Just a short drabble I thought of and had to get down.

Normal disclaimer applies.

The kettle clicked as it boiled and the Doctor poured the hot water into the teapot. He got out two mugs from the cupboard, fetched the milk from the fridge and then found some sugar on the counter. He poured two cups of tea, milk and two sugars in both, and set one down on the table while he sat on the opposite side and cradled the mug in his hands before taking a sip.

He stared at the mug, watching the hot wisps of steam linger around the top of it before drifting into nothingness. He sighed and closed his eyes taking another gulp of tea.

When he opened them again, he thought he saw her there, sat across from him sipping her tea, or balancing it on her knees as they were tucked up to her chest, they way she always did when they sat and drank tea after adventures. But it was just hopeful thinking. Just a memory.

For Rose Tyler was gone. She'd never drink his tea again.