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The Eighth Year

Chapter 26

Mr and Mrs Potter


Four Years Later

Harry stood, his eyes seeing nothing as he gazed out the window of Ron Weasley's bedroom. Below him was a scene of organized chaos. Guest were arriving in droves and he wondered if the Burrow would be able to hold them all. If it were up to him and Ginny, they would have been run off to Kingsley Shacklebolt's office and had a private ceremony.

Of course, they didn't dare do that. Besides, deep down, they felt they owed it to Ginny's mother to have a proper wedding. Ginny was her only daughter, and, after George and Luna eloped right after getting their certificates four years before, and then Ron and Hermione had just had a tiny wedding at her mothers house, they really, really, didn't dare.

Besides, he was Harry Potter, as much as he hated it, he had a certain image to uphold.

Harry turned away from the window as a soft knock interrupted his thoughts.

"Come" he called through the closed door.

He smiled as his Aunt slipped through the door, Dudley as usual close on her heels.

"Harry." She smiled as he pecked her on the cheek. "You look so dashing."

"That's what wizards get hitched it eh?" Dudley smirked as he gave Harry a playful punch on the shoulder. " a dress?"

Harry grinned, he suppose his floor length, formal robes would look a bit odd to his muggle cousin.

"They call them robes Big D." he said as he gave Dudley a soft punch back.

"Well..."Petunia smiled and turned back toward the door "We won't keep you, we just wanted to let you know we found our way here."

"Aunt Petunia..." Harry stopped her

"Yes Dear?"

"I just wanted to say, I am really, really glad you came."

"Well," she smiled "I know it's not the same as having Lily here...but, I thought she might want me to come in her place."

She gave Harry a tight hug "I wish Vernon were here, he would have been so proud."

Harry's stomach clenched tightly. The four year anniversary of Vernon Dursley's death had been the month before and Harry had gone with his Aunt and Cousin to place flowers on the grave as he had for the past three years. He remembered the funeral like it had just been the day before. His uncle hadn't had many friends and the turn out was poor. Just Harry and Ginny, his Aunt and cousin and of course, Aunt Marge. At the small gathering afterward, she had been just as rude to Harry as always, asking him where he had found the "red headed tart" and insinuating that he had met Ginny in jail.

It had been Petunia who stood up for Ginny. Literally telling Marge to take her unpleasantness and leave if she insisted on being so rude to her nephew and his fiancée. Petunia confessed to Harry afterward that she had never like Marge much.

Harry grinned, remembering how Marge had turned a shade of puce so remarkable that it would have put Uncle Vernon to shame.

"Dad's here in spirit, right Harry?" Dudley said, patting his mother's back as she hugged Harry again.

Harry smiled over the top of his aunts head. "Right."

There was another knock and Petunia and Dudley shuffled out to find their seats, and George shuffled in, his two year old son clinging to his leg.

"Unca Hawwy!" Freddie yelled, detatching himself from his father and attacking Harry's leg in it's place.

"Freddie!" Harry picked the boy up and dangled him in the air above him. "How's my best little mate?"

"Seen Mum?" George asked " I need to hand Freddie off. It's just about time ya know."

"Hadn't noticed." Harry grinned as he lowered Freddie and settled him on his hip. "How's Luna doing?"

"Complaining." He ruffled Freddie's hair "Mummy's boobs grew since the final fitting, her dress is too tight across the top now." George grinned and winked "Not that I mind."

"Mummy's Boobs!" Freddie screamed, laughing riotously

"Luna's gonna kill you." Harry smirked

There was another knock and Molly stepped in. "George, there you are."

"Gwanma!" Freddie screamed, wiggling out of Harry's arms "Mummy's boobs!"

"GEORGE!" Molly yelled as she took Freddie from Harry "What are you thinking! Teaching my grandson that rubbish! As if your poor wife doesn't have enough to worry about with the baby due in a week..."

"Mum..." George cut her off before she could hit her stride. He took her arm and led her to the door "It's just about time, I need you to take Freddie down to the tent, Percy and Pen are expecting him."

"Alright," She shook her finger in his face "but you better hope that Freddie forgets that word before his mother hears it!"

George pushed her through the door, but not before hearing Freddie yell out "Mummy's Boobs!"

