Disclaimer: 'BONES' does not belong to me THUMP, SLAP, THUMP

Booth and Brennan were arguing-again. It wasn't an uncommon thing at the Jeffersonian to hear the usual screams and shouts coming from Temperance Brennan's office. But today something different was going to happen.

"For the thousandth time Booth, my name is not BONES!" yelled Brennan, throwing her hands into the air.

"And for the thousand and first time Bones, I'll call you whatever I like!" Booth shouted back.

" You are so annoying Booth, you have to be told a million times to do something and don't respect me at all-" Brennan began again.

" Shut-up!" yelled Booth

" Make-me!" came the retort from Brennan. In one quick movement, Booth had pinned her to the desk with a thump-and kissed her. For a moment, it seemed like she was kissing back before she pushed him off and slapped him. Booth's hand went up to touch his cheek but didn't make it there before he was slammed up against the opposite wall with another loud thump. This time Brennan had kissed him. Booth smirked into the kiss, running his hands through her long hair and down her body to settle on her waist. Brennan's hands toyed with the hair at the nape of Booth's neck causing him to groan. He gripped her waist harder and flipped them so that Brennan was pressed up against the wall. Her fingers went to his shirt buttons and worked their way down. Little did they know that Angie had been sent by the other squints to see if the battlefield had cleared and if it was safe to venture into Brennan's office. With a squeak she shut the door and left her friends alone, telling everyone that if anyone stepped within that room, she would castrate them with Booth FBI badge. Angie smiled, she always knew her friends would get it right eventually.