Miley's P.O.V.

"Miley, get down here." Robbie Ray called, "I need you to go welcome the new neighbors to the neighborhood!" I groaned, "Why can't Jackson do it?" I asked as my buffoon brother came out wearing my skirt I could see why daddy wanted me to welcome them. Robbie Ray tossed me the cookies he had made for them and reminded me to invite them over for dinner. I rang there doorbell and heard a boy call out, " I'm coming, I'm coming," The door swung open and there stood Nick Jonas! I stood there speechless for a while then said, " Sorry for that I'm just a really big fan." "Come on in," he said as he led me into his house. It had the same floor plan as my house. That reminded me that I was here to give them the cookies and invite them over to dinner. Not make small talk.

Nick's P.O.V.

The most beautiful brunette girl I had ever seen in my life was standing in front of me. She interrupted my thoughts by handing me a HUGE bag of cookies. "So," she began, " my dad wanted to know if you guys would like to come over for dinner, you know, the whole welcome to the neighborhood thing..." "We'll be there!" I replied a little to quickly, "Well it was nice talking to you erm," " Oh yeah, I can't believe I forgot to tell you! I'm Miley," she said as she flashed me a smile with her pearly white teeth.

Lilly's P.O.V.

"You have to get to my house now!" I heard Miley yell into the phone, "The Jonas brothers are going to eat with us!" I squealed. "Can I wear one of Hannah"s outfits?" I begged. " Only if you get your butt over here," she answered.

Miley's P.O.V.

Lilly rolled into my house on her skateboard and cried, "And, she sticks the landing." we both laughed as we headed up to my closet, my Hannah Montana closet that is.

Joe's P.O.V.

Kevin, Nick, and I quickly got dressed. We were going over to our neighbors house to eat a welcome the neighborhood dinner with them. I have no clue why Nick was taking forever to find something to wear, I mean it's just gonna be probably some old people sheesh! But, boy did I get a surprise when our supposed "old" neighbors opened the door. My mouth dropped open in surprise. How was I supposed to know I was going to eat dinner with a blond beauty. I was embarrassed with what I was wearing. "OHMYJONASOHMYJONASOHMYJONAS IT'S JOE JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard the girl scream. Her voice brought me out of my trance.