Story: Tayuya has left the Sound Village. She breaks into the house of Shikamaru, and both of them recognize each other from the past. Why did she leave the village, what's she doing in Konoha? Can Shikamaru somehow help her,even though she's an enemy? ShikaTayu

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A/N: Before we begin I would like to let you know a few basic things about the story and setting. I have always liked Shikamaru x Tayuya and I haven't seen many fanarts or fanfics about it. That's why I wanted to try and write one. The two main characters are Shikamaru and Tayuya. But many other characters will be involved as well. Eventually a few original characters will show up. The story takes place somewhere during part 2 in the manga/anime. Shikamaru is 15 years old, and Tayuya is 17. The story will contain a mix of drama, romance, action, suspense, horror and of course some comedy.

My English is good, but not perfect. So don't be too surprised if you see a few mistakes in the grammar. I do my best. Also, take note that Tayuya will swear a lot! It's part of her character.

Shadows and Melodies

Written by Blood Shinobi (I also sometimes go by the name of Blood Raven)

Chapter 1: An unexpected visitor

It was in the middle of the night in Konoha, the Hidden Leaf village, and Nara Shikamaru's sleepiness manifested itself with a deep yawn. Cracking noises were heard from the joints in his weary limbs as he stretched and twisted them to ease himself of the stiffness in them. It had been a very long and troublesome day for him. Usually he would have spent the day like the rest of his free time by relaxing and going through life the lazy way by looking at clouds, play a game of chess with a friend or simply take a nap. Unfortunately the day had been more eventful than what he had wished for.

The day had begun with him waking up extra early in order to teach a class of academy students for six hours on how to improve chakra control. The kids were very young and inexperienced, and had it hard in the beginning to understand their teacher's explanations and demonstrations. Immediately after the class was dismissed, Shikamaru barely got a chance to step outside the Academy to catch some refreshing air and get something to eat as he received an urgent mission from a Konoha messenger sent by the council. The urgent operation assigned him to travel to a nearby town in the Fire Country to investigate some reported trouble; apparently bandits had been causing trouble upon travellers coming to and from the village. He did more than he was asked to as he investigated the problem and dealt with it by fighting, and capturing a half a dozen of simple low life bandits with the help of his impressive array of jutsus and quick mind. Small groups of non-shinobis armed with simple weapons and no combat training were only a minimal threat for any skilled and experienced shinobi.

However, the day was not yet even half over for him. Due to shortage in available shinobis, it had taken longer than expected for backup to arrive and aid Shikamaru in moving the bandits to the nearest prison. There was not much he could do to pass his time, other than sit on a tree stump and keep watch over his prisoners who were hardly useful for being social, especially since most of them were unconscious. Those who were awake though constantly yelled at Shikmaru, telling him what a bastard he was, and that they would get their revenge on him as soon as they got free. Shikamaru however only ignored them as well as he could. The constant shouting and cursing prevented him from enjoying a moment of peaceful silence of looking at the white clouds in the sky. He could not even take a nap, in case any of the bandits would somehow break from their ropes. After what had seemed to be the longest afternoon ever, two other Leaf Chuunins had finally come to assist the young Nara.

After a long and tiresome walk back to his house, his shins ached from over work. Finally, after a lot of effort, he could call it a day go to sleep. It was in times like that, Shikamaru pondered why he had become a shinobi in the first place. He had only signed up at the academy so many years ago because his father wanted to, and not because he felt for it. Unlike the other kids, Shikamaru did not become a shinobi because he thought it would be a cool job that could give him a good chance to earn money, see the world, become famous and get lots of girls like some stereotype hero. Even today, after having been a Shinobi since he was twelve, he had it hard to answer his own question.

He dipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out the key leading to the front door of his parents' house. The lock clicked audibly and the door swung open. As soon as he stepped inside the dark house, his honed shinobi trained senses warned him that something was amiss. The temperature that enveloped him seemed almost glacial by comparison to the lukewarm night he had just exited. He flinched slightly as he heard the sound of breaking glass coming from the nearby kitchen. Since Shikamaru's parents were away on vacation, and he did not expect any company, it could only mean one thing.

Someone is breaking into my house!

