Summary: (Fullmetal Alchemist/ Naruto crossover) Ed and Al tried to resurrect their Mother but something went wrong. Not only did they fail, their bodies paying the price, but they are no longer in Amestris. They are in a world where all the natural rules aren't always obeyed...

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I'm going to be taking aspects of the anime and the manga from FMA and I'll be using the manga for Naruto. The timelines are pre-canon for FMA and just after Tsunade becomes Hokage for Naruto.

All the spoken words before the world change are from the FMA manga.

Things to know about my writing: I'm a slow updater. I update this fic once a month, and I average about 2,500 words a chapter so if that's too long a wait for not a lot to read, it's probably not a good thing to read this fic. In this fic I'm going to be focusing on the interactions the characters have with each other so don't expect a lot of action in it; there's a reason why its genre is general. And things move very slowly too from chapter to chapter.


Fullmetal Ninja

By Dark Ice Dragon

When Things go Wrong

Ed dotted the last full stop with unneeded flourish. He held up the piece of paper and checked through the calculations.

"Done!" he said triumphantly, pleased that all the hard work had finally paid off. Just to make sure, he murmured out loud what he and his brother, Al, had worked out together. "Thirty-five litres of water, twenty kilos of carbon, four litres of ammonia, and one-and-a-half kilos of lime. Phosphorus: 800 grams. Salt: 250 grams. Sulphur: 100 grams. Magnesium: eighty grams. Manganese: one-and-a-half grams. Iron: five grams. Silicon: three grams…"


The Elric brothers moved around their laboratory with practiced ease. It was filled with bubbling test-tubes, beakers and vials among other things that they would use soon. The ceiling was masked by the smoke that was coming from their instruments - it was also a discoloured yellow from it reacting to the chemicals within the smoke.

"Ah! Hot hot!" Al yelped as he held the boiling pan with a kitchen cloth, the heat still passing through it with little difficulty.

"Careful," Ed scolded him lightly. "That's gonna be part of our Mum." He himself was holding a tray with various cans and jars in it, each filled with something different.

"Hee hee," Al giggled. "What should we say to her first when we see her?" he asked, turning to his brother.

Ed grinned back at him. "Isn't it obvious? 'Don't tell our Master!'"

Al laughed and Ed joined him. They two talked towards the very large tin basin in the centre of the room; they emptied the contents of what they were holding into it.

Then they set straight back to work again, drawing the transmutation circle around it.


As they finished and were putting the final touches to the transmutation circle, Ed muttered quietly, "The Alchemy circle…" He took it out a pocket knife from his pocket and cut the tip of his left index finger. Ed watched as the blood welled from the cut and started to trail down his finger. He handed Al the knife as he watched the blood being on the verge of dripping off of the digit.

"And…" At the same time, they held out their hands and let several drops fall on to the mass that would soon be their Mother. "For the soul."

The two knelt down and placed their hands gently on the outer border, making sure that they didn't smudge the chalk, of course. They shuffled a bit for a minute to make sure that they were comfortable and to just triple-check everything that they'd done again. They then looked at each other in anticipation.

"Here it goes, Al."

Al nodded. "Yup."

They closed their eyes and concentrated. They felt the familiar tingle of Alchemy running down their arms and onto the transmutation circle. They could still see the bright sparks of the reaction even through their closed eyelids.

There was a much bigger and longer spark that didn't die as fast as the ones before. The two opened their eyes, wanting to see their Mother appearing, knowing that this would be the moment that it would happen. Light crested along the lines that they had drawn as the mass in the basin rose up, starting from the centre. A large Alchemic reaction burst up from the mass and crashed into the ceiling. It left a burnt smell in its wake, parts of paint and plaster raining down softly afterwards.

They grinned, waiting. The 'lightning strikes' grew in their ferocity; its reach getting closer and closer to the brothers with each strike. The rattling of the beakers and test-tubes grew louder and some smashed for seemingly no apparent reason. Ed and Al felt the wind that was coming from the reaction grow stronger. A lot stronger from what they were used to feeling normally.

Ed's smile faded, sensing something was wrong. He looked around warily, his hair whipping around in the wind.

