Chapter 1

"I don't get it, Mel. I thought we were great together," said Jackson as Melissa passed him a cup of coffee.

"Well, love is complicated. Don't worry about it. It just wasn't meant to be," Melissa said as she tried to comfort her best friend.

Jackson was suffering from another breakup. He was going out with a girl named Linda, but she broke it off claiming that he spent too much time with his music and less with her. Melissa knew she should feel bad for him, but ninety-nine percent of her was so ecstatic. She hated Linda with her over-done makeup and that dog sticking out of her designer bag. Melissa wasn't mean like that, but Linda wasn't so fond of her either. Linda didn't like the fact that Melissa and Jackson were best friends. It didn't help the fact that they also shared an apartment.

She had a one-sided love for Jackson. She has been by his side since high school, but she didn't have the guts to tell him. She was afraid that something would go wrong if they had a romantic relationship and they wouldn't be able to go back to the way they were now.

"I, as your best friend, think that you're better off without her," said Melissa.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because… she really didn't appreciate you or your passion for music. She was like all those other girls that you have dated before. You don't need someone like that in your life."

"Yeah, I think you might be right, Mel. She never did appreciate me or my music. She was always begging me to take her out to those expensive restaurants," said Jackson as he finished off his coffee and put on his coat, ready to leave.

Melissa followed his same movements and said, "I think that it's safe to say that maybe you should go out with someone who will appreciate your music as much as me."

"Yeah. Maybe."

Melissa smiled at this since no one could have been a bigger fan than Melissa. She memorized the lyrics to his songs and he always played songs to her to see what her feedback was before he played at the café.

They were walking on the streets now and embracing the arrival of spring. Even though it was still a bit chilly out, they loved going out on walks and just talking.

"Hey, Mel, let's head home. And you know what will make me happy right now?"

"Gee, can it be my mac and cheese special?" Melissa said as she gave Jackson a wide smile that always comforted him.

"Please?" Jackson said with puppy dog eyes and the voice of a little kid.

That was what Melissa liked about Jackson. He was an easy-going guy and someone whom you can joke around with. Melissa also liked the way he smiled and laughed. Not only was he good looking but he was everything she pretty much wanted in a guy. It was too bad that she was the only one who had these feelings. It sucked loving someone and seeing that person go out with others. Then a breakup would come and you just want to say, "I'm the one who truly loves you. I'm the one whom you should love."

"Well… okay, but I get the last soda can," she said as she nudged him a bit off the sidewalk.

"What? Here I am heartbroken and the only way to cure me is your mac and cheese and you want a soda can in exchange?" he said with a smile and they both started laughing.

They finally reached the apartment and Melissa said, "You go ahead in. I'll get the mail."

Melissa got the mail and saw that she and Jackson got the same envelope reading: