The New Firm

"Jane, did you get all the paper work on this guy? Calvin?" Jane peered out at him from her computer.

"What do you need paper work for, honey," She said trying to keep the anger down to a minimum. "Just kill the idiot." She finished with her teeth clenched.

Working with your husband to the outside world it's sweet and cute. But when you're actually doing it, it can be quiet worry sum. Picture him being there everyday and every night, all 24 hours a day and laying down right next them.

"Sweetie, the way I'm use to doing things is having background on them first." Jane pushed her chair out from under the desk and walked over to John.

"You want information on him?" Jane asked sneering slightly. John nodded his head feeling that she finally gave in to his request. "Then go get it yourself."

John shook his head and mumbled, "Unbelievable," as he stood up with his jacket in one hand and walked towards the door.

Now that the house had been remodeled and their past uncovered he thought maybe they would work better together. But he forgot to calculate one thing into his theory; control. Jane always needed to be in control. And if he was honest with himself the controlling in the bed room was never any problem. But when she did it at work and stepped on his toes it would crush his male ego a bit.

Flustered he slung his car door open and sat there for a minute. He took his wedding ring off and started the engine pulling out of the back of the house and onto the rode.

Jane watched John carefully. It was a shame if you couldn't even trust your own husband, but he is a killer. There is still a hit out for them, given, it's not as big as it was a few months, but it's still there.

Jane walked up the stairs to the bedrooms listening to the clicking her heels made on the wooden floors and the squishing that was not hers as well. She knew someone was in the house, but stopping now would only lead to they're advantage, instead walked the bedroom as if she hadn't heard a thing. Then waited behind the door and hiked up her skirt and grabbed to knives and waited.

It was a man, tall and thick. He had a cap on his head and his back was facing Jane.

Jane came out from behind the door, but stopped once she noticed he had a machine gun pressed to his chest.

Jane's eyes quickly searched the room for the gun she knew was in here; just to remember where she put it now. Ah, right by the bed.

Jane brought up her right foot and then left taking off her heels. She slide on the wooden floor and grabbed at air. Cursing, she stood up only to be noticed by the man. Jane's heartbeat speed up as her right hand came up and she slung the knife at him hitting him the chest with a follow up knife hit him right in the throat. The man dropped to the ground with a loud thud and Jane looked around the room for the gun she couldn't find. She found said gun lying on the TV stand next to John's wallet.

She rolled her eyes and placed the gun back to where it was suppose to be, while calling John a few select words.