Ron's was grinning widely as he pushed the door open.

"Bloody hell George, what are you doing teaching Freddie that?"

George shrugged. "Not like I did it on purpose."

Ron turned to Harry "You ready?"

Harry grinned "Hell mate, I've been ready since sixth year."

Ron laughed "Ginny's still got ya beat by five years."

"Wait til you see her," George smiled "You'll fall over, she's stunning. Not as stunning as my wife..."

"Or Mine..." Ron put in

"...But she'll do." George finished

"Boys..." Molly knocked and stuck her head in the door "It's time."

"Got ya Mum." George smiled and pushed the door open, offering her his arm. "Shall we?"

Molly grinned and took George's arm, allowing him to lead her down the stairs.

Ron turned to Harry, a huge grin on his face. "Well mate, this is it. Your turn."

"Yeah."Harry's smile was so huge he thought his face might split. "After today, were really going to be family."

"Nah..." Ron put his hand on Harry's shoulder "You've really been family since day one, you know that."

"We've been through the mill together haven't we?" Harry said as he walked through the door and down the staircase.

Ron laughed "A few times."

"I wouldn't change a thing." Harry said "Not a single thing."


George hadn't been kidding, when Ginny walked down the aisle, Harry did almost fall to his knees. Her dress was the same one that Harry had tried to picture her in once, like the girl, it was classic, timeless. Strapless and simply cut with sparkling crystals scattered over the soft chiffon layers and train. She wore her Auntie Muriels goblin made tiara and a long veil, her hair clipped in place by the crystal hair clips Harry's Aunt Petunia had worn at her wedding. In honor of Harry's mother she carried a huge bouquet of Calla Lilies.

The wedding was perfect but for one little thing...

...Little Freddie yelled out 'Mummy's Boob's' as she walked down the aisle.

Luna and Hermione, gorgeous in pale blue strapless chiffon, sent George murderous looks while Harry and Ron snickered behind their hands.


"We did it." Ginny said as Harry held her close, soft music playing around them as they danced.

"We did it." Harry kissed her "You suppose Luna is going to kill George tonight?"

"We can only hope." Ginny grinned "Nah, he survived Freddie being born, I'm sure he'll survive this one too."

Harry said "But then, he hadn't taught their son to say the word 'boob's' just before Freddie was born."

Luna had chosen to go into labor in the middle of the reception.

"True that." Ginny grinned as Harry swung her around and dipped her. "George with two kids..." she shook her head "Hard to imagine isn't it?"

"Even harder to imagine that Freddie is almost two and George hasn't blown him up yet." Hermione said as she and Ron danced close to them. "Shall we switch?"

"If you insist." Ron said. He cut between Harry and Ginny, then grabbed Harry's hand and put his arm around him.

"Good god Ronald." Hermione rolled her eyes "You're so mental."

"Not to mention predictable." Ginny rolled her eyes "That's the oldest bit in the book."

Ron shrugged, rubbing his arm where Harry had punched him. "Fred and George did it to Bill and everyone laughed...and George did it Percy too."

"They're funnier than you are." Ginny said as she allowed Ron to lead her away from Harry and Hermione who had began to dance as well.

"Did I tell you Ginny?" Ron smiled down at his only sister "You look stunning?"

"No..."Ginny stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek "Thank you."

"Was it everything you dreamed it would be?" He grinned "Marrying Harry at last?"

"Well, I never imagined my nephew would comment about his mothers boobs during the ceremony..." Ginny giggled

"Well, what do you expect?" Ron laughed "Look who his father is."

"And he is Fred's namesake." Ginny nodded "But in answer to your question...It was perfect. The only thing that would have made it more..." her eyes teared up a little

"I know." Ron sighed "Hard to believe it's been five years, isn't it?"

Ginny nodded "Fred wouldn't have wanted us to mourn him, he would have wanted us to remember him and laugh..."

Ron grinned "Preferably while blowing something up."

- - -

"...and, the hero won the girl's heart and went off into the sunset..."Hermione had an incredibly dreamy look in her eyes "...And they lived Happily...Ever...After..."

Harry grinned "With Ron and Hermione living a yard away."

