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In truth, Yoruichi was glad the party had ended, for now she could have Ichigo all to herself. He had been looking mighty sexy through the entire ceremony. The way his tux fit him so well, his shirt hanging out from where it was once tucked in at the waist line of his pants. The poor teen looked drained to say the least, yet she knew once they were home he would be full of unexpected energy. He'd shown her on more than one occasion to not expect anything until it happened. And with him, by god did she understand what he meant. He was a raging bull in bed. Easy to satistfy yet hard to please. He wanted more and more by the passing second. Not that she cared of course. She was glad he wanted her as bad as he did. Never had a man wanted so much from her, and had taken it without regret. She could honestly say that Ichigo was the best fuck she ever had. And he stuck around which only made it that much better. No more lonely nights, that was for sure. Ladies and gentlemen, Yoruichi Shihouin was officially off the market.

"Come on Ichigo, lets go home." Yoruichi begged, her voice sultry yet playful. Ichigo could feel himself growing hard already as he allowed himself to be pulled along the road. He could feel the need flowing off of her and it only made him want her even more. The way her breasts seemed to be enlarged due to the way her dress hugged them. The way her hipsa and thighs seemed to flow with a hourglass curve that made him want to dip his tongue down her body. And there was that ass of hers. So lucious he wanted to palm it and squeeze. He knew the thoughts he were having right now would soon become a reality, and so he quickly grabbed her, hoisting her up into his arms as he flashed off down to their pad.

Yoruichi's head was spinning by the time he'd set her down and his lips came crashing down on hers. They weren't even inside yet! Feeling the pulsing need becoming agonizingly painful between her thighs, Yoruichi wrapped her long toned legs around his waist, wanting the friction. His hardness pressed itself against her center, demanding release. He was dying to be inside her. And she was dying to feel him in her. Using her newest flash ability, she warped them into their house, her arms wrapping tightly around her neck before his lips pried themselves from hers. Their jagged breathing fogged the windows, allowing them their privacy to do as they pleased right there in the living room. Ichigo sat her down on the couch, kneeling in between her legs as he kissed a seering path of molten hot kisses down her neck to the V of her chest. Ichigo wasted no time in sliding the top half of her dress off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. His eyes lit with more passion as he brushed his finger tips over the full mounds. Slowly, he watched with a smirk as he trialed his index finger over her nipple, watching it harden beneath his attentions.

Yoruichi moaned softly, arching her back slightly. The heat had been building within her body, pooling between her thighs to dampen her underwear even more. Her dark golden orbs were laced with passion and desire, giving way to her deepest feelings as she slid his jacket off his shoulders. His shirt was next, and it had only taken a few seconds for him to get the clue and drop it along with his jacket. The goddess felt his tongue curl around her nipple, and she arched her back with a shaky sigh.

"Yoruichi..." He growled huskily, letting his breath tickle the flesh of her breast. His hand darted beneath her dress, fingers grazing over her moistened folds. Her breath hitched as she stared down at him. His wicked smirk aroused her even more as she felt his hands palming her thighs and spreading them. She willingly went along with it, knowing the pleasure would soon be coursing through her body. "I'm gonna eat you baby." He seethed, dipping his head down in between her legs. Yoruichi closed her eyes, tilting her head back. His tongue slid from her slit to her sopping slit, and she could only scream as the pleasure ripped through her body. She could feel herself cumming alrready, and it was only the beginning!

"Ichigo..." She moaned, his tongue licking so lavishly now, her eyes were rolling back into her head at the feeling. Her body had been arching on its own achord, her abdomen muscles clenching as her inner walls clamped when another orgasm came coursing through her body. Damn him and his sexual abilities! "Wait Ichi.. Wait.." She gasped, feeling his lips curl around her clit, sucking on her cunt now. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her body wanting to feel him so desperately. Ichigo sensed this; his cock throbbing from having to endure her moans. Sitting back, Ichigo ignored the groan that came from her.

"Yoruichi..." He moaned, ripping her dress off of her as he pulled down his pants and boxers in one swift movement, his length long and hard. Her eyes nearly widened at the sight. He had been pleasuring her, and it looked as if he were in pain. He needed release, and she was more than willing to be of service. Pressing the tip of his shaft at her center, Ichigo pushed himself into her, gasping at the feeling of her flesh on his.

Yoruichi was equally as satisfied as she arched her back and wrapped her long legs around his waist as he lifted her into his arms. Collapsing on the couch, with her in his lap, she began to impale herself down on his stiff manhood. With every movement, every rise and fall of her hips, he could feel himself going deeper. Could feel himself cumming. She was milking him of everything he had as she also rode out her powerful orgasm. Who said decembes weren't beautiful? With or without snow, the two exhausted lovers knew the month would always hold a special meaning within their hearts.

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