Well, welcome to you, Reader! I know what you may be thinking: 'Hey, I thought it was a fiction, not an author twaddle!' but don't worry, it won't be too long (or so I hope). The point is that before we start, I need to settle a few things.

So, first warning: this fiction involves yaoi (guy love) so if you don't like it, if you think it's disgusting and everything, please, do not read. However, if you decide to read it anyway, don't blame me for it: you were warned.

Now, secondly, I'm French...

Well, this implies two main things:
- as English is not my mother tongue, there may be a few grammatical mistakes, even though I'm beta-read by the wonderful HarryPotter'sgirl17. Anyway, if you can spot some mistakes, tell me so I'll be able to correct them.
- as the French school system is rather different from the British or American ones, I met a few problems. However, I chose to display something rather close to the French school system, as it's the one I know best. It means that a few things about school organization, etc. might sound strange to you, so don't hesitate to ask me explanations. One of them is that high school lasts three years in this fiction; as Sheik is a second-year student, he is about sixteen.

Another thing: Sheik is a separate male character from Zelda. I know it's different in the game, but he's not a high school teen either so I though it wasn't needed to give a plausible explanation.

To finish, I think I'll update this fiction once a fortnight. I know some authors are quick enough to update once a week, but I write really, really slowly in English. Moreover, I've got a lot of homework to do, so it shall be once a fortnight (no arguing!).

Now, I hope you'll enjoy reading this story. And don't forget to send me some reviews, even though you dislike a few things (as long as you keep polite)!

Episode 1: Welcome Back

'Well, here we are,' my father says matter-of-factly as the car stops in front of the gate.

Yes, here we are. I lean my forehead against the window and stare at the buildings that stand at the end of the path. Quickly, mist forms on the glass. Now, the gate seems lost in fog, and it looks even gloomier than before. Today is the first day of my second year at Hyrule High School. I should feel excited, sad, desperate, ill-at-ease or something like that. But I don't feel anything. Well, actually, I do feel something: I feel empty. It seems as though I am daydreaming. Everything looks unreal. The leather scent of the car, my father's voice, the radio songs, the shining drops of water in the front yard grass. Unreal.

'I'll leave your luggage at the reception. Will you be OK, Sheik?' my father asks me.

He's a thin tall man, with the same golden hair as mine. He's wearing a dark suit that makes him look like a sharp businessman or some undertaker's assistant. Actually, he works for the government, at intelligence service; he's part of the Sheikah Unit, which means I don't really know what his job consists in. But it's a mere façade: in fact he's just a nice and overprotective daddy.

'I'm not four anymore you know. I think I'll be able to find my way along this alley.' I answer with a smirk.

'So I think this is a goodbye till Christmas holiday, isn't it?'

'Yeah, I think so too.' I open the door, grab my bag and get out of the car. Then I turn to my father: 'Bye!' I said waving my hand in a silly way. And then I close the door at the sound of some 'take care of yourself' speech and move towards the building. Behind me, I hear the car screeching on the gravel. My father's gone.

I stay here for a few seconds, in front of the open gate. I can't help but chuckle to myself, remembering how excited I was last year. This gate has seemed to be some passage out of childhood. Now I know just crossing an alley don't make you grow up like that. However, the emptiness I felt has now been replaced by a queasy happiness. I'm going to see my friends again, and after two months and a half of boring family holidays, this thought cheers me up.

Oddly, the front yard is totally empty. I glance at my watch and quickly solve out this mystery. As ever, my father has dropped me hardly five minutes before the day starts. So I hurry up towards the front steps and get into the entrance hall. The school buildings look like an old castle or covenant, so I'm facing huge wooden stairs and high ceilings inside. There are more students here: afraid newcomers from first year, giggling third year girls, noisy teens in general. I slide my way to the left wall which the class lists are put on. Well, let's check who I'm with this year.

Here I am! "Sheik Spyer", that's me! And just below my own name is written another one which makes my heart loop the loop. Link Sylvest. Oh! thank you Nayru! We're are in the same form this year too. And as I look up the list, I can see that my class is quite the same as last year. There are people I strongly dislike, but at least I'm with my friends.

Suddenly, the bell rings, deafening and as grim as a knell. Damn it! I'm going to be late at my first lesson if I don't hurry up. So I glance quickly at the room number I'm supposed to get to and run up the stairs. If I'm a bit lucky, I'll be able to get there before my professor do. But of course, as you probably already know, we're never lucky when it's needed.

'Spyer!' a voice snaps at me as I rush through a third floor corridor. 'What are you doing!'