Harry wasn't kidding, they really had bought houses that were back to back with a yard between them. They had already torn down the fence that separated them and were considering putting in a pool.

Hermione grinned "Funny how things work out, isn't it?"

"Still think you and Ginny planned it that way." Harry smiled "Not that I really mind."

"I just thank Merlin that George and Luna live all the way out here. She's going to yell at him for the next fifty years for teaching Freddie that nasty little phrase."

"Ahem..." Harry turned as he was tapped on the shoulder.

"May I cut in?" Draco stood, grinning ear to ear.

Harry bowed and went to find Molly and Arthur to see if their was word from St. Mungo's yet.

"Well Draco Malfoy!" Hermione teased "Going to dance with the mudblood are you?"

"God Granger!" Draco chastised with a small grin "Don't use that foul word. A person would think you were a Slytherin."

"Heaven forbid!" Hermione laughed "It's a shame your parent's couldn't be here."

Draco nodded "They wanted to be, along with most of the wizarding world." He grinned "But Dr. Toyoki invited them to speak at the conference for Magical Relations in Japan. They're having a hell of a time with that rising Yokai rebellion."

Hermione nodded "That's all they talk about at work these days. I really hope the Yokai can learn from the mistakes the Wizarding World made. I'd hate to imagine a Yokai Voldemort, wouldn't you?"

"Well, they already had one, Naraku, but that was centuries ago, and he targeted everyone, not just muggles." He shrugged "It took my father forty-five years to figure out that no good can be had from evil, nor one race trying to rule over another, lets hope these guys are smarter."

"You really have grown into a wonderful man Draco Malfoy."

"You too Granger." He laughed "Not a man, but, you know what I mean. But then, I imagine you were pretty wonderful all along...I was just too self-absorbed to notice."

Hermione blushed and grinned "You know, that's the second time you've called me Granger, It's Weasley now you know."

"You'll always be Granger to me..." Draco laughed "Granger."

"You know what this means of course." Hermione smiled "With Harry and Ginny married, that leaves you."

Draco sighed "The only person I want to spend my life with is married to someone else...and currently in labor I might add."

Hermione grinned devilishly "Well, after what Freddie said today during the wedding, she just might be a widow soon."

Draco smiled, but didn't laugh, thinking of how wished that he COULD wish for that. But he found solace in the fact that Luna was incredibly happy. It would be enough for him...for now. He wasn't giving up hope, he would find her, his Luna.

- - -

Ron smiled down at Hermione as she rested her cheek on his chest.

"What are you smiling about?" She asked as he pecked her on the forehead.

"Look at Mum." He nodded over to where Molly sat with Freddie. "I haven't seen her looking so happy since we all graduated from school."

"She was so proud of you, Ginny and George." Hermione sighed, remembering how her mother in law had cried when George had given her Fred's Hogwarts diploma. It now rested in a place of honor above the mantle along with his medals and picture.

"Not just us..." He pulled her tighter against him "You and Harry too...you're more than just her daughter in law you know, like I told Harry earlier today...you two have been family since day one."

"Your parents are amazing people Ron."


George brushed Luna's sweat damped hair out of her face, her hand held tightly in his.

"Your doing great Luna. Just a little more." He smiled and kissed her "I love you so much."

Luna took a deep breath "I love you too, even if you did teach our son to have a foul mouth and ruined your sisters wedding because of it."

George buried his head in his free hand. Even if labor she wasn't going to let it go!

Another contraction began.

"Okay Luna..." The healer said encouragingly "This is it...push really hard."

Luna nodded and pushed with all her might, screaming as the baby's head pushed free of the birth canal. Then one shoulder was through, and finally as the other came free the rest of the body slid out with ease.

"It's a girl!" The healer grinned as the Weasley's newborn daughter began to cry loudly.

"A girl!" Luna laughed as George kissed her.

He grinned, taking the scissors and cutting the cord. The baby was laid on Luna's chest, the healer assistant cleaning her as George and Luna smiled at each other over her head of bright red curls.

"You got your daughter." George looked adoringly into Luna's eyes, his look something close to whorship. "Now we have one of each."

The assistant took the baby to weigh her as Luna felt the contractions come again, and the placenta was delivered.