Without a second's hesitation, Shikamaru pulled out a concealed kunai from behind his waist. Even when he was off duty as a shinobi and going out with his friends, he never left the house without at least one kunai. One could never be too careful. Creating as little noise as possible, he quietly approached the entrance to the kitchen where the sounds were coming from, and pressed his back up to the left side of the door frame. From the other side of the wall, Shikamaru could hear someone violently searching through drawers, cupboards and shelves without any care for the content at all, as several glasses and tableware items fell crashing to the floor. He carefully peeked around the corner, looking into the pitch black kitchen.

Only the large kitchen window that let in the dim moon light offered a vague light bluish brightness for illumination. His eyes saw the back and undefined outline of the intruder, but the lack of light made it hard for him to see any details. He could not even tell if it was a man or woman. He could rush in with his knife ready, but that could be risky, considering that he did not know if this person was a simple burglar or someone with shinobi training such as himself. Besides, Shikamaru disliked killing, and if possible he wanted to capture the intruder without spilling any blood for either of them. He holstered his kunai and put his hands together into his trademark hand seal.

Kage Kubi Shibari no jutsu! (Shadow neck binding technique)

The shadow around Shikamaru's feet grew and expanded itself in front of him, travelling along the floor, snaking its way around the corner of the door frame and towards the burglar's feet without making any sound at all. It latched itself around the feet, and then, the shadows quickly moved up along the body and manifested itself as two pairs of shadowy hands that coiled around the person's limbs and body like snakes. The black hands were flat and had no psychical shape, yet they felt very real and strong. Immediately the arms pinned the intruder frozen before there was a chance to escape. A low gasp of surprise was heard, followed by a more irritated grunt as the intruder tried to move his or her body.

Kage kubi shibari… success! Now let's see who we have here…

No matter the situation, Shikamaru always smiled every time he managed to capture an opponent with his famous clan shadow techniques. Not letting himself wait, he stepped inside the dark kitchen and flicked a button on the wall, turning on the lights in the ceiling. At first, the harsh light stung his eyes, and he squinted, gradually lifting his lids as his pupils adjusted to the amount of light entering them. When his vision finally adapted, the back of the burglar became a clearly defined shape.

Judging by seeing the person's slender, feminine shaped frame, long crimson hair tumbling down from the scalp all the way down to the waist, and wide hips, there was no doubt that the trespasser was a young girl in a similar size and age as him. She wore tight, black biker shorts and a more loose-fitting, light-grey, thin shirt. Shikamaru also noticed that beneath the grey shirt, she wore a second one, which was black instead and fit tightly against the skin of her body. A pair of black sleeves of the same material and tightness as her shorts and second shirt covered her arms from the wrists up to her elbows. Her feet were sheathed in standard dark blue sandals which gave a small hint that she was indeed a shinobi for it was the same type of sandals most shinobis had. Beneath her knees, her lower legs had been wrapped bandages for clothing.

Shikamaru frowned slightly in confusion. There was something familiar about this girl, and felt confident that he had seen her before. This was hardly the first time he had seen a red haired girl, although that silly looking black and round cap she wore on her head looked awfully familiar. Clearing his throat, he opened his mouth to start communicating with her and find out what was going on.

"Look, I don't know why you have broken into my house, but messing up my kitchen was a bad idea. I wanted nothing more than to jump straight into bed after a long days work. Now I've no choice but to escort you to the police station and clean the house."

He sighed heavily, crossing his arms while gazing around the messy kitchen. What he saw inspired a throbbing headache. Broken, spiky shards of glass pieces crumbled beneath the weight of his foot as he took a step closer towards her. The only response Shikamaru got from the girl was weak panting and grunting as she fought to move, but the shadow technique held her firmly in place. A slight dripping noise caught the attention of Shikamaru's ears. At the girl's feet, crimson drops were dripping down on the floor, forming into a tiny puddle where she was standing.

She's hurt. Maybe she broke in here to get medical supplies?

"You…! It can't be!" She whispered angrily back. He held his breath, taking his gaze from her feet to look at the back of her head once again. Even her voice sounded familiar to him. Still, he couldn't place where he had seen or heard her before.

"Save your energy. Now let's turn you around, eh? I want to see the face of the thief that breaks into my house!" Using his shadow technique, he manipulated the shadow arms around her body to force her to turn her 180 degrees around; her futile resistance was diminishing every moment, as all her struggling did was sap her remaining strength. As soon as the girl's face came into view in the light, Shikamaru's eyes widened and his mouth dropped; he knew this person! Instantly he grabbed his kunai again and went into a battle pose, ready to attack or defend if necessary. This was not a normal burglar.

