyes on you. You're like an angel, and an angel is hard to come across. " Yuna's face flushed followed by a giggle. She wrapped her arms around him and looked at him. His eyes were so welcoming, she couldn't tear her look from him. " Yuna… it's amazing at how much you've changed. But I don't think you could change enough to make me not love you. " He said as he smiled boyishly. Yuna's BI-colored eyes lit up as she leaned forward and planted her lips softly against his coarse chapped lips. Rikku taught her that move. Tidus's eyes widened at Yuna's actions, the last time they had kissed it was in Macalania and he had almost forgotten it. He closed his eyes and returned her kiss. Yuna's eyes closed as well as she laid back down, pulling Tidus down on top of her.

Their kiss lasted for what seemed like decades, they finally pulled away, both gasping for air. "Yuna… you don't fail to surprise me. " He said as he finally caught his breath and kissed her cheek. Yuna smiled up at him.

" Well… I had a lot of time to think about these things… and Rikku helped me out a little. " He chuckled, he really always thought of Rikku as a child and couldn't think of her knowing anything about the adult world.

" I guess Rikku taught you well. " And dominance, he chuckled inwardly and looked down at her. Yuna wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him back down for another kiss; Tidus quickly complied. They continued kissing, taking breaths in between their heavy breathing, both felt as if they were in heaven. Tidus finally sat up and looked down at her, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. "I thought nighttime was suppose to be cooler than day time. " Yuna giggled and agreed.

"My clothes are soaking wet nearly. " She said as she looked down at her white top that was sticking to her skin. Tidus got off from on top of her, feeling he was making her too hot. Yuna sat up confused and looked at him. " Why did you do that? " She asked him.

"I'm the one making you hot… " He said as he pointed to her shirt then looked up at her. She giggled and nodded.

" That isn't a bad thing. " She said as she kissed him again. Tidus really loved the new Yuna… she wasn't holding anything back. He kissed her back. He reached a hand up and ran his fingers through her soft silky hair. Yuna then pulled away and looked at him. "Tidus, I want you to take me. " He looked at her.

" Take you where? " He said as he looked around for his shoes. Yuna giggled and her face slightly turned red, she wasn't expecting she'd have to explain to him what she meant.

" No not like… somewhere..." Tidus looked down at her. It took a few seconds for him to realize what she meant and he couldn't help but gasp.

" Yuna… I don't know… " Yuna looked at him with disappointment in her eyes.

" Why not? I thought you loved me… we love each other… and people in love do that. " She nodded to herself in reassurance.

" Yuna… I… " He looked into her eyes. He was touched that Yuna wanted to do the one thing that would bond them together forever. The High Priestess that defeated Sin wanted to give herself up to him, a simple Blitz ball player from Zanarkand. Yuna put her finger up to his lips. She then slid off of the bed and stood in front of it. She stood where she was for a few seconds but quickly began to do something for she knew Tidus would stop her or say something. She reached up to her neck and unbuttoned the pink hood that hung around her neck. Once it was unbuttoned she let it fall to the ground. She reached down and unhooked the patch that hung around her waist and sat it on the ground. She looked back at Tidus who was watching her, she could tell his expression was full of tons of different emotions. She smiled and began to pull off her shirt. She pulled it slowly past her belly button then up further, revealing her slim stomach and creamy skin. She pulled the white shirt up over her head revealing two perky cream colored breasts. She heard Tidus gulp and couldn't help but feel slightly nervous. She shook it off… come on Yuna… It's for Tidus, the man you love. She nodded her head and moved down to her shorts. She began to slowly unbutton them then followed by the zipper they were off next to her shirt.

Tidus took all of her in, there was Yuna, the girl of his dreams standing in front of him naked. He took a big air of breath, wanting to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. His eyes roamed her body up and down, everything about it was perfect. He could tell Yuna was nervous and try to hide it. He gulped down nothing and slid off the small bed, standing in front of Yuna. He smiled and kissed her.

Yuna watched as he made his way to her, she sighed with relief inwardly that he didn't just grab her and do what he wanted, instead he kissed her ever so tenderly. Yuna kissed him back, placing her hands on his shoulders. Their kisses seemed to never end, that's why she loved them so much. Tidus pulled away and looked into Yuna's beautiful eyes and smiled. "I want to get married to you Yuna, and have children with you, I want to grow old with you and die in your arms. " Everything was pouring out, before he met Yuna he would have never been the sap he was. He was the hottest Blitz ball star and had any woman he wanted. But now he had Yuna, someone he really loved and wanted to be with, and she felt the same way in return. He watched as tears stained Yuna's flushed cheeks, he reached his thumbs up and wiped them away and kissed her once more before picking her up and laying her down on the bed. He sat down beside her. " I have to ask you once again… do you really want this? "

" Of course I do Tidus. I always have. " She said as she sat up and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. He looked down at her hands, he smiled a bit and lifted his shirt over his head with her help. Yuna admire his upper body. He was so toned from a lifetime of Blitz ball. She watched as he stood up to unbutton his pants and let them fall to the floor. Yuna's eyes trailed down his chest, to his perfect abs, down to his… she gasped when she saw how big he was. She looked up at him and he was busy taking off his chain necklace and sitting it on the table to notice her expression. Once it was off and on the table he sat back down on the bed. He looked at her.

