AUTHOR'S NOTE Welcome! The idea for this story came from my roommate and I watching TV and seeing this guy who looked like a cross between Viggo Mortensen and Ewan McGregor. So of course that led to an Obi-Wan/Aragorn slash mpreg story!

If you don't like slash or mpreg, I suggest you leave now. If you do, then I hope you enjoy!

This chapter's kind of short, but the others will be longer.

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A shudder ran through the small fighter starship, rousing her pilot from his sleep-like trance. Shaking his head to clear it, he scanned the control panel and a chill of dread crept through him. "Artoo," he said into the comm. "What was that?"

He was answered by a series of electronic warbles that translated into a computer screen. "Well I know that something's wrong, Artoo," he answered the droid. "I felt the ship shake."

Outside the cockpit, space looked blue and mottled as stars rushed past in hyperspace. Artoo beeped again. "Well where are we?"

Another beep. "The Outer Rim? What in hell's name are we doing there?"

Suddenly the ship shook again, more violently this time, and hyperspace jolted back into stars. The fighter dropped back into real space. He forced panic down. "Hyperspace engines failed, Artoo. Sublight engines only at half-strength. What's wrong?"

The droid replied that he didn't know. The pilot punched the comlink. "This is Obi-Wan Kenobi to Anakin Skywalker. Anakin, come in!"

No answer. Obi-Wan had to concentrate hard not to let his panic overwhelm him. He switched channels and tried again. "Senator Organa, this is General Kenobi. I need help! I repeat, this is Kenobi, my ship is dying!"

But Organa didn't answer either. Desperately, he tried Anakin again. "Anakin, I swear, if you're off gallivanting, I'll have your hide! Anakin! Please, if you can hear me, my ship is dying and I'm in the Outer Rim by a planet called…" He stopped to check his navicomputer.

At that moment, both his computer and comlink went black. "Damn!" he shouted. "Artoo, how long until the life support fails?"

Artoo's response was not encouraging. Obi-Wan looked apprehensively at the green and blue planet hanging below him. Parts of it were obscured by swirling black clouds that made him very nervous, for they did not resemble oxygen clouds. Beneath the black clouds was a persistent red glow that roiled violently over the surface.

Obi-Wan weighed his options. His ship was dying. Soon it would be completely dead and he with it. Even in a deep Jedi trance, he wasn't sure he would be able to survive until help arrived. On the other hand, he had just enough power to crash-land on a strange planet that very possibly could kill him the moment he set foot out of his spacecraft.

This was what even the Jedi called a no-win situation.

Finally, circumstance pushed him to guide his ship toward the planet. The controls shook beneath his hands and once he was reasonably sure that he was not headed for the black clouds, he gave up trying to steer.

The atmosphere thickened around him. A bright expanse of green and brown divided by a row of snow-capped mountains opened beneath him with the bright blue ocean to the west. A horrible pockmarked pit of red and black yawned to the east and Obi-Wan give the ship a nudge with the Force toward the western side of the mountains.

It was then that he felt the Force burst open around him. A cold chill crept into his stomach as he felt the maelstrom below him. It was as though the very Force itself was fighting over the fate of the lives of the planet. The Dark Side was strong here, being just barely held back by the Light.

The ground was rushing up fast. "Artoo, prepare for crash landing!" Obi-Wan said. He closed his eyes, summoning the Force to try to soften the impact as much as possible.

It was a close call, but the fighter cleared the mountaintops. On the western slope, trees carpeted the hillside, but Obi-Wan was drawn toward a small point of shining white light.

Unfortunately, as he tried to gently ease the ship toward the spot, the last of his systems failed. He swore and shouted, "Artoo, hold on!" praying the droid could hear him.

In a last-ditch effort to avoid being seriously injured, Obi-Wan pulled his lightsaber free and slashed at the cockpit's canopy. The glass and metal casing flew away. He released his restraints and leapt free of the doomed aircraft mere seconds before it plowed into the ground.

Obi-Wan landed on his back under the trees, knocked out by the fall. His darkened lightsaber rolled out of his lax hand, finally coming to rest under a nearby thicket.

Moments later, two identical black-haired beings carefully approached the unconscious Jedi. "He's alive," one said.

The other cocked his head. "Where do you think he came from, brother?"

The first shrugged. He knelt down to examine Obi-Wan's face. "Tis a mortal. Couldn't have had anything to do with that comet we saw."

His brother nodded. "He probably needs healing. Men don't usually sleep in the bushes."

The first twin snorted. "Unless they're Estel."

"Even so, you know how fragile mortal bodies can be."

They both laughed, their merry voices floating like pealing bells through the trees. "Let's take him to Father," one suggested. Cheerfully, they hoisted Obi-Wan into their arms and carried him between them back to their father's house.