Twenty-seven boxes

Lorelei's POV

There was only ever one Dean box. Filled with pictures and gifts from their time as a couple. It was tucked away in Rory's cupboard and hardly ever opened. The masking tape sealed securely over the top as it lay, gathering dust in the vast regions of the Gilmore closet. Dean was sweet, and he was Rory's first everything. But he was too clingy, and when the time came to commit, he just couldn't do it.

Logan didn't have a box. Really the only thing to go in it would be an article or two and an unused Berken bag. Besides, if Rory added something to it every time the couple broke up because he cheated on her, Rory would be adding to it every other week. I never did like that Yale loser.

Twenty- seven boxes lay scattered on the bottom of my daughter's floor. Some filled with books and some with CD's. Another held a green bridesmaid dress and an outgrown Chilton uniform in it that looked like it had some kind of hotdog sauce on it. Rory hadn't bothered to use tape on these one's, she opened them every night and cried herself to sleep over them. I know the owner of this box is the right one for her. I may have not known it in the beginning, but I know now. When Babette and Miss Patty ask me why I think he's the right one for Rory all I'll say is this…

" There are twenty-seven Jess boxes-that's how I know."