I freeze. I can't help sighing. I've been here for only two little minutes and I'm already in troubles. And into big troubles, judging from the tap-dancing sound of high-heel shoes coming closer. Turning around, I meet the small ugly woman I was dreading for: Gohma, the main supervisor. She's wearing her usual black suit – anyone would think she's got a entire wardrobe full of similar clothes – and a tight bun that makes her look as mean and strict as she really is. There is nothing in her appearance to suggest any kind of imagination or of kindness. Actually, I think she looks like a black widow; you know, those spiders that kill their husbands. For I'm sure she could have.

'So? I'm waiting for an answer,' she says sharply.

'Well, I'm trying to be on time at my first lesson,' I tell her, trying to sound relaxed and confident.

'No, you're not.'

My jaw drops open in astonishment. I cannot have understood well. I mean: I was trying not to be late indeed, so what the hell is she getting at?

'I beg your pardon Madam?' I ask as politely as my frustration allows me.

'I am going to tell you what you were doing, boy. You were running in the corridors.'

If I didn't know Gohma as much as I do, I'd think she's kidding. But the fact is Gohma never jokes about anything. And particularly not about rules.

'As I've just told you, I haven't got much time so...'

'So you're overstepping the rules,' she ends as her eyes sharpens in a threatening way behind her rectangular spectacles.

Farore! The more I talk, the worse it's getting! Now, I'm positive I'll be late. Which means I'll be in other troubles as far as I've handled these ones. Really, I'm surpassing myself today.

'Er... Actually, as it is very rude to be late on the first lesson of the year, I thought I could... er... let's say forget this little detail just one single time.' Oh Din! I sound so unconvincing!

'You thought wrong, boy.' This sentence sounds like some kind of a death sentence. Cold, emotionless, metallic. A computer would've sounded more cheerful indeed.

Suddenly, she comes closer to me and holds up a threatening finger. 'It's OK for this time, Spyer, for we are on the very first day. But let me warn you,' she mutters, tapping on my chest with her index. 'Next time I catch you running in the corridors, I'll make you scour the toilets with a toothbrush. Is that clear?'

I swallow. 'Perfectly Madam.'

'Now get off!'

Only too willing to do so, I leave her quickly, striding but not running. When I eventually get to the room I'm supposed to be already in, I find the door closed. Damn it! The lesson's started. So I suck in my breath and knock. A second goes by, then another. I'm getting nervous. Perhaps I didn't come to the right room. But as I check the number above the door, it seems to be the right one. Had my father dropped me earlier, I wouldn't have been in such troubles. But actually, it was my fault: if I had got up a bit earlier, we'd have left home on time. I wish I were a bit less lazy sometimes.

Eventually, after ages, the door opens. I step in to see all my classmates staring at me, and so does Mr Rauru Light, my history teacher. He's a small man, a bit plumpish, with greying hair and moustache. He's wearing old-fashion shirt and velvet trousers and his finger are tapping on his thread-bare leather bag, lying on the desk. He's obviously angry with my being late.

'Congratulations, Spyer,' he says with a sarcastic voice. 'You managed to arrive later than Mr Zora.'

Straight away, I can here a few people giggling. And for good reason! Ralis Zora has never attended a lesson on time in his entire life. But right now I don't really feel like laughing.

'I'm really sorry, sir. I met Gohma...'

'Mrs. Gohma.'

'Yes, I met Mrs Gohma so I was a bit delayed.'

Mr Light rises an eyebrow. 'A bit?'

I glance at my watch. Well, quarter an hour late, that's a good score. After being told off for five other minutes in front of everybody, I'm gently invited to pick up a timetable on the desk, to take a seat and to pray the goddesses people forsake me. So I'm looking for a free table and I suddenly notice my best friend, Komali, who's discreetly waving at me. He kept a seat for me! He's so nice!

Even though the morning hasn't gone so well, I feel happy now. OK, I realize I may sound a bit silly, being happy just because my friend kept me a seat, so it must be time for some explanations. Komali is coffee-skinned, dark brown-eyed and has got dark brown hair too. He looks cool, friendly, and he is. But the problem is that he's the shyest boy in the whole high school. He is unable to speak in front of a crowd, he often stammers and nearly collapse anytime he has to talk to an adult or worse, a girl. So it must have been really hard for him to keep me this seat, and that's why I feel so grateful.

As I'm sitting next to him, he winks at me with a smirk. 'Not even nine o'clock and already in troubles with both Gohma and Light, well done! Shall I say "Welcome back"?'

'It won't be necessary,' I answer but I add no more. I've got enough problems this morning for risking being caught chatting.

As I turn to look toward the board, I notice that I'm sitting just behind Link. Komali's so great to have kept me this seat! Hey, wait a minute! What do you mean by 'which link'? Link is a person! Remember the 'loop the loop' boy? No, I definitely didn't say loopy. I was talking about the name which made my heart loop the loop, but forget it. Link is the blond guy wearing a green hoody at the second row, you see? Well, I'm stupid, of course you don't.

