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Chapter Seven

6th October, 1980

Taurus Bulba was not an easy person to work for. Short tempered and with a cruel streak a mile wide, more than one of his underlings had been known to go missing after giving him bad news. This was why Marvin Lutravine was obsessively pacing in the room that led into the gang leader's office. Clover, Taurus Bulba's svelte secretary, came out.

"Taurus Bulba will see you now." She waited until Marvin was in the office before shutting the door and crossing over to the telephone. "This is Clover; Taurus Bulba would like the cleaners to come in an hour's time."

"Marvin, come in, have a seat. How are you?"

"Thank you, Mr Bulba. I'm very well. H-how about you, Sir?"

"I, Marvin, am not very well. I've been hearing some disturbing accounts, Marvin."

"I'm very sorry to hear that, Sir." Marvin's tail was twitching, very slightly and his front paws were firmly clenched on his knees in an effort to stop them from shaking.

"Of course the information that I've been receiving could all be a misunderstanding. Perhaps you can help me. Is there any reason why I've been told that we've lost the Northside of St Canard to those Mallards?" He banged both fists on the desk and leaned forwards over it. Marvin, no longer able to disguise the fact that his body was shaking in fear, answered in a rush.

"They were everywhere, we couldn't stop them. We tried Boss, we really did. I'm sorry, so sorry. Please don't kill me."

"So, they were everywhere and you couldn't stop them. Are you sure that that you even tried?" He didn't wait for an answer as he carried on. "You failed me Marvin, and I do not accept failure in my business." He stood and moved around the desk as he spoke. "Mr Lutravine, this is the price of failure." He pressed a button on the underside of the desk and two Cockerels stepped into the room. "Aaah, Steelbeak and Razoredge. I'm afraid that our associate here has managed 

to get into debt through his mismanagement of St Canard's Northside. Please could you take him through to the usual room and encourage the payment from him?"

The pair simply nodded and grabbed an arm each, dragging the otter between them.

"And when you've finished that, Steelbeak, clean up and then come and see me. I have another job for you concerning the Mallards."

Again Steelbeak just gave a curt nod. The door closed on Marvin's anguished cries.


Taurus Bulba walked into the small room on the other side of the building, which held Gosalyn Mallard. When he reached it he unlocked the door and walked in. Inside he found the small duckling with a feather duster in her hand, dusting the metal frame of her bed. Although the guards had been given instructions that they were not to give her anything they had found her polite requests for a small piece of cloth to dust with, too much to stand when coupled with that sugar coated smile. Consequently one of them had lifted a whole pack of twenty from a local shop, in the hopes that a proper duster would get her to shut up. Now they had to deal with her thanks and a small lecture on the importance of cleanliness, instead. Luckily they were able to avoid the lecture on cleaning. Gosalyn might not have made it out of the encounter alive.

"Ah, Goosalyn. I hope that you are enjoying your stay here."

Gosalyn stopped in her cleaning spree and came over to the bull that towered over her.

"Why am I here? What have you done to my Grandfather?"

"There is no need to worry, Goosalyn. Your Grandfather is perfectly safe and will continue to remain so as long as he performs a small task for me. When that happens you'll be free to see him again." The smile that he gave wasn't quite as reassuring as it was meant to be.

"What sort of task do you want him to do? He's a famous inventor, you know. He can invent anything."

"Oh it's just a case of a small building job for me. Nothing that needs to concern you. But I've been very remiss; I haven't yet told you who I am. I apologise for my manners, my name is Taurus Bulba, a businessman."

"If you were a businessman then you wouldn't have had your men kidnap me," her voice was indignant.

"Oh, but you see my dear, I am a very special businessman, with very particular interests. That is why I need your Grandfather's help."

"Good people don't kidnap. You aren't a good man and you keep this place filthy. Didn't your mother teach you how to be good and tidy?"

For the first time in the conversation, he frowned. "No," he said, his voice flat, "she didn't. You are trying my patience, Miss Waddlemeyer, and I am not known for my patience. Your guards will come to feed you at five." He swept from the room and locked the door behind himself.

Once he was back in his office he called for Hammerhead and his two stooges. Whilst he was waiting for them to arrive he turned on the small TV set. On all the channels, all that was visible was a picture of Negaduck in all his smirking glory. Once he had taken control of the city's broadcasting building, this was all that could be seen apart from the sporadic updates when the sets managed to switch themselves on and Negaduck's latest controlling measure was reported. This latest report was that he was now expecting to receive a large tithe from his people every month, as if the city was back in Medieval Britain.

"You wanted us, Boss?" Hammerhead's voice interrupted Bulba from his musings as he turned on his employee angrily.

"Yes, I did, I also have this thing called a door which you have to knock upon before entering. I'll demonstrate." With that he grabbed Hammerhead by the antlers and dragged him to the door whereupon he demonstrated how to knock by using his head. Hammerhead was left dazed as he zigzagged to his previous position, once he had been given permission to enter.

"I think that the Professor deserves a visit. After all, we wouldn't want him to be breaking any promises, would we? Go to him and make sure that he has started on those blueprints that you left for him. And make sure that you take photographs. I want tangible proof."

There was a chorus of, "Right, Boss," and then they left. Taurus Bulba turned back to the TV, which had reverted back to simply showing a picture of Negaduck's face. It was eight years ago when he had destroyed his rivals, the Mallard family. One year after that he was thrown into jail for arranging the deaths of Alan and Rita Mallard. Only a year ago he had broken out and started reclaiming what was his. However, before that could fully happen, this Negaduck had seized control of the city. Arrogant and guiltless, from what he was able to discern, he also looked too similar to his father for Taurus Bulba not to recognise him. It seemed that Drake hadn't learned from his parent's deaths. It was a lesson that he, with Waddlemeyer's expertise, was all too ready to teach.

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