"Big brother," Al said, a tinge of fear in his voice. "Something is wrong…" He screamed suddenly, the abrupt sound echoing around the room, louder than everything else. Al lifted up his left arm where his wrist was disappearing under the second part of transmutation: deconstruction. However, there was no blood - it was just breaking up and disappearing before their eyes.

Ed yelled out his brother's name frantically. "Al!" He felt something at his leg, a weird sensation that he'd never felt before. Staring down at it, he saw that the same was happening to himself. 'It's a rebound!' he realised in horror.

"Big brother!" Ed heard his brother scream out again. His brotherly instincts overrode his other thoughts and feelings and he reached out, trying to grab Al's stretched-out hand, both with tears in their eyes. Both of their arms shook from the exertion and fear.

'No…' Suddenly, he was in an empty white space. A large empty white space; he couldn't even see any walls anywhere near him. Looking up, he couldn't see anything apart from that same white but there was nothing there that suggested that it was physically there and not just a huge expanse.

A dream? he wondered. He looked around, seeing a floating… slab that was decorated with a strange-looking tree behind him.

"Al?" His voice echoed slightly in the area. "What the – What was I doing…?" he asked out aloud.

-'Hey.'- Ed froze. That wasn't his thoughts; it didn't sound like his 'inner voice'. His head whirled around, searching for the source of the 'voice'.

"Who is it?" he demanded.

-'Herehere,'- was the playful reply. –'I'm right here in front of you.'-

"Where…" Ed began to ask but trailed off. There was a humanoid figure sitting casually on the floor. It had a shadow underneath it but… there were no features. It was blank: no clothes, skin, or face. There was only an aura surrounding it (?) so that Ed could tell it from the landscape.

"Who are you?" Ed asked curiously. He had been doing something. But what? He knew that it was important but he couldn't remember for some reason. He had been reaching out for a reason.

-'Ah, thanks for asking!'- it said cheerily, raising a hand. -'I'm what you humans refer to as the world. Also known as the "universe" or "God" or "True Knowledge" or "all" or "one".'-

Ed started at the names. The entity continued before Ed completely registered the implications. –'And…'- -it pointed a finger at Ed- -'I'm you!'-


An ominous creak behind Ed. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle at the sound and he didn't turn, knowing that it was the slab but not wanting to know how it was opening without hinges (and hanging in midair).

Ed yelled out as black hands reached out - ttoomuch!- and grabbed at his shoulders and head. The arms wound completely around his torso and yanked him off of his feet. They were soon all over his body, making sure that he couldn't escape but he still struggled against them as hard as he could.

-'Be quiet,'- the entity said scornfully. –'Isn't this what you wanted?'-

The arms pulled him towards the door further and finally, into it. Even as he resisted, the door began to close in front of him. Just before the door closed completely, Ed heard the voice again.

-'I'll show you "True Knowledge".'-

'What the hell is this?' Images. So many images. Voices murmured and screamed at the same time, attached to the pictures as they flashed by. 'Stop!' he pleaded to no-one. 'My head's gonna explode!' They wouldn't stop coming. If anything else, they came faster. He couldn't distinguish what the words were saying, nor what he was seeing. All he could do was watch as everything sped by, his head feeling like it was going to be crushed as his senses were being overloaded. 'I'm gonna mutilated! No, please stop!'

Just as he thought that, Ed saw a silhouette. A familiar one that he had longed to see once more. He tried to reach her, as did she.

Suddenly Ed found himself sprawled out, supine, in a lush green forest. He gasped, noticing how he no longer could feel his left foot and the immense pain that he was feeling because of it. It wasn't just because of that, but because it felt like he had fallen from about six foot up straight onto his stomach (thank you Teacher for that lesson) so he had no air in his lungs to scream no matter how much he wanted to. In the back of his mind, he heard a muffled 'boom'.

Slowly turning his head to look the other way, Ed was relieved to see that Al was beside him, unconscious. That was his last thought before the world around him whited out.


"And and! I used my new ultimate move, the Rasengan, and it was awesome!" Naruto said excitedly, telling Iruka what had happened when he and Jiraiya had gone to get Tsunade.