I can't believe she is alive! The last time I saw her she was crushed beneath a huge tree! What was her name again? It was mentioned a couple of times while we tried to get Sasuke back from those Sound nins. Tatuyu? Tuyaya?...

His mind recalled backwards a couple of years ago, when he was thirteen years old, recently promoted to chuunin and assigned to pursue a four-man sound team that had ´captured´ Uchiha Sasuke to bring him to their master, the Sannin and leader of the Sound village, Orochimaru. The girl in front of him was part of that enemy team. He had fought her in mortal combat, and nearly lost his life. The battle had ended with Shikamaru receiving help from the one of the three sand siblings, Temari who quickly finished the enemy off. He had thought of his enemy to be dead ever since. Apparently he was wrong, as she stood in front of him, fully alive.

"Tayuya!?" He said her real name. Obviously she remembered who Shikamaru was as well, and she was definitely not happy to see him.

"I don't fucking believe it! There are thousands of houses in this damn village, and I had to pick the one YOU live in?!" She yelled furiously.

But something did not look right with Tayuya, for she did not look like a Sound shinobi performing an infiltration mission in the Leaf Village. Her skin and clothes were dirty and slightly torn, as if she had lived in the wild for quite some time. Her scarlet coloured hair was an unkempt, tousled mess. All of her bruises and cuts, both partially healed and fresh ones on her body told that she had been in plenty of fights in the last few days. She appeared to be somewhat malnourished, and the dark skin below her eyes belied the lack of sleep she had been getting. The cloth on the lower left side of her stomach was stained with fresh blood; the wound was still slowly oozing out blood that ran down along her shirt and trickled down onto the floor, creating a tiny puddle. It did not appear to be a life threatening wound but it looked serious enough to require treatment. She needed medical attention before she could be moved to the police station. He would have called for back up…if Tayuya hadn't ripped out the phone cord earlier.

Why is she not using her curse seal? Both of us know it's powerful enough to break free from my technique. Doesn't she have it anymore? Something isn't right here…

The questions just kept piling up in his head, but he could not work out an answer to any of the mysterious before him. Stepping sideways to one of the cabinets that Tayuya had not searched through, Shikamaru opened it and pulled out a white plastic bag with a red cross on it; a first aid kit. The sight of him showing it to her as if to taunt her only made Tayuya angrier as veins popped out inher temples and her face flushed a dangerous shade of red. She looked like she wanted nothing more than to lunge at Shikamaru and tear him apart with her hands and teeth.

"This is what you were looking for, right?" With his free hand, he held the kit up in front of him. "Setting you free from my technique is too risky, but I don't want you to bleed to death in my kitchen. Blood is very troublesome to clean up and you have messed up enough of my house already."

Just like all trained shinobis, Shikamaru knew the basics of first aid; such as how to treat wounds, splint broken limbs and other necessary things. It seemed risky to stand so close to an enemy, who he knew was highly skilled, also feeling odd that he must give a wounded enemy medical treatment. However, she was an enemy with possible vital information and thus she needed to be kept alive. Not taking his eyes off of her body, Shikamaru carefully walked closer to her. It felt like approaching a wounded, cornered, starving beast. Staring into her hazel eyes that were full of anger felt somewhat unpleasant, so he broke the eye contact by letting his gaze travel downwards along her body. What he saw made him hold his breath for a short moment.

Tayuya had…grown since the last time he saw her. She stood a few of inches taller than from their last encounter three years ago. He remembered her to be nearly flat-chested, but now she had curves that even rivalled his friend and team mate Ino. Her chest had grown enough to form an eye-appealing cleavage. The once girly appearance of her had changed into a more mature looking young woman. Still moving slowly, he kneeled down in front of her and placed his head at the same level as the bleeding wound on her torso. In the position he was in, he had a big disadvantage and needed to move quickly. The girl in front of him could be, and probably was full of tricks. Perhaps she was just waiting for him to get close and lower his guard before she could strike.

"I may not have any special training in how to interrogate prisoners, but why don't you tell me why you're here while I treat your wound?"

