A.N - Here it is guys, the very cheesy end to my otherwise quite angsty story. Hope you like it.


Eight Years Later


"Hey, Jesse." I leaned over and kissed my husband on the cheek. "Did you get one too?"

"Yeah," He leaned his head back over the chair he was sitting on and caught my lips. "Can you believe it?"

I shook my head in the negative as I sat on the chair next to him, snuggling into his chest as I looked down at the paper in my hand.

The Junipero Serra Mission Academy wishes to invite you
Susannah De Silva
To your 10th High School Reunion on

The rest of the notice was just dates and times but it was still a scary thought – going back to high school was always a scary thought.

"Do you want to go?" I asked him.

"Are you kidding me?" He wrapped his arms around me excitedly. "Of course! I have to show off my family!"

I smiled as his hand came to rest on my barely showing stomach. In five months time, Jesse will have a baby girl to fawn over. And I know he will, judging by how he reacted to his son, now two.

Rolling my eyes, I kissed his cheek.

"I guess I have to go shopping then."

Jesse just laughed and jokingly called for me to not spend too much.

Not having an actual hall in the Mission to host an event like this, a room had been rented in the Pebble Beach Hotel and Golf Resort where I'd worked every summer from when I'd moved here until when I joined college.

"Oh, my gosh," I clutched Jesse's arm where my arm rested in the crook of his elbow. "It looks so beautiful."

Jesse merely smiled, used, by now, to my easily amazed ways. He kissed my cheek in an attempt to placate me.

"Oh, thank God!" Debbie Mancuso dragged my stepbrother behind her as she darted towards us. "You two are together. Finally!"

We just smiled at each other.

"About time." Brad wasn't impressed. He'd heard this story a thousand times. Or, you know, his girlfriend was tiring. "So, like, when did you, you know, hook up?"

Jesse wrapped an arm around my shoulder proudly.

"Oh, eig-" I nudge him in the ribs with my elbow. "Nine years."

"Wow." Debbie's eyes widened. "So, just after high school?"

We nodded.

"And you're…?" She trailed off, waiting for us to fill in the gaps.

"Happily married." I filled in.

"With a son." Jesse input and I rolled my eyes. He was such a dad. "And a daughter on the way."

"I'm so happy for you guys!" Debbie, shockingly, walked forward and hugged me. "And so jealous of you, Suze." She whispered in my ear. "Jesse is gorgeous."

I laughed loudly.

"Thank you." I smiled. "Excuse us."

Jesse's arm moved from my shoulders to my waist and rested his hand on my stomach.

"Sheesh, Jess," I scolded. "Could you get any more protective."

But he wasn't listening to me; his eyes had narrowed on something – or, rather, someone – across the room.

And the next thing I knew, Paul Slater was walking towards us, having left his date for the evening (Debbie's best friend Kelly Prescott, of course) to talk to us.

"Yes," he spoke through gritted teeth as his arm tightened. "I think I can."

I hadn't seen Paul since he'd been in jail and I'd been allowed to leave the hospital. Making this the first time I'd seen him in a while.

"Hey Suze," he greeted sheepishly. "Jesse."

"Paul." Jesse nodded in his direction, not giving me chance to speak.

The scar he'd left in my shoulder started to itch, as if it knew that its cause was standing in front of me. I raised my hand to rub it self-consciously.

"How are you Suze?" He pointedly looked at where my hand was, obviously noticing my discomfort.

"I'm fine." I smiled widely and falsely. "Just dandy."

He raised his eyebrow at me, obviously not believing me but choosing not to push.

"So, when did you get out of the slammer?" Jesse's question was spoken coldly.

Judging by Paul's shifty and guilty behaviour, it was hard to remember that he'd ever been the cocky teenager he once was. Jail had really done a number on him.

"Um, a few months ago?" His hand shakily travelled through his hair. "Look, Suze, I'm really sorry, for everything –"

Jesse's hand flexed on my stomach, drawing Paul's attention to his wedding ring, as well as my swollen stomach,

"Oh," his shock was evident and his tone monotonous. "Congratulations."

"Thank you." Jesse's voice was warm, proud of his family.

"How long?"

"We've been married four years," I told him. "We had our first son two years ago."

"And another one on the way?"

"A girl," Jesse smiled.

"Congratulations." Paul repeated.

"I think," I began slowly. "That you should maybe go back to Kelly now?"

He nodded and moved to walk away from us, only stopping when I called his name softly. When he turned to face me, I hugged him quickly.

"Thank you." He mouthed at me, nodding and then leaving again.

"You," I mock-scolded my husband, whacking his chest lightly. "Play nice."

Jesse rolled his eyes tiredly at me.

"Yes ma'am," he quipped stoically before relenting and pressing a light kiss to my lips.

"How's Cris, do you reckon?"

"He'll be fine," Jesse calmed me. "You know Adam will look after him – he does have a child of his own, you know."

I smiled as I thought about Cee Cee and Adam's child, Isabelle. She was adorable, and part of the reason that Jesse and I had wanted to try for another.

"I hope they're getting on." Jesse played the role of the cool dad. I, on the other hand, was the worried mom. "You know, Adam and Izzy and Cristiano."

"They'll be fine, querida. I promise."

"I guess you're right." Sighing, I leaned into Jesse's chest. "I guess it's lucky that Cee Cee has that business trip this weekend. I couldn't think about leaving Cris with a stranger."

Jesse didn't even try to tell me that we would have left him with my mom, or his sisters – the youngest of which were sixteen, and desperate for money. He knew that I knew it, just as he knew that I knew I was overreacting.

"And when little Lorena Jaid comes along, she'll be fine too."

"Lorena Jaid?" The name fell off of my lips smoothly, already comfortable being there.

"Yeah," Jesse smiled and directed us towards the seats, kissing my stomach softy when we were sat down. "I mean, if you like it."

"Jesse," I sighed and looked up at him happily. "I love it!"

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder protectively and comfortably. I loved being in his embrace. It made me feel so safe and warm. Like I was home.

"Lorena Jaid De Silva," I tested the name happily. "It has a ring to it, don't you think?"