Title: Drabble: In My Time of Dying

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: nautika

Rate: K+

Disclaimer: Not mine, though the bunny is.

Warning: Angst/Character death. Partly movie verse.

Summary: He had made a mistake, that lead to the breaking of the Fellowship.

A/N: Was written for OAA Prompt # 80: Guilt

Special A/N: I dedicate it to Nautika for being a great friend and beta-reader.

Amon Hen

He was sworn to protect, and yet he failed.

A Ring. The Ring that could bring restore his father' rule as he will be the one the bring salvation to Gondor, and the power. The Ring caused his fall.

Now, as he looked back, everything seemed to be lost; Frodo saw him as a stranger.

Lost, Boromir was lost in Death's eyes, feeling a deep shame in himself, falling under the Ring's spell and for failing to keep his oath.

Even as Aragorn tried to ease his pain, Boromir's guilt showed on his face, he knew that he was the cause of breaking of the Fellowship.