"Fuck you!" She spat out. Shikamaru sighed and shook his head. Just the answer he had expected from a hot headed, bad mouthed girl as Tayuya. It seemed her vocabulary and character hadn't changed much since they last met. Her body however…Nevertheless, he did not let her anger or her body distract him from doing his job. As a shinobi it was important to focus and not get sidetracked by simple things such as the beautiful girl he had his face almost pressed up against. He could feel the heat radiating off of her stomach and tried to close his eyes and clear his thoughts…but no such luck.

"Save your strength. You can't escape by cursing at me. You're wounded and I've to bandage you before I take you away for interrogation. That is all."

"Why don't you just slit my throat while you still have the chance!?"

"Is that what you want me to do? It seems you have forgotten. I don't hurt helpless women, especially not killing them. Even though you're an enemy of the Leaf village, I have to keep you alive. Consider yourself lucky for I'm not the type of shinobi who always tries to kill his opponent." Shikamaru hadn't changed much either; he still lived up to his views about hurting females.

"Hah! You don't have it in you, weakling!" She taunted him. This mediocre provocation might have affected other ninjas, but it elicited no angry response from Shikamaru.

"Taunt and yell at me as much as you like, I'm accustomed to it. I've received plenty of that today." Shikamaru was not the slightest bit affected by Tayuya's words. Having a strict mother who almost seemingly enjoyed scolding Shikamaru for the smallest things, as well as having a dominant female team mate had made Shikamaru almost automatically ignore women yelling at him.

Taking a deep breath, Shikamaru carefully lifted the lower part of her shirt up, revealing her bleeding injury. The sight of the gruesome wound might have caused weak hearted and squeamish people to faint or feel nauseous, but seeing blood and gore was nothing new to Shikamaru. After having spent some years as a shinobi, he had grown accustomed to what horrifying scenes and nightmares a battle could reveal. He felt nervous though, not only for being so close to a dangerous girl; his experience with applying first and medical treatment was rather small. Usually a trained medic did the job for him. Even though Tayuya was an enemy, he did not want to exacerbate the situation by screwing up what medical treatment he could provide.

"Let's do this then…This is going to sting." He whispered to her. Out from the first aid bag he extracted a small vial containing of disinfective liquid. Pouring the content of the bottle on a clean tissue, Shikamaru dabbed Tayuya's wound. As soon as the moist bacteria killing tissue touched the open wound, Tayuya hissed loudly and clenched her teeth together so hard that they almost cracked open.

"Damn you!" Her face grimaced, eyes shut tightly, fighting to not give into to the pain. With the other side of the tissue, Shikamaru cleaned and wiped away the blood before he put it down and took out a roll of white gauze bandages from the first aid bag. The bleeding had slowed down and he thought there was no need to stitch is up. He started wrapping the bandages several times around her slender waist. As the pain started to subside, Tayuya asked Shikamaru with a calmer yet still upset voice.

"Why…why are you treating me like this?" The way she said it, it felt like she was being tortured and humiliated at the same time.

"Don't think I'm doing it for you. I'm doing it for the sake of village. You're useless if you die. Alive, you may very well possess sensitive information important to my superiors, and I don't see any easy way of extracting said data from you if you're dead or comatose. Now hold still while I finish dressing your wound." Even after so many years, the Leaf Village were still at war with the Sound Village. They were locked in a stale mate at the moment, where neither village had any advantage over the other. The smallest mistake or opportunity could mean victory or defeat. Maybe this capture could prove to be a turning point in the war...

After all, Tayuya was no normal shinobi. She belonged to Orochimaru's feared elite force. Only the most skilled and loyal were allowed to be part of the small, but deadly group. Not only did the members possess great skills and eternal loyalty, they all also had curse seals which they could use to greatly boost their powers. Many members were part of clans and bloodlines possessing special abilities and jutsus, making the group even more dangerous. With the help of the curse seal, one single member of the elite force could single-handedly wipe out a small Konoha group. Konoha had taken much caution in how to fight the elite sound shinobis. Thankfully, there were so few of them. However, when encountered, casualties were to be expected among the Leaf Shinobis. Each time one was killed there was a relief, but Orochimaru was always looking for new, powerful subjects to replace the losses. With its kill ratio of 90, only the strongest survived the of the seal.

"Alright, I'm done." Shikamaru nodded as the last bit of bandage was applied to her wound. "That should suffice until a trained medic can asses the damage. Now then, time to move you out of my house." Tayuya however was far from cooperative. She was not going to be moved that easily. She started yelling so loudly that it nearly broke her voice, almost awaking the neighbourhood.

