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Sweet Intoxication

"Do you like jokes Brian? I love them personally; jokes are the things we use to get people to like us. We want them to laugh and if we don't make the audience laugh then we're perceived as something of a failure. But you never had that problem did you Brian? You were full of jokes and every single one of them made someone laugh. No matter that they broke another person's heart.

"What about pain? Pain is enjoyable isn't it Brian? No? You don't think so? No matter, soon you'll be in love with pain as I am. Pain means you are alive. You'll be begging me for it, it'll be better than the alternative. Ever heard of masochism Brian? Silly me, you're a University professor of course you'll have heard of it. See me; I think pain is more wondrous than laughter. All those nerve endings throughout your body and you don't really need your toenails do you? DO YOU? If you're the masochist that makes me the sadist. Although I prefer the word artist. Would you like me to paint your portrait for you or would a photograph suffice. A portrait in your own blood. I can do it, don't think I can't.

"Who am I? You're asking the wrong question there but I'll answer it anyway. My name's Edward, ring any bells? No I didn't think it would. After all you're more in the business of fact not fantasy aren't you Dr Wood, EMC². Well here I stand before you as fact not fiction. Oh I'm sorry was that your wrist I stamped on? Dreadfully sorry, I was aiming for your stomach. I am Edward Hyde, Brian. I am the man you said couldn't exist. Take your pain as proof.

"I asked you about jokes. You shouldn't ever joke about work, whether it's your own or somebody else's. After all it might jump up and bite you! Take this advice for the future; what little you have left of it."

And that's how the first one went. Please don't insult me by saying that I did it because Henry told me to. I did it because I wanted to. The guy said I couldn't possibly exist, that was an insult in itself though I think I managed to convince him that I could. What do you think? Do you think that in the end he was convinced? Are you convinced? I'd wager that you are. And don't call me an animal; it's hardly polite when I'm so much more. Can you run as fast as me? Can you scale tall buildings with nothing but your hands and feet? Can you take your fist and punch it through a man's stomach to pull out the spaghetti like intestines without spewing out your guts over the destruction you have wrought. I didn't think so.

I enjoyed chatting to Dr Brian Wood. We were really getting to know each other when he had to depart for a last minute engagement. We were busy talking up to then or I at least was talking. The good professor seemed a little awed at my presence, well who wouldn't be? He hardly spoke a word to me, though come to think of it that might have had something to do with the fact that I had bitten out his tongue. Bite your tongue or I'll do it for you.

But it was lovely spending time with the old man. Really. A little song, a little dance, Brian's head on a lance. Don't you just love the Joker? Awfully good chap and all that. Always makes sure that when you leave him it's with a smile on your face. How many other people do you know who are as courteous as that? A man to look up to.

But in a business sense it's one down and three to go, besides, it's wearing off and I am rather tired. Toodles.

I remember, God how I remember all that blood. But I don't regret it. I'll never regret it. He had to pay. All of the jeers, sneers, fleers have to stop. They WILL STOP. I demand it, justice demands it. Who can stop me?

He bit out his tongue. I bit out his tongue. Crimson staining into white, watching it pool on the floor as if from a distance whilst in reality only 60cm from it.

They mocked me, claiming that I couldn't do it, that it was impossible for the soul to be split into two. All the years I worked with the failures after failures only brought me more voices of derision. I had to work with limited amounts of money after my funding suffered cut after cut. Day after day of teaching limited minds that couldn't see anything beyond their books to stretch out my money supply. Then it happened, the night when I realised the right proportions to mix my chemicals to produce the correct biopsychic-molecular alterations. I drank the elixir and felt the world change. I felt pain as bones shortened and lengthened, cells dividing at an accelerated rate and nerve endings hyper sensitive. Then the light-headedness came. But it was the mental changes that were the most miraculous. Until that moment doubt had continued to follow me no matter what I did to try and stem the tide. The elixir took that away and placed instead a reckless confidence in its wake. And unlike that given by brandy this confidence wouldn't dissipate come morning. Suddenly I realised that I feared nothing. On the contrary I had turned into man's fear. I had tuned myself into mankind's darker nature, I had rid myself of conscience and so became Edward Hyde. Through him I could have the revenge that my new body was screaming out for. I was reborn.

And so it began and so it will continue until the end. Dr Brian Wood is dead, killed by Hyde's hand not mine and now our sight turns toward Dr Dafydd Carreg, towards him and his family.