Well, Link is about two inches and a half taller than me, athletic, smart. He's got golden hair, deep aquamarine eyes and a skin as pale as moonlight. And when he laughs! Oh my Din! He's got the sexiest laugh I've ever heard! If I had to sum him up to three words, it would be: smart, cool and gorgeous. He's the guy everybody likes, the guy every girl craves for going out with. He usually wears a green top – green fits him so well – with baggy jeans and a bonnet, which he has put off right now for we are in a classroom.

What? Do I sound as if I wanted to go out with him? Well, the point is that I actually want to go out with him. Indeed, I even think I'm in love with him. And that's quite the problem. I mean, I'm a guy – didn't you guessed? – and so is he. So even though we get on quite well, I don't see why he would be interested in me. Moreover, I'm rather discreet. Not shy at all, but discreet. So with Darunia being so funny and Ruto trying to catch his attention by wearing miniskirt always shorter – I sometimes wonder whether they're not only belts –, I don't know how he would notice me. But there's always hope, you never know.

So I spend the entire lesson staring at Link's golden locks and pale neck. I strongly feel like kissing it, but of course it would be the most foolish thing I'd have ever done. But at least, the bell rings the end of the history class, putting a stop to my musings. I can help but shake my head. I didn't put down any notes. I'll have to ask Malon to lend me hers.

'See, we got Mrs Impa Shadow as math teacher this year,' Komali tells me as we're walking to the next class. 'She's said to be awful.'

'Yeah, I know,' I say grimly. 'She's a good friend of my Mum. Indeed, she's supposed to be my godmother even if I never met her.'

Komali's eyes widens in amazement. 'Really?'

'Do I sound as if I was kidding?'

'Yes, you do.'

'Well, I'm not...'

We keep on arguing all the way long, till we get to the next lesson. And so the day goes by. When the last lesson of the afternoon is over, I leave Komali and make my way to Gohma's office. I don't want to see her again today but I don't have the choice: as I arrived late this morning, I wasn't able to go and pick my room key up. Fortunately – if I may say so – Gohma is not in her office. Instead, I meet Miss Skulltula, her assistant who's not really more friendly. A few explanations later, I've got my key and I can lead my way to my room.

However, I as turn left in a corridor, I crash into someone. Unfortunately, this someone occurs to be Zant Nightfall. For Nayru's sake! Didn't I get enough troubles for today?

'Watch your steps, Spyer!' he roars. He's much taller and stronger than me, so it was not a good idea to annoy him. Anyway, when do I have good ideas since?

'I'm sorry, I didn't see you coming,' I try to apologise.

'A small twerp like you should watch where he's going,' he answers scornfully.

'Why? 'Cause I could bump into a bigger twerp like you?' I'm OK with apologising, but not with being insulted. And neither is Zant obviously. He grabs my collar, threatening, and then tackles me violently against the wall. For sure, he's going to punch me right in the face.

'Zant, let him go!' says a voice I know well.

'Mind your own business Link,' Zant tells harshly.

Link gets closer, obviously not willing to let him hit me. 'This is my business now,' he says with a firm voice.

'What's the problem? Is he your boyfriend?' Zant asks in a sarcastic tone.

'You got it, he's my boyfriend, so let him go,' Link keeps on calmly.

Even though I know Link didn't think any word of the "boyfriend" thing, I can help some warm shiver in my chest.

'Or what? You'll go and tell your Mum?'

Slowly, Link leans against the wall, next to us. Then, after a brief silence, he says casually: 'Or Gohma might find out who left cigarette butts lying around in the bog.'

Instantaneously, Zant turns pallid. He looks as if he wants to say something, but the words remain stuck in his throat. Then, he gives us a last angry glance, lets me go and strides away. I sigh, I've been lucky at least one time today. I turn to look at Link; he's grinning.

'I think it's time for me to say "thank you very much",' I whisper, blushing lightly.

'Oh, you're very welcome you know. Zant is just a stupid show-off. I don't like him either.'

We start walking to the West wing, which all the student rooms are in. I'd like to say something funny but I can't think about anything cool to tell him. I feel so stupid like that. I don't know what to do with my hands. I must look like a monkey with my arms swinging this way. And my walk is so robot-like. I've been longing for a moment alone with him for the whole summer and now I've got it, I can't make the most of it.

'How did you know he left cigarette butts in the toilets?' I eventually ask, as curious as I'm willing to start a conversation.

Link looks at me mischievously, smirks, and then says: 'I didn't know. Now I do.'

And so I smirk back.

'I'm in room 23-5,' I tell him. 'What about you?'

'23-3, so we'll share the same common room. Cool, isn't it?'

Yes, that's cool! After all, this first day was not so bad.