"Tsch! Make me! AS SOON AS I GET OUT OF THIS STUPID SHADOW BIND TECHNIQUE I SHALL…" Suddenly Tayuya stopped yelling in mid sentence. In a split second, her flushed face drained of all colour, rendering her in an uncanny appearance to that of a ghost come back from the other side. Her eyes rolled back behind their lids and she fell forward. Shikamaru darted out and swooped his arms around her upper body until her frail, limp figure before she could hit the floor and gently lowered her to the floor. The combination of blood loss, starvation and lack of sleep had finally taken its toll on Tayuya's body and mind; she had been brought to her limits, and then the line had been crossed.

What a weird girl…

With a confused look, Shikamaru stared at the motionless body of Tayuya lying on his kitchen floor. At first he thought she was faking it to trick him into lowering his guard, but when he carefully stepped closer to examine her; he realized that she actually was passed out for real. She was still breathing quietly. Gazing around the room, Shikamaru sought any clues that could help him with this odd situation. He could do what everyone else would have done, go and get backup; however that was out of the question, considering that his phone had been disabled. It was far too risky to leave Tayuya alone in the house in case she would suddenly wake up. He sighed as he understood that the best thing to do was of course the most troublesome one; to carry her to the station by himself. It was only a couple of blocks away anyway.

"Why did you have to come here? How troublesome of you…"

After kneeling down by her motionless bodies' side Shikamaru sighed wearily and shook his head while observing the features at her face. Reaching out with his hand, he brushed away some strands of red hair away from the back of her neck, revealing what he had expected to be there all the time. The black curse seal was still imprinted upon Tayuya's slender neck. She could have escaped his technique by using it, but for some reason she had chosen not to. There were several ways to escape the holding of his shadow neck binding technique. The first was to break free by brute strength, which was only possible by shinobis with inhuman strength. The other was overpowering the chakra powering the shadow jutsu with a stronger amount of chakra. With the help of the curse seal, it was possible to do to the latter.

It doesn't make any sense to me. My jutsus have been overpowered by sound members before. I guess she must have been too exhausted to use it...But I can't help but to think that was not the case.

Security precautions had to be taken care of before she could be moved. Using some sturdy ropes, Shikamaru bound her hands and feet together to lower the risks in case she awakened while being carried to the station. Still being cautious, he rolled her over on her back and put his arms beneath her thighs and back. With a grunt, he kneeled back up, lifting her up from the floor, letting her head rest on his shoulder. She was lighter than he expected; despite her malnourished appearance, she weighed even less than Shikamaru had first guessed

"Right then, let's get this over with before I collapse from exhaustion too." He mumbled to himself, stifling yet another pervasive yawn.

As he began walking down the dark streets of Konoha carrying the girl, the only company he met along the way was the lit streetlights and dark houses. Most civilians were sleeping; no patrolling Leaf Shinobis were seen either. It seemed Shikamaru was the only one awake in the village. Yet for some reason he was glad that he did not meet any other people; he did not fancy the awkward questions that would no doubt be posed by curious passerby. Seeing him carrying around an unconscious person in the middle of the night would certainly cause attention. Carrying her felt odd for Shikamaru, for this was the first time he had ever held a girl in this fashion.

Well, I certainly hope I never have to drape an unconscious thief out of my house again he thought to himself.

"I don't know what you have been through…but the Police better give you a change of clothes and a shower. No offence, but you really smell!" He chuckled quietly to himself, knowing that no one but him could only hear. After only a few minutes of walking, the police station came into sight. Reaching the entrance only took another a couple of minutes, which was a relief; Shikamaru's arm muscles were burning from the extra strain of the night. Using one of his feet he opened the door and stepped inside the station and into the reception room, careful not to bump Tayuya's legs or head into the door frame.

In the reception sat one familiar person: the Chuunin Kamizuki Izumo. He appeared very bored and sleepy as he rested on a chair behind the desk. Not much used to happen late at night. Hearing the door swing open, Izumo rubbed his tired eyes and looked at the Nara Chuunin who entered the station, carrying a motionless young woman in his arms.