The nurse brought the baby back, now diapered and capped, wrapped in a soft pink blanket.

"She's perfect." The assistant said as she handed the baby to Luna. "7 lbs, 4 ounces. 19 ½ inches long."

"I thought she felt smaller than Freddie." Luna laughed

"Well, Freddie was almost ten pounds." George grinned "This little girl is going to be small and adorable, just like her mummy."

Luna raised an eyebrow "And will she have Mummy's Boob's?"

"She can't have Mummy's boob's" George grinned "those belong to daddy."

Luna laughed despite herself.

"We never settled on a girls name." He stroked his little girls cheek.

"What do you think?"

"I don't care." George shook his head, tears pooling in his eyes "We already have a Freddie, how about Georgie?"

"But...we might have another boy" Luna said reasonably "don't you want your next son to have your name?"

George smirked "You're already thinking ahead to next time?" he kissed her again "She must have been easier...when you were delivering Freddie you threatened me with home sterilization if I ever touched you again."

"That was then." Luna shrugged "We have to save George for our next son."

"Whatever you want."

Luna thought for a minute. "How about Lavender? She was such a wonderful friend to me, Ginny and Hermione...I'd like to remember her in some way."

"I like it." George smiled "Still need a middle name Mum."

"I was thinking...how about Ginevra? Ginny would love that." Luna sighed "And it might stop her from killing you for ruining her wedding."

George rolled his eyes, careful to not let Luna see him doing it.

"Lavender Ginevra." George tested the name. "I think we have a name." He kissed his daughters cheek. "Hello Lavender Ginevra Weasley. You are an incredibly, beautiful little girl, do you know that?"

Luna looked up into George's eyes. Flashes of the past flitted through her mind as she stared into the light brown depths, thinking about how much they'd gone through to get where they were today. So much pain, so much heartbreak.

"Were so blessed George." she said as a tear escaped "So many time's I thought I had lost you forever."

George brushed his knuckles down her cheek.

" I fell in love with you the moment you stepped into the shop and informed Percy that I hadn't killed myself. I never stopped loving you Luna. Even when you kept pushing me away...something in me just couldn't give up."

"I'm so glad you didn't..." Luna sighed and rubbed her cheek over her daughters soft hair "I was such an idiot."

"Well, I was a royal arse at times too, so, I wouldn't blame yourself too much."

"But, Look George...look at all we have now. All my dreams have come true."

"You are my dreams Luna Weasley." George smiled and rested his forehead on hers. "All my dreams come true."

- - -

Arthur hurried into the tent, his face alight with excitement.

"Sonorus" He held his wand to his neck to amplify his voice...

"I have an important announcement to make." He grinned madly "I'm a grandpa again!"

Loud cheers erupted in the crowded tent.

"George and Luna just had a baby girl, Lavender Ginevra Weasley...7lbs, 4 ounces, 19 ½ inches long!"

Arthur reversed the spell and rushed to his wifes side while happy chatter went on around them.

"Oh!" Ginny said, her eyes sparkling with tears

Harry pulled her close and kissed her, grinning like mad. " Just married and I am already a new uncle... and you have a namesake."

"Well..." Ginny grinned "Knowing George, he probably just did it to keep me from killing him for what Freddie did during the wedding."

"Your terribly suspicious Mrs. Potter." Harry said and he pulled her into his arms as a slow song started.

"Well, I am married to the top auror in the world." She laughed as she lay her cheek against his chest "I imagine it rubs off."

Harry watched over her head as Arthur took Molly's hand to lead her out onto the dance floor. He kissed her, then pulled her into his arms and held her close. After thirty-five years, they still looked like young lovers who had just discovered each other.

Harry swore to himself that he and Ginny would be just like them. They would follow the values that they Arthur and Molly Weasley had taught their children...to trust and respect one another...no matter how much they argued, no matter what difficulties came their way. And one day, they would teach that to their own children.

Harry swore that he would always remember what he felt at this very moment. Ginny was his strength, his soul mate, and she always would be... Always.

"Oh Harry..." Ginny breathed, her eyes moist with tears. "Look at my parent's...aren't they just amazing?"

"They are pretty amazing." He smiled down into his wifes eyes and kissed her.

"Just like my wife."

The End



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