The crisp wind bit bitterly upon Ichigo's bare torso as he shivered slightly. With a deep breath, he whiped the sweat from his brow as he threw his shirt on and his zanpakuto over his shoulder, smirking as the now huge whole the center of the mountain in front of him. Wearing his smirk, he fell back onto the ground and laid staring up at the cloudy sky. It had only been a few months since he'd saved Rukia and agreed to become the new captain of the new 14th squad. Now, all he did was train, both outside of Soul Society and in it. His thoughts trailed over the past year. He smiled as he thought surprisingly of Yoruichi, who just happened to be his lieutenant. He had thought to ask Rukia, but instead, Yoruichi had somehow become more important to him. Now that he'd saved Rukia, his debt to her was paid.

"You know," Began an all to familiar voice,"If you stay out here much longer, you'll catch a cold." Ichigo's smile widened as he stood up and turned to his beautiful dark skinned golden eyed lieutenant.

"Aw, come on Yoruichi, its finally snowing." He pouted as he tilted his head back and smiled to the sky, the white flakes of snow falling softly. Yoruichi smirked and walked out to stand in front of him as she too tilted her head back."You were supposed to be training with me you know, i am your captain." Ichigo grinned looking down at her. She smirked and in a flash she was behind him, her arms wrapped around his neck as she leaned on his back. He saw every move of course, but decided he'd let her have her fun. At least she'd been keeping her clothes on.

"You may be my captain but i was the one who agreed to be your lieutenant." She whispered softly into his ear. He shrugged, admitting that were true.

"That is true, although, i was the one who rescued you from those two guys after your tiring battle with Soi Fon." Yoruichi shuddered at the memory of being too weak to defend herself. But then, smiled as she remembered Ichigo's face as he easily defeated the two soul reapers. He'd been so nice as to check her injuries and even wrap her in his long jacket and then carry her all the way back to the hot spring, with his injuries worse than her own. The memory was so far her favorite, besides the whole three days she'd trained him of course. She shivered slightly, the cold taking an effect on her skin. Ichigo chuckled and turned to her, wrapping his arms around her. Yoruichi's thought chain was broken as she looked up at Ichigo. She blushed lightly as she still had her arms around his neck."You shivered." He said.

"Well, thats cause its cold out here." She smirked, leaning into him more. He pulled her closer,

"This better?" He whispered in her ear, causing goosebumps to appear on her skin. He grinned as she nodded and pulled back slightly. The two stood in silence; their faces inches apart. The wind blew sharply, causing Yoruichi to draw in a sharp breath. Ichigo smiled. "Let's go. You'll freeze to death out here." She sighed and followed him inside.

"I can't believe its the first of december already..." She said, sitting on their couch and looking out the window. Ichigo placed his hand over some logs in the fireplace, a fire sparking immediately. "Are you gonna go home for the holiday?"

"Only if you come with me." He smirked, sitting next to her.

"I'm serious, are you or not?" He looked over at her, his eyes gazing into hers.

"I was serious. I'll only go home if your by my side." He adverted his gaze outside towards the falling snow. "Are you goin to Hat and Clogs?" he asked, somewhat jealous.

"No, i had hoped to spend the holiday with my captain." The smirk on her face was obvious from the tone of her voice. Clearly she'd purred out the 'my captain' part. Ichigo chuckled and looked over to her again.

"Then we'll be spending our holidays alone." Silence fell between them as she looked into his eyes. She couldnt't place the feeling she had everytime their eyes met; but she knew it was something good. She had had many men in her life before, but none such as the one she had now. Ichigo was different. He was loyal, strong, protective, passionate, sexy; he had it all. He was perfect to her. He is her Ichigo.

"Question is, where will we be spending it?" Ichigo looked out of the window for a moment, in deep thought.

"Why don't we have it here." He said, turning to her, taking her hand. "We won't have to worry about hollows here."

With a nod, she squeezed his hand gently and turned back to the window, the two watching the white pearls of snow fall gracefully outside.