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Chapter: 8

Title: December 8th

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It was becoming unbearable! And not just for Yoruichi. Ichigo had begun to feel the effects of denying her. Why was he? He didn't know. He just didn't know why he kept denying her. Yes, he was young and everything. But thats just it. He had just turned 18, wouldn't it be normal for him to experience more things? That was the way he thought, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Scared perhaps?

While he felt Yoruichi was content with him, he felt he didn't quite know how to please her. She was a goddess after all. Pleasing a woman, to him, was hard enough. To please a goddess, he figured it would be damn near impossible for him.

"If your scared, just tell me." She whispered. That was how all those thoughts rose in his head. He found himself allowing her to sleep with him, and in the morning, he found, she was more than willing. As it stood, she had him trapped in the corner of the bed. He didn't have anywhere to go! If he tried to duck his way out, he found himself facing one of her most trying spots. With the dark skinned beauty looming over him, Ichigo hadn't much choice.

"Yoruichi..." He mumbled, blushing madly as he set his hands on her waist, trying to push her bak softly. But no matter what he tried, she kept at it. She was one persistent woman. "Come on get off. I thought we agreed to take things slow."

"Can't we just do a little foreplay, Ichigo?" The cat moaned when she felt her back meet the matress. He'd managed to flip them, effectively pinning her to the softness below. This only turned her on even more. There were somethings he needed to learn not to do. But he really had no choice. Honestly, if he were any other guy, she'd be in a state of pure bliss right now.

But he was just himself. He was Ichigo.

"We've gotta report to our designated areas. If you were paying attention at the last meeting, you would know we are leading a team of seniors into the living world today."

"Oh yeah." She sighed, bummed as he got off of her and began getting dressed in his normal captains wear. Yoruichi could only do the same. At least they'd gotten to the point where they were comfortable being nude around the other. Ichigo didn't quite mind it after the hot spring. "So are we supposed to introduce them to hollow combat?"

"Yeah. Apparently they haven't been through the course yet."

"Thats strange." Yoruichi narrowed her brow, thinking a moment as she stepped into the kitchen for some milk. "Normally, the combat training is required before your final year at the academy."

"I guess things have changed." Ichigo shrugged, strapping his zanpackuto to his back. He motioned for her and she quickly began flash stepping with him out of the door and down to their divisions gates. The students had already gathered there, each giddy about going out into the living world again. Ichigo felt slightly bad for them. They all hadn't been back to the other world since they died. It had to be hard knowing your family is on that side but you can never see them again. Yoruichi, also felt bad. She could vividly remember her first time becoming a reaper. The day she died. She got chills just thinking about it.

"Alright. Today, you'll be training with me and vice captain Yoruichi Shihouin. We'll be instructing you on how to kill a hollow so pay close attention to todays lesson. You'll need this to graduate anyways." Ichigo glared, opening the realm to the living as he guided the students through. He gave a nod to Yoruichi who led them towards the spot where the hollow would be attacking.

"How will the hollow know we're here?" Yoruichi could hear a small chatter going on between a few of the students. One, she thought was quite interesting.

"The hollows can sense intense spiritual power, Kara." And it was that student that the goddess was interested in. She had red and black hair, her eyes were mismatched. One black, the other red.

'Like her hair.' Yoruichi thought, smiling to Ichigo as he took a seat beside her.

"The students seem pumped about fighting a hollow." He grinned, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. Yoruichi merely smiled and nodded, taking his hand as she pointed towards the girl she had previously been spying on.

"I think we have our next lieutenant or captain right there." She stated, seemingly sure of her words. Ichigo gave her a blank stare. "The girl has great knowledge about the hollows. Not only that, she is completely calm. Shes focused, and more importantly, her spiritual pressure is amazing."

That was one thing he loved about Yoruichi. She took time to study something, get to know a bit about the person. She wasn't one to judge before knowing.

"Yeah, I can sense her power. How did she not get noticed?"

"Oh, I'm sure the captain commander has plans for her. He's just waiting."

"I think I know what hes waiting for." Ichigo smirked, looking down to his goddess. Yoruichi nodded her head as she glanced to him.

"Exactly." Standing, Ichigo took a few steps forward, bellowing his voice out to everyone.

"The hollow can show up at anytime. Its best you all stay on guard. I know this is frightening, exciting, but when fighting a hollow you must be prepared at all times." His eyes rested on that girl. She only glared back, a look of knowing on her face. "You there, what is your name?"

Yoruichi stood now, brushing her pants off as she stood beside him.

"Zerathia. Zerathia Reinhart." Her eyes were icy cold with the slightest flame. Yoruichi's golden orbs pierced through her own.

"My name is Yoruichi Shihouin." The goddess smiled, flash stepping in front of her. Zerathia seemed unphased, as if she'd followed her movements. The others were in awe. Whispers of how she moved so fast could be heard echoing. "Goddess of Flash."

"Gee, I don't know what to say." Zerathia sighed, standing as she too flash stepped towards the open-dark road. Yoruichi and Ichigo stood, mouth agape. She knew how to shunpo? "Other than when are we going to take care of this hollow?" The girl held her hand, palm out towards the darkness. In a flash, her power was released, a screeching heard from within the depths.

"What!?" Yoruichi felt her heart nearly drop. This girl knew about the hollow! "Zerathia! How did you-"

"Theres no time Lieutenant." Zerathia stated, appearing beside her as not only one, but four hollows emerged from the shadows. "We've got company." She grinned, licking her lips. The students behind them screamed in terror.

"Damnit!" Ichigo shouted, stepping in front of the group. "They weren't even ready to go into this kind of battle!" He felt himself heating up do to the intensity he felt when dealing with a hollow. Yoruichi smirked, flashing as she too took out a hollow. The one beside it dispersed, Ichigo's form appearing in its place.

"What do you say we let the girl take care of these two?"

"Fine by me." Ichigo grinned, folding his arms over his chest. The two watched side by side as the one named Zerathis took out both hollows without any trouble at all. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were experienced at this." The girl merely shrugged.

"What do you think we should tell Shigekuni?" Yoruichi asked as the girl opened the portal to soul society all on her own. "The girl is of noble blood."

"She is?"

"Reinhart. Besides the Shihouin and Kuchiki noble families, there is one other we thought had been extinct. We didn't think their line had any left. But obviously, one remained. Its just ashame she is so young."

"She's so strong." Ichigo mused.

Before long, the two had had their audience with the general, agreeing to bring the girl to him in the morning, but for now, they retired to their not so roomy pad.

"Well, at least we know who needs more training." Ichigo mumbled, collapsing on the couch. Yoruichi smirked, jumping onto his lap.

"I'm up for some 'training'." She purred, setting her lips on his. Ichigo, of course, had no objections as he smoothly slid his tongue into her mouth.

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