"Nara Shikamaru? What are you doing here in the middle of the night? And who do you have with you? Another teenage girl who has gotten a bit too much alcohol at a party?" Izumo's tired smile and chuckle vanished as his blurry vision focused on the unconscious girl in Shikamaru's arms; he gasped as he recognized the clothes she was wearing. They were the same clothes all members of Orochimaru's elite force wore, something he had seen plenty of times in combat against the Sound. "Huh? Isn't that…"

"Yeah." Shikamaru nodded. "She's a Sound nin." He approached a nearby bench by the reception and gently laid her down. Izumo quickly appeared at his side. Together they looked down at her, not knowing what to say or do next. This was truly an awkward situation. A member of the Orochimaru's elite force had never been captured alive before because they had either been killed by Leaf Shinobis, or taken their own lives to prevent capture.

"What is she doing here? How did she get past our security?"

"She broke into my house, but I'm not sure why. It seemed she was looking to steal food and medical supplies."

"How odd. Was she alone?" The question struck Shikamaru like an anvil. He cursed himself for having not thought about it earlier. Was Tayuya acting alone or was she working together with more of her people? Had she come unaccompanied to the village while the rest of her team mates waited outside the village perimeter? From what Intel he had gathered so far from her, the possibility of her being alone was much was much more likely than being together with someone.

"Looks like it." He answered, hoping that he would not regret it later.

"Well there isn't much we can do at this moment. I'll send out a couple of scout teams to check the area near the village for anything suspicious We'll put her in a cell, let a medic check her wounds, and inform Hokage-Sama in the morning. She nearly beat one of us to a bloody pulp after we disturbed her in the middle of the night." He reminisced with a grimace. Walking back to the desk, Izumo pressed a button on a control panel and talked quietly into it, ordering someone to come to the reception room.

"I understand. I just wanted to get her over here and let you handle the rest."

"We will inform you tomorrow. Expect to be called over here to give us a report about tonight's events. I'm sure Hokage-Sama will be interested to hear all this."

Shikamaru sighed out in relief. He thought he was going to have to write another report and talk to the village's leader, Godaime Hokage Tsunade right now, but thankfully he would soon finally get his sleep. A door on the other side of the room opened up and in stepped two Leaf Chuunins, brandishing the Konoha Police Force symbol printed on their shoulders and backs. Izumo gestured for them to take the unconscious girl to a cell. They grabbed Tayuya's limbs and carried her away into another room, down a long a corridor where the prison cells where located. All of the cells were made of concrete and steel and protected by anti-chakra barriers that prevented shinobi prisoners from using chakra to escape. As the door to the corridor got closed, Shikamaru lost sight of Tayuya, but somehow he felt he would see her again soon enough…

"Well then if I'm not needed any more then, I would then like to go home and sleep." Shikamaru was already slowly moving backwards towards the exit. If he could not go to sleep soon, he would probably collapse from fatigue just like Tayuya had earlier. He yawned deeply again. His eyes felt so tired that they were itching.

"I won't stop you. You did well by bringing her here, Shikamaru." With that said, Shikamaru turned around and left the building and headed back towards his house. The air was starting to get a little chilly as goose bumps appeared on Shikamaru's skin. It was so troublesome to know that he had to walk all the way back to his house, but a warm bed was calling for him. The kitchen would have to wait until tomorrow. No way in hell he would clean it up in the middle of the night as he would probably only make it worse. Cleaning was hardly his best skill, along with other activities he referred as 'women's work'.

"Out of all buildings and houses in this village, she picked the one I live in ..." Shikamaru sighed weakly in discomfort. His legs feel like they were made of concrete.

For the second time today, Shikamaru reached his home. He opened door which never got locked after he left it to carry Tayuya, and headed straight into his room. Inside he took off his clothes until only his black boxers remained, and he nearly collapsed onto the bed. Sighing loudly in relief, it felt like he had finally come to heaven. His body nearly thanked him personally for the rest it was going to receive. It only took a couple of minutes for his mind and body to drift into a deep sleep. His last thought was he should check up on Tayuya's status sometime the next day.

End of chapter.

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Kage kubi shibari no jutsu (Shadow Neck bind technique) A shadow technique used by Nara clan members. The technique is used to both immobilize and/or kill enemies. The Nara stretches and attaches his shadow to the enemy's shadow. Shadowy arms will then rise beneath the enemy and wrap themselves around the victim's body. These arms can also be used to strangle the enemy to death. The most common ways to escape the grip is to overpower it with strength, or with a more powerful amount of chakra.