Kazuki sighed, throwing himself down on a nearby bench. He and Kuriko had searched EVERYWHERE for Yuna. But to no avail. Just where was she? Kuriko sat beside him, leaning forward, her head in her hands.

"You'd think she wouldn't go far." Kuriko murmured, leaning Kazuki's way slightly. Kazuki nodded, looking over at her.

"Yeah, I know. She never goes far. At least not too far." Looking down, Kazuki frowned. She hadn't left, had she? No, that wasn't like her. She wouldn't leave without saying goodbye.

"She has to be somewhere Kazuki. I'm sure she just needs time to herself."

"You may be right Kuriko." Kazuki smiled. He shouldn't worry so much about Yuna. He had Kuriko right here. "Say, why don't we take a walk? I'm sure it'll do use both good to clear our heads." Kuriko smiled and nodded as he stood, offering his hand down to her. She gratefully accepted it as she placed her hand in his. Slowly, she stood beside him. As they walked, Kuriko couldn't help but constantly glance at him, wondering if he were looking at her. He caught her eye and the two smiled, deciding to break their silence. "So, how about last night?"

"Last night was pretty crazy wasn't it Kazuki?" She laughed, grabbing his arm and holding it to her chest. Kazuki nodded, looking at her as they continued to walk.

"I was lucky to get to you in time. You had me pretty scared there, Kuriko. I thought they had you for sure." Kuriko sighed, closing her eyes.

"No, I was the lucky on Kazuki. If it hadn't been for you.."

"Lets not think that way. Even if I hadn't gone with you, I'm sure I'd have sensed that you were in danger." His reassuring smile caused a small smile to creep onto her face. Indeed, she was changing. This new feeling she felt in her gut told her so. She never had butterflies around anyone before.

"You had to use your magic though, I am sorry about that Kazuki." Shaking his head, he brought up his free arm, showing her his hand.

"Anytime I can save you with these hands Kuriko, I'll do it without hesitation."

"But why at the exspense of your own life?"

"Because your important to me." His face reddened. "You all are important to me, that is." He laughed nervously. Kuriko raised her brow, cocking her head as they stopped in front of a fountain. She opened her mouth to reply when Yuna stepped out from behind the fountain.

"Ah, Yuna!" Kazuki said, blushing as he looked at her. Yuna smiled, tilting her head.

"Sorry I worried you Kazuki." She smiled. "Kuriko, get away from my husband!"

Kuriko grinned, jumping back and conjuring a spell.

"Your husband? I'm afraid he'll be mine, Yuna!"

And things were normal.

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