Chapter 63: The Joining of the Circle

At the fashion show, the audience was waiting for the last couple to come out when the lights went out and a gunshot fired. When the lights came back on, Meilin was quick to follow the shooter's trail. She found Kai with the gun on the roof and immediately asked him where the shooter went. They saw Jin Yu running in the crowd below. Miho followed Meilin and misinterpreted the scene. Kai did not bother to clear things up after she left. Meilin left with the gun, and Kai made sure he was seen as the Kaitou Magician exiting the building. Back inside Sakura's father was shot and Tomoyo convinced Syaoran into going to the hospital. Kai entered the museum and had a conversation with Shing about his art. Shing revealed that he knew about Kai's alter ego.

At the hospital, Sakura was a wreck, but Tomoyo and Syaoran supported her. After cleaning herself up, Fujitaka was out of the operation room and all was well. It wasn't as serious as it was supposed to have been since Nadeshiko protected him. After the ordeal Touya asked Syaoran to take Sakura home. Eron quickly collected Sakura from Syaoran at the hospital's lobby. In the parking lot, Sakura ran into her grandfather and expressed her anger since Fujishinto still refused to acknowledge his son. Sakura stated she was no longer his granddaughter. Meilin intercepted Syaoran before he left the hospital to grill him about Jinyu. Syaoran told Meilin to warn Kai to watch his back when dealing with the Li Clan since neither he nor those close to him would be safe. Meilin was not impressed and kicked him in the shin for the threat. She also said that Syaoran was not to be concerned about Sakura since he gave up that right after he betrayed her.

Tomoyo went back to the museum with Eriol and Miho to gather her belongings. She found a green watch with a leaf motif and pocketed it in her purse. At the Li Mansion, Leiyun would not tell Syaoran why the Li Can ordered the assassination of Kinomoto Fujishinto.

The next day Fujitaka was recovering well. The newspapers were suspected the Kaitou Magician for the shooting. Sakura's friends were talking about the event and Aki theorized that Kaitou became the scapegoat so the Hoshi Enterprises could avoid a public investigation. Sakura and Eron talked about the sapphire ring and how it was not return to the Li Clan, Shing-san, or even Kara. Meilin tried to defend Kai to Miho. Kai and Kara talked on the roof, and after Kai reminded her that he promised Leon-san that he would protect her, Kara got mad at Kai for bringing up that person. Tomoyo gave Sakura the leaf motif watch, believing that it was hers. Miara told Miho stories of her father, and included that he would make messes with his charcoal drawings. Kara told Meilin that Kai was moody around Christmas time because he lost two people who were close to him.

Fujitaka was released from the hospital and Fujishinto came to make amends with the family (and gave Touya his job back) as the Pride slipped away from him. It was revealed that Nina was Fujishinto's child, and therefore Fujitaka's half sister. Sakura slipped in the bathroom to seal Pride, but ran into Syaoran, as it was the men's bathroom. When Syaoran mentioned Fujishinto should be safe, but Sakura assumed that was ordered to distract her. This made Syaoran upset. After Syaoran left while Sakura was having difficulties sealing Pride, Moonie-chan popped up to tell her that there was something in her heart that prevented her from sealing the force. They talked about Syaoran's lack of magic, and Moonie-chan advised Sakura to reunite the Great Five legacy. At the Reed Mansion, Miho was trying to piece together the clues Kai had left her.

The Fashion Show results were announced at a press conference. The judges returned and everyone was impressed with Shing's distinguished makeover. Shiori was the winner, as the contest was rigged. Mike assured Asuma that Tomoyo would have her chance to shine. Shing invited Sakura and Miho to visit his studio. After looking at the sketches of Nadeshiko and Ryuuren and hearing the driver's story of Shing drawing a charcoal picture of him, Miho ran out of the car. Sakura followed and Miho caught up with Shing. She called him father and begged him to remember his family. Shing left saying that she was mistaken, and Sakura joined Miho who was upset with the fact that her father does not remember. It clicked with Sakura that Shing was indeed Tanaka Keisuke. Mike broke up with Erika, which was a shock for her. He gave her the pictures he took of her and advised her to find someone who will make her happy. At the airport, Shing told Mike about the Miho incident and how it was true that he woke up in a hospital six years ago, and he only remembered a few memories from his teens.

At school, Sakura's friends were teasing her about how slow her relationship with Eron was going, and was startled when Sakura referred to Syaoran as "Li-kun". Erika visited the Li Mansion to meet with Leiyun. She tried and failed to persuade Syaoran to be her boyfriend. When Jinyu came to get her, she ended up venting her problems, which made her embarrassed. At the hospital, Sakura ran into Syaoran at the lost and found while he was looking for something. She brought up the time Syaoran told her that her Star Circle had twelve points to represent the twelve people would form an alliance with her to bring equilibrium to the world represent once the twelve points of Sakura's star. She stated his spot would probably remain empty but she could never get rid of her memories of him. So she gave Syaoran the opportunity to explain himself, but he remained silent. She told him to tell Leiyun that she challenged him to a duel for the Clow Book. After returning lost belongings to their owners, Sakura left the hospital before remembering to return Syaoran's watch. Tomoyo tried to confess her feelings to Eriol, but was unable to. Sakura, Meilin and Miho were there to support Tomoyo after Eriol left.

Sakura and her allies gathered at the Reed Mansion. She spoke about the equilibrium that would be achieved, which had been lost since the era of the Great Five. The meeting was to make a pact to bind those present as allies and friends. One by one the descendents and guardians took their appointed place around Sakura's Star Circle. With Cerberus and Yue at their Sun and Moon positions and Meilin and Tomoyo at her right, Sakura called upon Eron. Next was Eriol and his guardians Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun, Mizuki Kaho, Miho (though Kai, who was not present, is the only one who could take the position of the Mizuki descendent). Touya (who just arrived) took a spot. Supposing that Kai would accept his seat, they were only missing the true successors of Reed and Li leading to a turnout of nine out of twelve. Meilin took the Li place and Tomoyo was named manager, who is second in charge after Sakura. Sakura entered the eleven in a pact for the new order: a world of light and hope and set in motion the Alliance of the Stars.