The Girl who Lived

What if 'The Boy who lived' was the 'Girl who lived'? Let's just see shall we?

Rose Potter sat patiently on her bed waiting for dinner in the dark bedroom, whilst Hermione was reading 'Hogwarts, A History' in the shabby armchair near by. Ron was next door fuming after having had a heated argument with the latter. Meanwhile downstairs the Order was having yet another meeting.

Rose yearned to be involved in the meeting, she ought to know what's happening, no, she deserved to know. Wasn't it she who had witnessed Lord Voldemort's return? Wasn't it she who returned with Cedric's limp body, after having just witnessed his death? And wasn't it she whom 'He who must not be named' wanted dead above everything else? She felt useless and this infuriated her! The nerve of some people! At least Sirius had tried to divulge some of what was being discussed but everytime someone came and silenced him with a warning look.

The door swung open and in popped Mrs. Weasley's head, "Dinner's ready, you may come down now dearies."

On the landing they came face to face with Ron and this caused the aforementioned argument to commence once more. Rose shook her head and rushed downstairs quickly lest they should include her in their argument again. She headed down towards the kitchen, closer to the mouth-watering meal which was surely awaiting them. She reached out her hand to turn the knob when the door suddenly flew open and someone ran into her, sending her crashing to the floor. She looked up to see who she had collided with. Looming over her was the sneering face of none other than her beloved (NOT!) professor Snape.

"Miss Potter, listening at doors is not what a young lady should be doing."

Rose got to her feet as quickly as she could and she scowled at Severus Snape.

"I wasn't snooping around, I was just about to enter when you bumped into me", she said rather vehemently.

"My, my aren't we feisty today?" Snape said, causing Rose's blood to boil even more. She grimaced and looked him straight in the eye just to show him she was unfazed. As she looked at him she saw something flash behind his eyes? But this soon vanished only to be replaced by his customary look of indifference. He just brushed by her and left without another word. Relieved by his departure she entered the kitchen.

There was Mrs. Weasley bustling around setting the table with Ginny in tow handing her the cutlery, Mr Weasley was talking rather gravely with Remus who was seated by Nymphadora Tonks, and last but not least, there sat Sirius at the head of the table deep in thought about something. He woke from his reverie and looked up at Rose as she sat down by his side.

"Where are the others Rose?"

"Ron and Hermione are quarrelling as usual and the twins are locked in their room, experimenting no doubt", Rose replied.

"You look rather white Sirius, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing…"

"Order business?"

"Yes. You know I'd like to tell you, but I can't"

Rose looked away from Sirius' eyes down at her knees, feeling even more frustrated than she had felt earlier up in her room.