"Are you okay? " He asked her as he saw her expression. She gulped and nodded. She reached forward and grabbed his arms and pulled him on top of her, leaning back until she was lying down. She kissed him to hide her nervousness.

Tidus quickly kissed her back and couldn't help but let his arms roam her body. His coarse hands made contact with her soft silky skin. His hands found her breast and began to grope them lightly. Soft moans and sounds escaped Yuna's mouth every time he did. He pulled away from their kiss and began to plant light kisses on her neck as his hand paid more attention to her breast.

Yuna closed her eyes as Tidus touched and kissed her body. Past her nervousness she felt eternal bliss as he moved. She arched her back a little enjoying the feeling. Yuna wrapped her arms around him and ran her fingers through his silky blond hair, tugging on it slightly.

Tidus looked up at her and couldn't help but grin. He moved down and took one of her nipples in to his mouth and licked and nipped at it slightly. The cause of this was another moan escaping his lover's mouth, slightly louder than the last. He moved over to the other while his hand groped the breast his mouth was just on. Tidus left a few love marks on her skin and moved back up to kiss her once again. Yuna quickly kissed him back, he could tell she was caught up in the moment of it all. His hand roamed down past her belly button and in between her legs. He assumed no other person had ever even gotten near down there. He let his fingers brush over her and her whole body shuddered. He let his fingers massage her clitoris for a few making her wet and louder moans escape through their kisses. Once she was wet enough he inserted a single finger. He groaned at how tight she felt. He pulled away from the kiss and moved back to her neck and feathered kisses all over it. He began to pump his finger inside and out of her while Yuna squirmed underneath him with ecstasy. Once she was even wetter he inserted another finger, he heard Yuna groan in slight pain but soon changed to pleasure. He let his thumb massage her clitoris as he continued pumping his fingers inside and out of her.

Yuna's eyes closed shut as closed as they could possibly be as a wave of… something came over her. Something she had never felt before in her life. Her breathing was ragged and she could feel him taking his fingers out of her. As vile as it all sounded to her, she enjoyed it. She slowly opened her eyes, still in sweet bliss and saw Tidus on top of her looking down at her.

"Are you ready?" He asked her. She smiled contently and nodded. " … This is going to hurt, okay? " Yuna's smile stayed and she nodded. Tidus raised an eyebrow… she must be in another world. He shook his head and positioned himself perfectly as he spreaded Yuna's legs slightly further apart. He leaned down and kissed her. Once she kissed him back he pushed his member into her, he felt her muscles tense all around him and he tried so hard not to cum too early.

Yuna's eyes shot wide open as she felt him. She felt as if she was being ripped apart. She cried out in pain, but her cries were muffled by kisses, now she knew why he kissed her. She dug her nails into Tidus's back as she tried to shift in any way to get comfortable. Tidus pulled away once he was fully inside her. " Just tell me when you're ready to go on, okay? " Yuna looked at him, you must be strong Yuna.

" I-it's okay. " She said as she smiled a little. He blinked in confusion but was in no room to say no. He nodded and began to slowly move in and out of her.

The pain would increase as he moved back into her and decrease when he slowly pulled out of her. Soon enough after a few minutes it was barely there. She watched as beads of sweat dripped from Tidus's forehead as he tried to concentrate. She put her hands on his upper arms and closed her eyes as the same feeling as before began to creep up on her. She bit her bottom lip as he sped up his pace everything was now pleasurable. She began to breathe heavily along with Tidus. Soon before she knew that feeling came again, she opened her eyes and saw Tidus breathing heavier than before and he groaned as he came. Spilling his seed deep inside Yuna, never to regret it. He leaned down and kissed Yuna on the lips then pulled out of her and laid beside her. He looked at her.

Yuna smiled at her lover. She did it, they made love. She never regretted a thing. " I love you. " She said in short breaths. Tidus smiled and kissed the tip of her nose.

" I love you too Yuna. " He said as he wrapped his arms around her and they both fell asleep.