Iruka smiled gently at his former student's antics. The smile froze as he sensed something. It was just a flicker of chakra in the far distance before it was gone.

Naruto peered up at him, noticing his teacher's sudden distraction. "Eh? What's wrong?"

Frowning thoughtfully, Iruka fished into one of his pockets and paid for his and Naruto's bill. He thought he did anyway – if he gave too much, that would give Naruto some free ramen for a while and if he gave too little, Teuchi would tell him the next time he came around.

"I need to check on something," Iruka said quietly as he stood up. He didn't know why he was going to see the Hokage –undoubtedly, she had already sensed what he had- but it worried him.

It wasn't a signature that he recognised but from that brief spark that he had felt, he knew that it wasn't human. And it was old. Powerful.

Analysing further, he realised that he had felt something to it some twelve years before. But this was different. He was wasting too much time think it over, he berated himself when he tried to think why it was different. He needed to go now.

He headed straight for the Hokage's office.


Tsunade walked slowly to her office, what she had seen troubling her - that Lee boy giving her the most to think about. She stopped, a frown marring her youthful features.

She looked over her shoulder. 'What…?' Within seconds, she was surrounded by a number of Jounin, Chuunin and ANBU. They had sensed it too and went straight to her, awaiting her orders.

Scanning around her, Tsunade picked out five ANBU and barked out their names. They stood up straighter, waiting for her command. "Go to the site where the chakra flare was last felt - report back what you find." She gazed at each one in turn. "I don't have to tell you to be careful."

The five nodded curtly. They then disappeared from view, only leaving a swirl of leaves in their wake.


Hawk crouched on top of a branch, having travelled quickly from Konoha. The other four were similarly perched on branches nearby. They were nearly on the spot that the different chakra had been felt. They weren't able to pinpoint it exactly but they knew that it had originated from this area. He glanced to Ocelot, knowing that she was a Hyuuga. There was no need for words; there never usually was. He sensed the activation of the Byakugan and waited.

Ocelot turned her head slightly and back again - that being her only movement. The leaves around them rustled from the breeze picking up. Other than that, there were few other noises around them, even from animals.

Keeping an eye on Ocelot for her signal that she had found something, Hawk thought over the puzzling situation. They had sensed the strange chakra –even if it was for under a second- and knew that it would be trouble. The five ANBU had been there when the Kyuubi had attacked twelve years ago -not all of them as ANBU at the time but they had each lived through it- and they knew how powerful its chakra had felt then. This chakra felt similar to the Kyuubi's level of power. However, it was different because there had been no malevolence force to it; it wasn't benevolent either, on the other hand.

Saying that, where was the vessel of all the chakra? The Kyuubi itself stood over one-hundred metres tall, from paw to the tip of its ears (not accounting the nine tails, of course).


There was no sign of destruction of any kind, though. It would have been impossible for something so immensely powerful to condense it down so that it couldn't be sensed and the size of it had to be similar of that to the Kyuubi's. From what they could see around them, the forest was exactly how is used to be, not a twig out of shape.

It was hiding, that much was certain. And if it was hiding, it was up to something.

Ocelot hissed – she had found something. "There are two children –civilian- both no older than nine or ten southwest, forty-two metres," she supplied quickly. "They're both covered in the alien chakra but it's not coming from them. They're not illusions and they're human." She paused very briefly. Hawk knew that there was something else, something else that was out of the ordinary. There had to have been if she was talking about them. She had hissed for a reason.

"One is missing his left leg from the knee down; the other, from below his left elbow," she continued. "The limbs aren't in the vicinity," she added.

'So they're not conscious then,' Hawk thought dryly. They had been ordered to report back whatever they found but all five knew that the children wouldn't be able to survive that long.

Again, he thanked whoever was watching over them (if such a being actually existed) that Tsunade was their Hokage now. She would easily be able to help them. But first, they would have to stem the bleeding before the children bled out and the ANBU transported them to the hospital.

Squirrel knew a fire jutsu.

As one, they headed towards the children. They were on edge though. Why those children? And where was the being that had left them there?

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